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There is nothing like a good cup of joe. As a self proclaimed coffee junkie, I live for it. I like to think it gives me some kind of superpower, but the sad truth is, I am one of those people who just likes the taste and the smell.

“To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions” ~ Hugh Jackman

Which is why not all coffee is created equally. Starbucks? Survival. The independent coffee shop that cultivates and crafts the beans to perfection? Delectable. The other independent coffee shop down that other street, that uses the European press? Heaven.

Dunkin Donuts on the other hand. Feet. Dirty water. Atrocious. The bodega? Same thing. I know. I know. I am a New Yorker! I must love my Bodega. I do. But it isn’t for the coffee.

Maybe it is my foodie background, but like with food, I much rather pay for a rich cup of espresso and be able to savor it, then buy something cheap and try to chug it like a shot of whiskey. A good espresso should be smooth and strong, and full of flavor. Much like wine, different coffee beans have different undertones, which give them that rich taste. And no instant does not fall into that category.

Writing and coffee go together like wine and cheese. It might be another reason -among many – why I appreciate a good cup of coffee. The best coffees have the best settings for a writer. Some people might call these places hipster joints. I call them a writers dream.

It is the coffee that fuels the writer. And the writer that makes the shop by its patronage. The comfort of familiarity with the staff, only helps to fuel the relationship of a great cup of coffee.

France is well known for their coffee shops. People will sit for hours, working, writing, or just gazing and sipping. Coffee is served all hours of the day. It is an experience. One not rushed by any standard or speed of life.

What is your favorite coffee shop and how do you take it?


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