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Fall Fun at the Fryeburg Fair

Fall Fun at the Fryeburg Fair
        • a gathering of stalls and amusements for public entertainment.

a competitive exhibition of livestock, agricultural products, and household skills held annually by a town, county, or state and also featuring entertainment and educational displays.

There is nothing more fall then going to a fair. It screams quintessential New England. Oh there are many different types of fairs, from craft fairs, to food fairs, to animal fairs. They generally happen year round, but living on the New Hampshire/Maine border for the first twenty years of my life, the event of fall was the Fryeburg Fair the week before Columbus Day.





Then there are the staples with rides, games, and food. Oh the food! Gorging oneself on fried dough, candy apples, fries, hot dogs, and all the FDA non approved foods a person can consume. Entertainment, and of course the fair goods: various home made products mixed amongst the prizes that you have to win, but will ever use again.

Going home for Columbus day weekend wasn’t just a chance to meet my niece. It was an opportunity to do things uniquely New England this time of year. Which meant I had to go to the Fryeburg Fair which is considered one of the best Agricultural Fairs in the States and definitely in Maine. While there are times when I have skipped it. Usually due to adverse weather conditions. This year was absolutely exquisite especially since this year had some of the best foliage we had seen in a long while. The trees were twinkling with vibrant colors, the temperatures were warm, making it the first time in several years it wasn’t raining, nor did I have to bundle up in layers. With the sun shining, it was pleasant walking, looking at the adorable animals, and even watching my nephews pet a few baby goats.


There is something uniquely special abut the Fryeburg Fair. With a back drop of foliage whilst children scream with delight as they go on, I admit in my opinion, sketchy rides. Juggling around the hoards of animals, as much as the droves of people. Then there are the foods that personify New England, like hot apple cider, apple crisp, and the Sugar Shack which contains a smorgasbord of maple everything delights.


The sugar shack which is smack dab in the midst of the festivities is a must visit every time I attend the fair. Walking in, the sweet aroma is a welcome relief from the smells of animals and fried food wafting outside. Offering maple delights from, cotton candy which you can watch them make, to maple ice cream, it is a maple lovers haven and an even sweeter delight.


Not only is there something for everyone, despite it attracting thousands of people, you will always run into someone you know. The benefits and joy of a small town and what makes this Fair so special. I am so happy I got to attend, until next year…


Have you been to a Fair? What is your favorite thing to do?

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11 thoughts on “Fall Fun at the Fryeburg Fair

    1. Yes! The Congregational church. My Dad’s friend use to run that booth. Unfortunately, I have never had any 🙁 People also rave about the sunflower pizza…More food I have to live vicariously through people 😉 Thanks for reading and the trip down memory lane! 😀 <3

  1. Ahhh I love fairs, but haven’t been to one is so so long. This all looked so gooood. And the little baby piggys are too cute! When I have gone to fairs in the past my favorite thing to do is play the silly little games that cost way too much money and are a rip off for an ugly stuffed animal- but I love them! And of course eating all that food too 😉

    1. Those games are so much fun and much more my speed. lol. Both my sister in law and I ended up with gigantic stuffed pigs that were kind of creepy looking which my brother and boyfriend at the time won us. Oh the food! Now I am hungry! 🙂 I am glad you like fairs so much. I hope you get to go to one soon! 🙂 <3

  2. oh i love a good fair! seeing as though your kinda sorta near me (boston gal over here) have you ever gone to the Big E? It may be worth traveling to MA for its super nice aside from fair festivities they have these cute little houses that represent each of the new england states and inside are what each state is famous for/delicious food they have for example Maine had some killer clam chowder in theirs!

    I also put The Texas State Fair on my bucket list! I feel like that a must at least once in my life!

    xo, JJ

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