Easter Week 2019

“Holy darkness, blessed night
Heaven’s answer hidden from our sight
As we await you, O God of silence
We embrace your holy night” ~ Holy Darkness

Broken records

I don’t need to continue to sound like a broken record and lament about how busy I am or how crazy life is. You ALL can infer that based on my lack of activity on social media. Instead, I am just going to rejoice in the fact I am getting a blog post up, and have posted on Instagram three days in a row. (who am I?) Oh happy days! It is an Easter miracle three weeks late!


This post is kinda sorta a mini update slash travel post. If travel counts as going home and seeing family, which I totally do! Any opportunity to hop on a plane constitutes as travel in my book. 


New York has literally been filled with the same ol’ same ol’ work, school, packing, studying for finals. Though I do feel like my farewell tour has begun.

I kinda feel like all those rock groups who say farewell for years before they actually retire. While it won’t be years sadly, it has been a month of reminscing and gathering. In fact, NH was kind of a reprieve because I have been doing so many lasts it is super bittersweet. 


Sunday April 14

April 14 was a bittersweet day as it was my sister’s birthday. I am blessed to have so may incredible people in my life who not only remembered, but reached out and offered support and love. Last week was a week where I definitely felt needy, but also felt so much love and words can never express how grateful I am for my friends and family who are there when I need extra strength. 


It was also Palm Sunday and I attended mass before running a bunch of errands. One of which was buying all the tequila, which I found out the hard way that liquor stores do not open before noon on Sunday. Oops. Apparently I am not as ballin’ as I thought when it comes to booze and bougie laws in New York.


After a slight delay, I was able to get all the tequila, which was a good thing, because I needed it for a Game of Thrones party I was going too. After two loooonnnngggg years, Game of Thrones was FINALLY back and I could not be more excited.

It did NOT disappoint! I went to a GoT party with a friend. Both she and I had to be up super early for flights the next day, but seeing Khaleesi and Sansa throw some serious shade at each other (and potentially Jon Snows buttocks?) was worth losing precious hours of sleep!


Monday 15

I definitely might have been a little worse for wear (thanks tequila) arriving at the airport, but security was a breeze. (thanks pre-check) What was not a breeze was my flight, which was delayed two hours because we had no flight attendant. So we had to wait. And wait. And wait.


Thankfully I was flying Delta and able to get my Peets. And you better believe I was double fisting. Proudly! 

I am pretty sure I was highly caffeinated when we finally took off. 


When I landed, I found out the devastating news about Notre Dame from several friends who were there. Like thousands of others, Notre Dame holds a special place in my heart and I was heartbroken to hear about the fire. I was lucky to have visited a few years ago.


My mom picked me up and we drove back to New Hampshire where I got organized and settled in.

Tuesday 16 

I woke up and attempted a run, but my back was killing me (apparently my suitcase was a little to heavy) so I decided some stretching and heat was a much better route, then a five mile run.

Tuesday was a super low key day, especially since my back was acting up. My Mom was watching my nephew, so I hung out and played with him. I did snag a much missed maple latte which definitely helped with the back recovery. At least it made ME feel better.



Wednesday April 17

When I woke up Wednesday, my back was feeling better (I sear it was that maple latte!) so I decided to go for a run before my doctors appointment. My appointment was actually the reason why I had come home. 


My eyes have been bothering me and I needed to get them checked before I moved. Thankfully, nothing major was wrong, though I did have to rock my glasses for most of the day since he put dye in my eyes to run some tests. 


My Dad had an infusion so I hug out with my niece for the day. She came with coffee and she was so proud of herself. She (ahem my brother) even got the correct order! While I was suppose to get work done, Auntie Kate can not say no to any of her nieces or nephews and spent most of the day playing with her.


In the afternoon, I met my brother, sister-in-law and nephews for a Starbucks date, before I headed back to their house where we went for a walk before having a nerf war. It was the kiddos and I against my brother and of course we won. I think.


