Easter Weekend Recap

“Home is where the heart is.” ~ Pliny the Elder

With the Easter Weekend upon us, you know that it wouldn’t be a weekend that this jet setting blonde would take off.

Oh no. Not me!

Having not been home since Christmas, I was itching to see my family: go hiking with my brother, do mani-pedis with my mom (as well as taste her amazing cooking) have light-saber fights with my nephews, and cuddle my adorable niece. I also had to take care of business like getting my teeth cleaned (a lackluster yay) and get my roots done (A very happy yay!)


Thank You!

It was also my Mom’s Birthday as well as my sister’s. Knowing it would be a difficult week, I wanted to be there for my parents. Before I delve any further into this post, I want to send a huge thank you to everyone who reached out to me whether on here, Facebook or with personal phone calls and messages. The love and compassion that I and my family received meant the world to me and I am so blessed to have such amazing kind-hearted people in my life. Thank you! I am so grateful for each and every one of you!


I flew home Wednesday afternoon after class. It was a bit hectic as I arrived just as they were boarding (a half hour early thank you JetBlue!). My Mom has been watching my niece and nephews as my sister-in-law is taking an EMT course so it wasn’t just my Mom who greeted me but my stunning niece. I was in seventh heaven ooing and aahing over how much she had grown and while she was a little unsure of the crazy blonde lady at first, she was soon smiling and giggling at me (as Carter tells me, “You are pretty hilarious” Yes Carter I am!)


My mom and I ran to the mall as I was in search of a pair of heels for the wedding I am in. I know I said I had found some, but after trying to wear them for several hours, my feet were crying so the search continued (my skater feet really hate enclosed heels) and like all the other times, I struck out. Oh well. After picking up some Starbucks, of which I am starting Piper young, we drove the hour and twenty minutes back to New Hampshire.



Thursday dawned sunny but a little chilly. I was definitely missing the eighty degree weather I had left in New York and had decided not to travel up with me. I went for a run inside unfortunately as there were still huge, dirty, icy snowbanks everywhere. I then got ready for my dentist appointment which thankfully was just a cleaning.


I don’t mind the dentist to much, but I really hate that scrapping noise of the equipment against the teeth. Does anyone else think it sounds like nails on a chalk board? I do love the end result, and I came out with not just squeaky clean teeth, but also a clean bill of dental health.

I then went to Frontside to get some work done, and to get my Maple Latte fix. Because after a teeth cleaning, it is only fitting to ruin it with coffee stains! Kidding, actually the dentist asked me if I was a smile model with my blinding white teeth. He was being way to kind!


Since my family is Catholic, I went to Holy Thursday mass with my Mom where they re-enact the last supper by washing the feet. It was also my Mom’s Birthday so we had cake afterwards which included singing to her. (albeit badly)


I woke up super early so I could get my run in (again inside) and then my Mom and I met my brother and Piper at Frontside for some coffee before he had to go to work. (Did I mention it was super early?) My Mom and Piper left and I stayed to get some work done, (not kidding when I say it is like my second home) as well as meet up with my good friend Cassie, before I joined my mom and Piper at the Root Cellar where my much needed roots were filled in. My Mom and I also got our Mani-Pedis while Piper watched getting spoiled with all the people oohing and aahing over her!



In keeping with the Triduum, my Mom and I went too Good Friday Services where they read The Passion. They also played two of my sister’s favorite hymns which of course started the water-works. The first one I could handle, the second, Holy Darkness both my mom and I lost it. All I could think of, was my sister jokingly saying to me when ever I would cry was “Get your shit together.” and “You will ruin your mascara.” I tried Sugar, believe me I tried. Thankfully I did not ruin my mascara, though I did fail miserably at keeping my shit together.


After another run, I met one of my best friends at Frontside where we caught up (despite my having seen her in the city two weeks prior…But when your best friends you have a lot of catching up to do!) and she also gave me a beautiful present as a thank you for letting her stay with me.


It was a low-key day as we had the vigil which is usually two hours long. I loaded up on my maple lattes in order to prepare.


I have to say I love the vigil, despite the length. Starting out in darkness, we light candles lit from the Paschal candle, read stories from the Old Testament to the New Testament, going from darkness to light. It is the whole foundation of what Christianity is. Out of all the Holidays, Easter has always been the one that has been a reflection of what Catholicism truly is.


As littler kids, we would dress up in our Easter best (hats included) and this year was no different…Minus the hat.

Getting home late, I rushed off to bed, because even pushing thirty, I am never to old for the Easter Bunny to hide eggs!



After three days spent at church, Easter Sunday has always been one we spend at home, as a family. With paw-prints from the Easter Bunny, to egg hunts and of course Easter baskets filled with goodies. To what has always been an important aspect to MY heritage, The Slovak breakfast, it has been as low-key as it can be when hyped up on sugar and excitement.


This year despite it being its my parents and I was no different. After breakfast and egg hunting, I ran to Frontside for a little bit, as it was gorgeous pushing eighty degrees. (finally New Hampshire, FINALLY!) We did an early dinner where my Mom made her famous ribs. It was a lowand absolutely perfect!



Monday dawned early. Once again I got up before it should be legal and went for a run before I met up with my brother and nephews for a quick “Adventure Walk” to Diana’s Bath. Of course it ended up being a bit more treacherous then first thought. Despite the warmer temperatures the mile long path had a foot of packed icy snow which made it an adventure. Both my brother and I hadn’t thought to bring our microspikes, so in some places it was like a luge forcing us backwards. But we all made it to the falls without to many falls.


