Easter Bunny Coming to NoCo

I have been super quiet all week, because I didn’t want to say anything, but today is the big day.

Today is the day I become the favorite child.

I kid, but I think I do rise quite a bit, in my parents eyes.

You see I have been plotting with my brother’s girlfriend who is going to be picking me up in Maine and driving me home, to surprise the parentals for Easter!

That is right I am headed back to NoCo for Easter!:) I am excited it will be good to see my parents.

I think they could use a pick me up.

And before you say what I think you are going to say, it is okay I can handle it. I totally can. I have that confidence, not to mention it is only for a few days.

And the fact that I an surprising them I know it is going to make their day.

Actually it is funny because I actually talked to my mom from the airport (I was scared she would hear the announcements but she didn’t suspect a thing! At least I don’t think she did!) and she has no idea. I love it!

I am super super excited!

Oops my flight is being called, better get going!

Namaste peeps!
P.s. I swear I am adopted, I didn’t check any luggage. Just brought a carry on bag full of laundry…guess I am not that good of a daughter!;p

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