Favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies

“The best thing about doing those Hallmark movies is my dad loves them. My dad watches all of those Christmas movies, not just ones I’m in. He watches them all, so the first one I did, it was like my Christmas present to my dad.” ~ Eric Johnson

I Heart Hallmark 

By now I think everyone knows that I heart Hallmark. All those shirts that have funny Hallmark quips? Someone was channeling me when they designed them, because they are me! And it is appalling I don’t have one. (yet!) Every year I joke about not having a social life once the last Friday in October rolls around but in actuality I am kinda serious.


My television is permanently stuck on Hallmark from October to January. The world could be imploding, my sports teams obliterated from play-off contention, babies born, trends lighting up social media, you get the picture, it doesn’t matter what is happening, because it is just me and my main squeeze, Hallmark reunited for far to short a time.


It doesn’t matter if I have seen the movies a gazillion times, and some of them I really have. The only way I will change the channel is for another Christmas movie. (looking at you The Santa Clause and Home Alone) Or the handful (there are like two) of Hallmark movies that I am not a fan of.


My Favorites 

I am the first one to admit how corny and cheesy they can be. They follow the same formula much like a scrubbed down Harlequin novel. But for a couple hours (or months) you can get lost in romance, some angst, and most of all the Christmas spirit.


They truly are feel good movies with everything resolved at the end and always a big happy ending. They aren’t real life, but sometimes, especially during the craziness of the Christmas season, it is nice to escape reality from time to time, and these moves do that.


This is the tenth year they have done Countdown to Christmas and with twenty plus new movies each year, there is no shortage of Christmas fun and romance to watch. I will always be a sucker for all the royal themed movies, and the ones based in New York makes me feel SO nostalgic. Some of my favorites are older and aren’t aired as often. It was hard to narrow this list down which is why I had to do a baker’s dozen. I even included a new movie from this year’s selection, Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses, which was the perfect way to kickoff Countdown to Christmas.


Some of my favorites:

Fir Crazy
Hitched for the holidays
Crown for Christmas
A Bride For Christmas
Christmas Incorporated
Snow Bride
Christmas Cottage
Naughty Or Nice
Reunited at Christmas
Hats of to Christmas
Best Christmas Party Ever
A December Bride
Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses


Do you like Hallmark Movies? What is your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie? 

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3 thoughts on “Favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies

  1. GIRL! You already know anything with Steve Lund is a favorite! I’ve also enjoyed the ones with Chad Michael Murray! Outside of those guys I love Christmas at Pemberly Manor, A Decemebr Bride, Christmas Getaway, Reunited at Christmas…you know, the list goes on and on! I must say, I’m loving all of your Blogmas content. Sorry I’m so behind!

  2. That quote it so cute!!!! <3 & I am such a sucker for Hallmark movies, too. I don't care if they all follow the same formula, there is something special about each one. 🙂

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