Department 56: North Pole Village

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

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Department 56

Last year, I shared all about my Department 56 North Pole Ceramic Village in ALL its glory. And in my very biased opinion, it is glorious! But for a quick recap, Department 56 (you can read a more in-depth version here) is a company that designs mostly Christmas light-up ceramic villages that are basically the adult (and breakable!) version of a doll house, except maybe better, because it is Christmas! Each village is themed. Growing up, my Mom, aunts, and grandmother all collected them and passed that love on to the next generation of women. (and men, my brothers have a few pieces, though are not as fierce collectors as we ladies are) But Department 56 isn’t just Christmas, though it did begin as predominantly creating Christmas Villages, they also have Halloween Villages, and have expanded to Disney and my favorite, Harry Potter. Yes friends, they replicated Hogwarts. They are fun decor pieces that brighten any space, especially their holiday collections.


My Mom collected (and still does) Christmas in the City which is predominantly an ode to my beloved Concrete Jungle, which I love. When I first began collecting pieces, I admit I had a hard time deciding between Christmas in the City or Northpole. Alas, perhaps it is because I knew I would always live there and see it in person, I decided to go with the more whimsical and vibrant Northpole. It is a colorful village that is pure imagination, and makes even the most cynical adult believe. It is more animated than many of the other villages with many of the buildings having extra touches like flying reindeer, flashing lights and people moving constantly.

A New Piece Every Year

I have mentioned before, that every year I get a new building at Christmas. Department 56 actually releases new building designs every year, and will also retire some of the older ones in a rotating fashion, so I never know what I am getting, but I do know I am getting one.

Last year, “Santa” brought me what just might be my favorite building yet, and that is on top of the skating rink I have, the coffee shop, and the glitzy tree topper shop. But no this building might just be my favorite! Santa was kind enough to bring me Rudolph’s Blinking Beacon Building and friends, while it technically isn’t a light house, it certainly looks like one and I am in love with it!

It even has a light keepers house attached and the tower changes colors flashing from red to green to white. Heck! Even the North Pole wants to get in in the Nautical Christmas theme! While I put it up when I got it last year, in November I did a major overhaul of my village. I slimmed down the cords and outlets (kinda needed too, not sure it was up to code..if there was one) by buying some of the ones that have multiple bulbs in them which I highly recommend doing if you have a lot of village pieces!

I also decided to rearrange the buildings, which I will do when I get a new piece anyway, but not to this extent. This was a total overhaul! When I was done it actually felt like I had a brand new village and I loved it! It is certainly a bustling, vibrant, whimsical, display, that brings me all the Christmas Cheer, not just around this time of year, but year round since I leave it up!

Do you have a Christmas Village? If so which one? Which one would you want? 

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