Computer Lamentations

Hello Dear Readers!

I know! I know! I have been radio silent and just a tad (okay a lot!) flighty about posting, commenting, responding and just all around communication. Feel free to break-up with me, because I have been slacking in the most important part of a relationship!

But I swear! I pinky promise! I have a great, albeit muse crushing, writer blocking reason.

After two short weeks with my baby, Svetlana had to go BACK to the tech hospital. This time to the trusty Apple Doctors who really are quite brilliant.
Hopefully, fingers crossed, and computer gods smiling down, they can fix it. If not I might just cry.

Or be eating ramen for the next year.
So while I try to answer and at least read blogs, please bare with me (and all those damn you auto-corrects because hello fat fingers), I have not forgotten you, I am just incommunicado and yes being a bit of a drama queen about it. (Okay in all fairness it IS a large part of my work…heck now would be a great time for a vacay!)

I mean I do not even have Christmas movies to keep me occupied!

The struggle is real, but together we can get through this!

I think.

I hope you all have a fabulous day. It is hump day after all! Much love to you all!

Any exciting plans for the weekend? How do you deal when your chrome babies have to go to the tech hospital?

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3 thoughts on “Computer Lamentations

  1. I love that you named your laptop Svetlana! I would be lost without my laptop so I hear you! Every time I hear about someone’s computer dying, I make a mental note to back everything up. And every time I forget!
    Nice to have you back! 🙂

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