Eating Our Way Through: Our Last Day

“You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world.” ~ William Hazlitt 


The day dawned bittersweet as it was our last day. We were flying out on a red eye, which was both a blessing and a curse. We had the whole day ahead of us, but because of Spring forward we would be losing four hours when we went back to the East Coast.

There was also the added bummer of their being a Nor’Easter hitting New York the day after we got back. Sadly Mother nature wasn’t going to cooperate and get our flight delayed a day or three.

Despite the loss of shut eye, not wanting to leave the Golden City and much warmer temps, Sarah and I were going to make the most of it, which entailed hitting all our favorite spots. Starting with the Golden Gate Bridge for another sunrise adventure.


Golden Gate Bridge

It was decidedly more chilly when we got up. Dressed in work-out clothes with a sweatshirt I was a bit nippy, but we powered through. The damp morning, was coated in thick fog, reminding me of my first visit to the bridge six years ago.


It was eery yet peaceful. I now understand what they mean when they say you can cut the fog with a knife. You really could!


Yet, every so often, the fog would roll out revealing the sun and its beautiful colors before teasingly coming back in. It was indescribable standing there on the bridge, above the bay, with the sun and fog. It felt like I had jetsetted to another world or planet, maybe even to heaven itself.


Pit stop to Peets

Needing a quick pick me up as well as a warm up we went back to Peets on Polk Street. I usually can not drink or eat coffee before any form of exercise. (no good comes from it!) But since we had an hour and a half I settled for a small cappuccino, that I jokingly called my hand warmer. Sarah and I reminisced a bit before we walked the couple blocks to the yoga studio.


Yoga Flow San Francisco

If you read my post yesterday, you know we had a hard time booking this class. The studio requires you to download its app in order to take a class, which struck me as strange since we were guests, but we went with the flow…Pun intended. While the class was much needed to sweat it out and twist and stretch from all the walking we did, I didn’t love it or hate it. It got the job done. Another downside was they didn’t even offer the use of towels to rent or complimentary. This girl sweats, and she NEEDS a towel or ten. I know the studio has two locations one in Union which is the one we went too, and another on Ocean Avenue, but I think if I lived in the city, I would shop around for another studio.

Caffe Union

Sarah and I had every intention of going back to Peet’s, but as we were walking down Union Street we stumbled on the cutest Cafe aptly called Caffe Union. With seating outside and the beautiful sunshine beating down on us, we decided to treat ourselves to a boozy brunch.


Oh. Em. Gee. The food was amazing! We started off with some extra spicy Bloody Mary’s that hit the spot. As my mentor always says, “Detox to retox!”


While Sarah had a scrumptious looking eggs benedict, I settled on the Rancheros which hit the spot. Paired with the Bloody Mary, I was in a food coma heaven!


Russian Hill Park

All week Sarah and I had been walking past a small square park with tree lined steps as high as the eye could see. Each day we kept saying we would stop there, and never did. As we walked back to my aunts apartment, with Peet’s in hand, we decided to stop.


I am so happy we did! The views were insane! While the walk up was a struggle for our poor exhausted legs, it was so worth it. Looking out across the city, we even caught glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was picturesque, and definitely a hidden gem, upon which we stumbled accidentally and I am grateful we did.





Ice Cream

Once we showered, and had finished packing, we decided to venture out again. We had wanted to go to the Presidio, but time wise, was not doable. Instead Sarah and I decided to go to Ghirardelli again. Despite it being only a block away from my aunt’s apartment, we had behaved ourselves, only going once. It would have been wrong if we didn’t go back again. The Chocolate Gods certainly agreed with us!


In the early afternoon, the line was much longer then it had been when we went the few nights before. Thankfully it moved fast, and Sarah and I got our salted caramel sundae so we could quickly satisfy our cravings. Being the well behaved ladies, we split that and a dark chocolate caramel bar. It was our last day after all!

The Ferry Building


With time being an issue, we decided to go back to the Ferry Building to bid adieu and of course grab another Peet’s and maybe some treats.


I might have bought a chocolate fudge donut from Mariposa decorated in shamrocks for the holiday.


It was much more crowded on a Saturday, but Sarah and I were able to find a table and just enjoy the hustle and bustle. Up until this point, we really had not run into crowds.

We reminisced and also took some last pics…Including me attempting sad faces because I was drinking my last Peet’s.


Yes acting is definitely NOT on my current resume nor will t be my future.


Again perfect example of WHY I stick to writing.