Thursday April 18 

I went for an early morning run. I was watching my youngest nephew and niece again, as my Dad had to have Cardioversion done. Cardioversion is where they shock your heart because of an irregular heartbeat or Afib. It was a little nerve wracking, but my Dad came through it like a champ. In fact despite being sedated, he was up and working in the afternoon. Nothing keeps him down!


Jackson had a field trip, so Piper and I went on a Starbucks date while we waited for him. We even got him a chocolatey chocolate chip frap for when we picked him up!


In the afternoon the kiddos and I dyed eggs. This may be a testament to my OCDness, but I was so proud because not a drop of egg dye got on them! Though I can’t say the same about me. The eggs also came out so beautifully! They did an amazing job!


Since it was also Holy Thursday, my mom and I attended mass in the evening.

Friday April 19

Oh happy days I was FINALLY getting my roots done! I spent the whole morning at my hair stylist’s salon and was so happy to be back to my blonde self afterwards. 


My Mom had Piper again, and I of course hung out with her in the afternoon. Poor thing wasn’t feeling well but that didn’t stop her from posing with the eggs she had dyed!


Once again, my Mom and I went to mass which technically is services since they don’t do the consecration. They recited the passion and we kissed or knelt before the cross. They also played my favorite hymn, Holy Darkness, which always makes me cry as it was played at my sister’s funeral. 

Saturday April 20 

I went for a run before my Mom and I went and got our nails done, which was very much needed. In fact the nail technician asked me if I was a runner. Apparently the 10 and 12 mile days the previous week were showing. I also did some work before we attended the Easter Vigil. 


Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It is a season of renewal and hope. It symbolizes the light amidst the darkness, and I always feel closer to my faith this time of year. The music at church is always so uplifting and the lighting of the candles is one of my favorite things about the mass. It truly is a celebration and I always love attending despite it being two plus hours long.

Easter Sunday! 

He has risen!

Easter Sunday is always joyous no matter what the weather is. Despite the newscasters saying it was suppose to rain, it was absolutely beautiful out! The Easter bunny hid eggs for me, since you are never to old to go on an Easter egg hunt. We also had our Slavic breakfast, which is another reason I love Easter for all the traditions regardless of how old we are.


After breakfast, my brother and I went for a quick “hike” at Diana’s Bath. I say “hike” because it really is more of a walk, though the trail still had some snow on it.


There were quite a few people out, but it was still fun. The falls were rushing thank to all the snow melt, and because it was so warm their was mist which created a cool affect.


My brother (ahem his wife) was hosting Easter dinner so we went over in the afternoon. The kiddos were so excited to show me all the paw prints and hidden Easter eggs, the bunny had left for them. Because it was nice out we hung out side and of course took some pics.


We also had another nerf war. My nephews and I against my brothers. We totally won…Again. I almost feel bad for my brothers, almost.


After our nerf war, we sat down to a delicious dinner. Maura’s parents were up and it was fun to catch up with them. After our bellies were full it was time for another episode of Game of Thrones. I stayed and watched it with my brother and SiL and even was explaining the show to Maura’s Dad.


Monday April 22

I love getting some cardio in especially on travel days and I woke up and went for a run before my Mom drove me back to the airport. Of course we made a quick detour to Frontside to get my maple latte fix!


It was definitely an adventure! We sat on the tarmac for about an hour before we were finally able to take off. Unfortunately, there was extreme turbulence, to the point the pilot came on several times to reassure us. I am a pretty good flier but when you drop a hundred feet or so, ain’t nothing going to keep me calm! Thankfully we made it to JFK in one very shaken piece.


Now it is on to the chaos of packing up my life and figuring out where I am going. I am also savoring these last few weeks as a New Yorker and an Upper East Sider. I will refrain from getting to nostalgic (at least right now) as this recap is already super long, but it is bittersweet. As sad as I am to leave, though, I am super excited for the next chapter and where my blonde jetsetter wings will take me. 


How was your week? Do you celebrate Easter? What is your favorite holiday? 

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