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“People keep asking me if I am having more fun, being blonde, but I always have fun! Whether I’m blonde, redhead, or brunette! I always have fun.” ~ Kelly Clarkson

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Once a Blonde….

As a blonde who makes no qualms about the fact I dye my hair said color, because well I should have been born bleach blonde anyway, (what the heck God?) I have come to realize, (with the grace of old age) how important hair care is. Like the difference between pulling a Demi in G.I. Jane or being a living breathing Repunzel important. I am lucky to have been given the paracord of hair because over the years I have treated it like a rug to be walked over. I have beaten my hair to no repair with dying it the entire rainbow that even the Leprechauns would be confused as to where the pot of gold actually was. I have permed it and done the keratin straightening. And now I bleach my poor hair.

OHHH the bleach!

While my beauty regiment is generally low maintenance, my one splurge and definite obsession is my hair, especially those pesky roots! As a blonde, those roots are the bang of my existence (Pun intended). I don’t even have grays…That I know of, but covering up those ashy roots, always feels like Christmas has come early, every time my stylist places the dye on my scalp. Having lived in New York, and survived a pandemic, my roots have a tendency to grow faster then I can get to my amazing hair stylist. (who has been doing my hair since I was essentially in diapers!) And yes, I know getting your hair done is first world problems, but it is also self care AND there is a reason I dye my hair blonde, it makes me feel better…and I really hate seeing my bastardized version of blondness. It is NOT a pretty color.

Staying a Blonde…

I have gotten quite a few compliments on my hair as well as people wanting to know how I get it to look healthy. Which I appreciate, because most days I feel like I am waging an endless battle against the frizz and split ends! I kid kinda. There is a reason I gave it a healthy (much needed) serial killer bob chop (think ah la Gone Girl for reference) at the beginning of the summer, because I valued the color, more then the length.

Also Public Service Announcement: if you want healthy hair: Do NOT dye your own hair. Just don’t. You will damage your hair, to the point where you may have to cut it or shave it, not to mention it will NOT look like Julianne Moores. HAVE a professional do it. I admit it was painful during COVID, but I survived and with my hair STILL in tact.

Much of it is owed to my hair regiment at home as much as it is to have a great hair stylist who will deep condition my hair until it is so shiny you need sunglasses. Before I dyed my hair blonde, I tended to lean towards the greasy, in you could have greased a door, with my hair texture. Washing my hair every day was a must. And hair masks? Forget about it! But once I found my inner Grace Kelly, I discovered I only needed to wash it once, maybe twice a week or else it would happily be straw for a bonfire. Something else I have learned is if you are going to get your hair professionally done, you need to use professional grade products at home. I am all about saving, but if you want hair to look like a Pantene commercial, you got to splurge or what’s the point?

Always a Blonde

Not going to lie, my hair care routine is probably more extra then even my skincare which may or may not be a good thing. The first step in keeping lucious locks that even Blake Lively, would be jelly of, was using purple shampoo. I have used a lot of purple shampoos over the years and by far my favorite is Lush. It is natural, and the purple shade is so deep, you wonder if your hair is about to be turned into a painting experiment. Nope, it keeps brassiness at bay, and gives you the prettiest white blonde. In a pinch I have used Drybar, and I love Drybar’s purple conditioner, but I still keep gong back to Lush. I do use Drybar’s Purple Hair mask which is must! And during quarantine, I used their Boosting Brightening Powder which was like giving yourself a salon toner at home. Now THAT kind of coloring I can get behind.

The second thing I did was change my shampoo and conditioner to Olaplex. Now I know you are probably cringing and are wondering if I sold a kidney. No, it was a thought, though. But friends if I am already investing moolah to dye my hair blonde, at this point I am IN IT, and so I might as well go the whole way. And while Olaplex IS expensive, a little goes a long way. A really loooooooooooong way. I am still using conditioner, and bonding oil I bought a year and a half ago. It is worth it! I noticed a huge difference almost immediately when I started using the system.

The third thing is hair masques. As I mentioned Drybar has an amazing purple one designed just for blondes. Olaplex also has one that really makes your hair feel the thirst (I feel like that might have been a gross reference) as does Morroccan Oil. I also use a heat protectant spray, also from Drybar and I try not to put to much heat on my hair. Yes, I do air dry my hair shockingly!

Honorable mention, I take collagen, which helps not just my hair, but also nails and skin. I do recommend talking to your doctor first, but I use Vital Protein. (YES THAT Jennifer Aniston one) I mix it in my coffee each morning, and I cannot taste it at all. An easy way to get healthy hair, but also nails and skin.

This all might seem high maintenance, and let’s be real it probably is, but I have been various shades of blonde for almost a decade now, and my hair is the healthiest it has been thanks to being so high maintenance.

Do you have a hair care routine? Do you splurge on shampoo or other hair care products? 

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  1. Ugh, I remember how hard it is to keep colored hair looking healthy!!! I gave up the fight, but looks like you’ve got it conquered! 😍

  2. So beautiful! I’m loving these photos babe 😍😍😍 gorgeous! And I love the Kelly Clarkson quote at the beginning. You are so beautiful, sunshine ❤️❤️❤️

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