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“I think decor says a lot about someone’s social position, their taste, their sensibility, their work – and also about the aesthetic way I have chosen to tell their story.” ~ Pedro Almodovar


Friends WHO am I? Seriously WHO? I never EVER do DIY’s. Ever! I feel like my perfectionist self developed an aversion, because one; my artistic talents begins and ends with stick people and two nothing I ever did was perfect in my eyes. I honestly think that was one of the reasons (among many) I was so happy to give up my cake business. And yes I know, I know, nothing in life is perfect, especially us humans, BUT it doesn’t mean when I put my heart to a task I do not give it three hundred and ten percent. Because I do. Just look at my snow brushing skills, I WILL get every speck of snow off the dang car!

All this being said, perhaps it is the ripe ol’ age of being thirty. Or maybe it was last years Yankee swap where I had to MAKE something. Yes me! And yes it did light a spark. Or perhaps it is because I have been stuck in a house for a year, and I might as well do something, and since the only people who will see my screw ups are my parents, (and you have to love me Mom and Dad anyway) whatever it is, I decided to channel my Joanna Gaines (and I feel like she would be proud of this) and do a festive Valentines Day meets Spring, meets a lil I do not want to let Christmas go DIY.

And friends, I am kind of proud of this. And by kinda, really REALLY proud of this!

Trial and Tribulation

As excited as I was to do this home decor -I don’t know what to call it- DIY craft, I ran into some issues, that it almost did not happen. I was inspired NOT from Pinterest (which I naturally shy away from due to my lack of DIY skills) but the idea came from my friend Jamil (of Melsy Illustrations) who did this a couple years ago for a Valentine’s Day Party. With Christmas (sniff sniff) sadly over, my Mom and I were trying to figure out ways to keep that Christmas glow going, without keeping a seven foot Christmas tree up, thus I thought of my friend’s floral creation and decided I was going to try it. Again WHO am I?

This task almost did not happen because with it being after Christmas there was not a flocked tree to be found! And if there was, they were like seven feet tall and as this was the first time attempting this, I was NOT going to be doing that!

Thus I searched high and low. I thought I had found one on Amazon, but it turned out to be super flimsy and wouldn’t even support the flowers. I decided to try again, and the second one wasn’t even a flocked tree, BUT a faux aloe vera plant. I kid you not! Thanks Amazon! Thankfully third time IS the charm and I found one that was perfect!

What you need for your DIY Flocked Floral Tree:

~Pre-lit Flocked Tree You actually can use any kind of tree you wanted, for my aesthetic purposes I wanted flocked. Just make sure it is pre-lit as that will save you the hassle of stringing lights.

~Flowers and any decorations you want. I ordered everything off of Amazon.

What to Do

Once your tree has rested, and the branches are pulled out, nestle the flowers into the branches, making sure they are secure. I would loop them around a branch or another flower so they didn’t fall out. I kept doing that until the whole tree was covered.


This literally is super easy. I feel like it could be a DIY for dummies, because I had no problems once I received everything. The trickiest part was making sure you could still see the lights with the flowers. I also recommend going with a color and flower scheme. I decided on white hydrangeas, pale pink hydrangeas, pink roses, and a few pale purple mums and I love how it came out. To make it truly Valentine’s Day you could even stick some hearts in it if you wanted to be more festive. It is safe to say I am obsessed! And on this snowy day it is such a nice pick me up. And the bonus, I can even leave it up for Easter if I wanted too.

What do you think of the DIY Flocked Floral Tree? DO you love DIY’s? Has this pandemic made you more creative? 

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  1. I am in love with this this is the greatest idea ever 😍😍🙏🏼😍 10/10 will be trying and Kate you’ve done a flawless job! This is stunning you could sell them xxx

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