I was excited for my Disaster! date.

And yes I am joking. It was not a “disaster,” Far from it, but I wouldn’t want to make this Fifty Shades (Ahem totally kidding Mom and Dad) so alas I will keep this Disney rated.

I digress, the show I went to last night was called “Disaster!” The musical, and while they took a page out of Jeb’s! campaign with the exclamation mark, the show was much more successful then his failed presidential bid. In fact if we were talking politics, it probably would have already had the Republican nomination. Take note former governor, “Disaster!” knows how to use the exclamation mark quite well.

With an A list Broadway cast – including two of my favorites; Kerry Butler and Adam Pascal- and music based on seventies songs, it was a musical treat that made you want to shimmy in your seat. In fact I heard many people singing.

Actually the crowd might have been one of the best parts, laughing hysterically and clapping enthusiastically. It has been a long while since I have seen an audience this into a show, play or musical.

Disaster is a spoof, on the disaster (get it?) movies of the seventies. With a plot as implausible as those it is taking after, it delivers on the laughs – nothing like some good belly laughs to give you an ab workout – special effects, and the outfits made me, believe maybe the seventies weren’t a total fashion disaster.

A huge bonus for me, was hearing my Mom’s cousin’s ( I know a mouthful) song, “You’re Still the One,” being performed in a soulful, yet, comedic rendition by an old married couple who loved each other “Beyond forever”. I still remember when my cousin sang it at his parent’s fiftieth and it brought a huge smile to my face.

Do not let the title fool you. “Disaster!” was two hours well spent, and this Broadway junkie enjoyed it thoroughly.


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