It was absolutely gorgeous! I have been coming to Diana’s Bath for years (and yes a review is coming!) and have never seen the water so high. With all the snow melt, that had occurred, it resembled a small Niagara Falls.


All those rocks are usually bare!


It was the perfect way to start my day especially since after I got back, I grabbed my suitcase and headed to the airport. Until next time NoCo!

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15 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Recap

        1. I knew we were kindred spirits! Alas, I do not even make it to five feet. The Height Gods couldn’t even give me that. Sigh…. lol. I rock heels year round, but I do have a slight obsession with flip flops during the summer. (they are so comfy!) <3

  1. Aaw lovely Easter photos and sounds like a relaxing few days with your loved ones. Diana’s Bath looks beautiful. I love waterfalls of any size xxc

    1. Thank you! It really was. It is! I use to go there as a kid all the time. Oh my gosh so do I! When I hike, I usually prefer a waterfall at the end of it 🙂 <3

  2. I don’t know how you do it, but you are always looking so well put together from head to toe. Hair and make up on point and your outfits are so darn cute! Love that Easter dress on you so much, the color makes you pop!! Also I must agree that the drilling noise at the dentist against your teeth is so cringeworthy! I can’t believe how much water is flowing through Diana’s Bath. I was trying to go there last year but my boss had told me that it wasn’t as flowing as it usually is because of how dry it was. I need to get there this year!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Awe thanks sweets! I try! And oh my gosh I love you! I try with the hair and make-up…I really feel like I need to take some lessons in that department!
      Thank you! I am obsessed with that color!
      Right? Nails on a chalkboard. They gave me some really “cool” shades. Lol. but I think they need to give me headphones!
      It was insane! While it is definitely better after some rain because it will be rushing, it is easier to explore when the water is lower. A lot of the rocks that I will sit and sun myself on were covered! I also recommend going in the early morning. it gets ridiculously crowded later in the day. <3

  3. I looooove recap posts Awwwwwwww (about your niece) lol I love that “unsure of the crazy blonde lady at first” . HA! Also- bahaha Piper and that Frappe- STINKING CUTE! I love that. My mom got emotional the first time we ever had Starbucks together (I was about nine I think) and took a picture of us with our Starbucks together… I was like what is the big deal, and she said, “One day you’ll understand, this is an important moment”. I totally get it now!

    Ohhh the dentist. I am in the same boat. I don’t mind it too much, it’s more the noise and smells (like that rubbery latexy smell of the gloves). But I am not at all surprised that you had a clean bill of health- your teeth are seriously amazing. The dentist was not kidding!

    And, sweet girl, it’s okay that you didn’t keep it together. Sometimes it’s good to just let yourself feel that moment which I’m sure harbored both a melancholy pain and nostalgia to your soul’s depths, but also a sweetness listening to your sister’s favorite hymns. I bet your sister was sending you hugs from heaven in that moment. It’s crazy how music can move us to those points of uncontrollable emotion too.. whenever I hear Frank Sinatra in precious moments I lose it as nothing else reminds me more of my dad. Sending you so so much love.

    Okay on a lighter note- your outfits are spectacular. I am in love with allll of it, and your nail polish! That hike looked so beautiful too. Loved this post, dear. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt and family-centered Easter with us <3

    1. Hehe I always refer to that when ever I FaceTime with my nieces and nephews…My one nephew even was jokingly calling me aunt crazy.
      Oh my gosh I love that story about your mom and your first Starbucks. It is so true! My nephew (Same one who calls me Aunt Crazy) loves the chocolatey chocolate frappucinos and will always ask me if I went to Starbucks. He even knows my order…And he is four. Lol.
      Ooo yes! I do not like the smells either! Awe thank you! My Parents will be happy to know that after years of orthodontist work… ;p
      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this comment sweets! I appreciate it more then you know. Your words are so right. It sounds silly, but sometimes I need that reminder or even permission to just let go and feel. It really does. Music really has a way of resonating with us and even comforting us when we need it.
      Awe hugs. Sending you so much love right back sweets. It isn’t always easy this journey we are on, but it makes it all the better when their are amazing people to share it with and who just get it. I am so lucky to have you in my life!
      Awe thanks sweets! Usually I do French but I couldn;t resist that color! I love Diana’s Bath! Awe anytime sweets thank you for reading! Sending you so much love! <3

  4. Just catching up on your posts and what a lovely one I chose to read first.
    I love spending time with my family and when I lived away from home, coming home for visits was always a special time.
    I too am NOT a fan of the dentist! I have been putting off a much needed trip there for quite some time now…but your comment about the chalk on a board sound has made me cringe! I may have to put it off another week, ha!
    I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your sister; I don;t think she would mind that on this such occasion you ‘lost your shit’. Sometimes we need to let it out. My sister and I lost my father and then my grandmother in the space of a year and a half and we find ourselves breaking down to not only songs, but comments on TV, even food brands we see in the shops. We all need to be strong together during sad times, but letting out a few tears will help the healing too.

    On a lighter note, your photos are beautiful. The waterfalls look gorgeous 🙂

    1. Awe thank you so much! Your comment just made my day!:)) they really are so special!
      Lol oh no! I love the end result…But I HATE the noise!
      Thank you sweets. Sending you big hugs as well. One of my mentors actually calls them healing tears, both you and he are correct. It is healing. It can just be hard to be vulnerable.
      Awe thank you so much! I use to go there all the time as a child. Thank you for your sweet words! I hope you are having a great day!💗

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