Dear Santa

“Alas! How dreary would be the world if there was no Santa Claus! There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence.” ~ Francis P. Church

Christmas Reflections

Every year I do a Christmas reflection post whether I talk about grief or the fact it isn’t always the jolliest of holidays. As much as I love Christmas, I know it can be stressful and filled with a lot of heartache. Despite how it might appear on social media, this season has not been easy for myself or my family. And I know many others are struggling as well.

In a world that, especially right now, can feel overwhelming, it is important that much like this season, it is only temporary and you have to go through it. You can’t go around it or avoid it, as much as we want to. And believe me there have been times especially the last ten years, I have wanted to hide until it passed, you can’t. Life isn’t easy. It can suck, but in those sucky moments that is also where the magic happens, where we develop strength, and perseverance, as well as wisdom and hopefully compassion.

I decided to switch this year up (slightly) and write a letter to Santa. Because regardless of your age, you are never to old to believe, to have faith, and experience miracles.

Dear Santa,

It might seem ironic, but as much as people ask me all the time what I want for Christmas, it always is a super hard question to answer. Not going to lie, I definitely feel weird requesting gifts, and I know, I know, I need to get over THAT, but most of what I want I don’t feel like any single person could give me. Of course they aren’t a mythical Saint who has ALL the magic and jolliness at his finger tips. All this said, not to sound TOO Miss Congeniality, but peace, compassion, love, and hope all around would be amazing.

I know I have said it before, hurt people hurt others, and we are a world full of hurt that needs to find peace with-in ourselves, so that we can spread it as well as make a positive impact in this world. It is hard, not going to lie. But if we want it in this world, we need to start with ourselves.

Love. Compassion. Peace. And stillness. 

If this year has taught us nothing else, (which is saying something because it was a whole frickin masters degree in psych) it has taught us to be, to sit, to take in and to adapt. Change is scary, but when we stop fighting it and start embracing it magic happens. I am not saying we have to like it, but we can either keep fighting or we can embrace it, and adapt.

It is in that acceptance we find the hope and the light to change our responses to what has happened. When we are constantly fighting against something we hate, we can’t see the positive, we only see the negative and thus we are so blinded that there can not be change. As they say embrace the suck and let’s see where the magic happens.

It is an anthem I have been living with all year. Even before 2020, it was my mantra.

Rome or perhaps I could say the North Pole wasn’t built in a day, and as much as we hope for your (Santa’s) magic to sweep over us tomorrow, or on January 1, or whatever day, they are just that, days. And it is up to us, to be the change, be the light. Be in control of our actions and reactions, whether it is striving for peace or love or hope, or betterment, it is within ourselves to find it, and then spread it.

So Santa, this Christmas I hope you can help me, as well as everyone else, find that. Find the compassion and love we as a word so desperately need. Give us the courage to be better and thus make this WORLD a better place. A more loving place. One of compassion, acceptance, strength, wisdom, and all the goodness I know each of us have with in us. Because WE are the light in that darkness, even when it feels suffocating. WE are in control of creating it!

Merry Christmas Eve friends! I hope you find the peace and love and light that we all need and I know YOU all have! SO much love to you! <

P.s. While I definitely want all of this Santa, being a bit greedy, I would love to be able to travel, and get my European Visa, and move. Please and many thanks! <3

What are you asking for Christmas this year? 

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3 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. This has been a tough year – but collectively the scale of self-sacrificing love from people all over the world who have cooperated with restrictions because they care about protecting other people is truly heart warming. It encourages me that the unselfish love in people’s hearts speaks volumes about how within reach world peace would be – the world just needs cleaning up of the weeds of corruption and injustice so that beautiful flowers of peace and love can bloom even more brightly!

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