Right next to Peet’s is a local honey stand, and we stopped to buy some gifts. While we had a one track consumer mind, someone else had spotted us and called out my name. Still somewhat engrossed in the honey, I was confused that someone knew who I was, until I realized who that person was.



It was such an amazing surprise to see her on my last day! Not only that, but I also got to meet her prince of a husband (Umm relationship goals! They really are as adorable in person as they are on her blog!) and his family! It literally made my day and also once more sad that I was leaving!


Sarah and I grabbed a couple last pictures, and I had to do a handstand.


Thankfully no one was around to yell at me. We yogi’s will be rebels.


Having dreamed about that pizza for days, Sarah and I took my aunt to Capo’s for round two. We decided to try another pizza settling on the Haight Ashbury which had Mozzarella, provolone, feta, artichoke hearts, broccolini, peppers, pesto, and onion. It was delicious, but I think the Farmer’s Pie still wins hands down…And yes i still dream about it!


Back Home we go

My aunt was sadly under the weather, so Sarah and I Ubered to the airport. Not going to lie it was one of the scariest rides I have ever taken! He did not know where he was going, and at one point slammed on his breaks sending us flying forward. If I needed a reminder of why NOT to drive in the city I got it!

Security was easy peasy, and Sarah and I hung out, until it was time to board. We both fell asleep, and before I knew it not only was I witnessing a gorgeous sunrise, but we were landing in the Concrete Jungle.



It was incredibly bittersweet. While, I am happy to be home, there is something about this trip that was truly magical. Whether it was because it was for myself and no one else. The fact that I travelled with and got to know not just a kindred spirit, but a friend for life. The incredible people I met there, Mack included, or just the fact that I got a reset away from the daily grind, and the brutal weather. Regardless of what it was, this trip was truly amazing, and weeks later the memories are STILL making me smile. Not to mention the travel bug is biting at my heels.


Wherever it takes me next, it will definitely be warm!

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5 thoughts on “Eating Our Way Through: Our Last Day

  1. Red eye’s are so incredibly bittersweet…..but totally well worth it when your last day is being spent in San Fran. You guys literally did SO much on your trip out there and covered so much territory. And gosh I’m so entranced by those city views through the streets, what a sight for sore eyes!!! That ice cream and pizza included of course 😉 I loved following along on your trip there- you gave me so many ideas of things I want to do and see when I head out there next month!!!

    xo, JJ

  2. That first picture is seriously EPIC. Oh, and I know 100% what you mean about “eery yet peaceful”. When I do runs out on Pier 39 when I stay at my friend’s apt. that’s exactly how I would describe those mornings!!!! I love your artistic, poetic writing. You capture SF in such a beautiful way!

    I’m not gonna lie- I LOLed about the fact that you had to download that app to take the yoga class. That is SOOO SF! It’s good to know that maybe it would be better to try another yoga studio if I ever try one down there! I feel like there are soo many, so I’ll have to let you know if I do find a good one!

    Yesss- that boozy bougie brunch looks so YUM! Those views that you stumbled upon are so awesome!!

    And once again- THAT SUNDAE! I don’t know how you only went back once. Seriously- will power.

    That donut from Mariposas is too adorable! And now I’m craving a donut… hahha.

    AHHHHH! I was SOOOO excited to run into you again. It was the craziest thing because I was LITERALLY telling my mother in law that that Peet’s was where I met up with you guys- and then BAM… two seconds into speaking there you were! That was too fun!

    Girl- you rocked this trip. Your wanderlusting, magical, mermaid self rocked SF and it needs you back! Thank you for sharing this whole adventure! <3

    1. Awe thanks sweets! That means so much to me! I am glad you enjoyed my recaps and writing! That made my day! (actually reading your comments in general is making my day!
      Bwahaha that should have told me right away to run far far FAR away from that studio! Yes please do! Next visit (I may or may not have looked at plane tickets today :0 Lol.) it will be my mission find a kick ass yoga studio!
      It was! I am still dreaming about that Brunch! Sooo yummy! You should definitely go there when you get a chance!
      And I am still dreaming about that sundae! (Okay let’s face it I am just dreaming about SF in general!)
      I definitely recommend mariposa’s too! Such delicious baked goods!
      It literally was the perfect way to finish our trip. Running into you again!
      Awe thanks beauty! I want to go back so badly! It was so much fun! And thank you for being part of what was so amazing about it! SO much love to you beauty! <3

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