Easter 2022 Recap

“The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.” ~ Kate McGahan

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Time Flies

Hello friends! It has been a hot second since I have jumped on. I feel like a broken record when I say this, BUT life has been crazy. In a great way, but crazy none the less. I can not believe Easter was a WEEK ago, and that it is the end of April already. Time flies friends! I actually am editing this from a hotel as I am on the road again. (happily so!) And I know, I know, I keep saying I will share, but I promise I will! I just haven’t had the time until now to st down and really put thought to keyboard. But I actually have several posts planned this week beginning with my recap of my Easter holiday. I feel like I slacked this year. Because while I shared Easter content on my Shop.LTK page, I did not make a single Easter post (does my Spring Dresses count?) Oh well. You win some you lose some. But I am happy to say it finally felt like Easter again!

Holy Week

After two years of it just being plan weird (and non-existent) due to the pandemic. Easter celebrations were in full swing again. Born and raised Catholic from the time I was a baby we would partake in Holy Week. Beginning on Palm Sunday, with the procession of the palms and then continuing with the Triduum, which includes Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, it felt like we lived at church during Holy Week. Thankfully Easter Sunday was NOT included in any of that and my Mom never made us go to church on Easter Sunday, since we had eggs to find and baskets to open which was way more important…I kid, kinda. As sacrilegious as I sound, I do love Holy Week and all the pomp and circumstance that goes with it. Easter is the reason WHY we are Catholic, and for Christianity as a whole. And I have always felt that, that is pretty cool.

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Holy Thursday was actually the last time I posted on here and it was a little more somber, as it was my sister’s birthday. It down-poured the whole day, so I wasn’t able to do anything to really honor my sister the day of. But I did go to mass with my Mom. Which thanks to covid, was the first time in a couple years that we had gone. While I have been rocking spring clothes, I always feel like Easter is the kick off to all things spring in New England. Where ever it falls on the calendar, Easter makes it acceptable to rock spring fashion, and I did not waste the opportunity. I actually shared my outfits on Instagram. For Thursday, in honor of my sister, I rocked a pink shift dress that is a staple of mine.

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On Good Friday, which also happened to be the start of Passover, Which was bittersweet since I use to celebrate when I lived in New York. I ended up gong to Maine for the day for some work as well as to go adventuring afterwards in an ode to my sister’s birthday. I always try to do something fun either on or around both her dates. It is both an ode to her, as well as to give myself some TLC so I am not spending the whole day wallowing, (which don’t get me wrong, wallowing isn’t bad, but I don’t want to spend the whole day depressed and I know she wouldn’t want me too). I walked the beach (six miles) and then went to Portland Headlight for a little bit. It was simple but exactly what I needed. That night I went to services with my Mom. And not going to lie, I needed a major dose of caffeine after the day I had!

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Holy Saturday my nephews came to visit, and we played outside since it was so nice out. After they left,  my Mom and I guzzied ourselves up for church. I was a Lizzie McGuire Outfit Repeater, because I wore the same Pink Lily Palm Print Maxi dress I wore last year. But since no one saw me last year, it didn’t;t ray matter, to much. It is funny, because by the end of Easter I am ready to ditch the make-up, because it has been one day after another of it. And this year was no different. What was different was my feet were in agony! After two years of not going anywhere, my feet no longer know how to wear heels! The Easter Vigil is always so long, but after two years of non-existent celebrations, I felt they were making it count! We didn’t get home until after ten, and then I had eggs to fill!

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Easter Day 

Easter Day began with a quick trip to Starbucks, (Necessary) followed by the Easter Auntie hiding plastic eggs outside. It is one of my favorite traditions and I love watching the kiddos run around looking for them. I try not to be to mean. But also the eggs are always hidden in lower places. After all I hear the Easter Bunny is kinda short!

They are also kinda messy! They ALWAYS leave tracks in our house! A tradition that has been occurring since before I was born! Pro tip: dip three fingers in water and then dip them in cornstarch or baby powder and then happy hopping! The bunny also left chocolate eggs inside, and they happened to be a bit taller because the kiddos needed to use a chair to get them! We also weren’t allowed to make coffee, because he hid them in the Keurig machine! That funny bunny!

We also had our traditional Slavish breakfast, which with everything happening in Eastern Europe, seemed especially poignant. While Eastern Europe in many ways is a huge melting pot, and all of our traditions are rooted in the same ideas, the names we use are unique to the individual countries we come from, and that is something we can’t forget. It is something that can not be erased, no matter how close we might be, and how much one country might want to try.

After our breakfast, we dyed Easter eggs which has become tradition with the kiddos to do it on Easter. Afterwards we had one epic nerf war that seemed to include everyone, and was fueled by all the easter candy.

Afterwards, we had what I call linner. Not quite lunch, not quite dinner, but somewhere in between. It was actually perfect because everyone was gone and everything cleaned up by four which made for a very much needed early night after all the festivities. I faceted with my sister, aunt and some friends, and then it was early to bed. It was a busy, but great week.

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Do you celebrate Easter? What are some of your traditions? How was your Easter? 

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