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Drybar Hair Heaven


“For me, hair is an accoutrement. Hair is jewelry. It’s an accessory.” ~ Jill Scott

When my friend suggested going to a Drybar in San Francisco, I thought why not? It was something to do on a rainy day. It had a cult following in New York City, but I had yet to jump on the bandwagon.

Peet’s coffee in hand, we entered the salon on Union Street and a new addiction has been formed. I not only get the hype, but I am officially a Drybar convert!

Living in New York, being a fashionista as well as someone who works in fitness, I had of course heard of Drybar as well as other blow out salons. Gyms like Equinox and Exhale even garnering attention for putting in and offering blow outs after a workout. I even knew clients and friends who were addicted to it. Going twice a week and never owning shampoo. In fact I am not sure the last time they even touched their own hair!

I admit I love getting my hair done. Colored, cut, styled, I love it all. But forking out money to get it done weekly, I wasn’t sure I got. But then again, people don’t understand my need to get manipulated and cupped weekly.

To each their own and their own desires.

After experiencing this bit of hair heaven, I do understand it.

I truly don’t know what I loved more. I can understand WHY Drybar has become as popular as it has.

From the moment I walked in, my nose was accosted with sweet and smooth smelling Argan, as well as other delicious smelling hair products. Never once did my nose wrinkle in disgust. It smelled so good I wish they would make perfume out of it. It wasn’t just the rooms, or the shampoos they used or the hair products it was EVERYTHING.

As someone who has a sensitive nose, I was sold right then and there.

It also had luxurious, decadent feel. They offered us champagne and coffee, which we graciously declined as we had Peets. (oh Peets!)

It was light and airy, with everything done in white and accented in yellow and wood. Mirrors hung everywhere further magnifying the space. Chairs were set up next to each other at a long “bar” with TV’s set up playing Rom-Coms set-up amongst the hair products that were lined up like alcohol or glasses.

The offered hair styles were all named after cocktails with a choice of personalizing it. I did a combination of the Mai-tai which was beachy waves and a Cosmo which was more defined. There products were also named after drinks, and alcohol. But unlike the pungent smell of booze, they were sweet smelling. For days afterward I could not stop smelling my hair.

They started with a shampoo and massage that felt amazing. At my request they used their purple shampoo, to mute any brassiness in my blonde tresses. The stylists were quick, but knowledgable, twisting and curling like they were the Flash. In no time I had smooth waves and curls.

I literally felt like a million bucks. It was an added luxury to a wonderful trip without spending forever and a year at the spa.

Have you ever been to Drybar? Or to a Blow out Salon? What did you think?

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