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Foss Mountain

Foss Mountain

“Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven.” ~ John Lubbock


New Discoveries

While I grew up in the White Mountains, even having moved away it seems like I am discovering new beauties and treasures to explore every time I go home. There is always a new mountain to hike and a new trail to travel. While I have my favorites that constantly beckon to me like long lost friends, I also can’t help but take a walk down those paths I have yet to experience. Not even a day after I arrived in New Hampshire, I donned my hiking shoes for a super short hike up Foss Mountain for sunset.


Foss Mountain 

Foss Mountain is a super quick, incredibly easy mountain to hike. It is by far one of the most bang for your buck hikes around the White Mountains. Located in Eaton, New Hampshire, it is just under a mile of an up and back trail. With only 265 feet of elevation gain and an easily accessible path, it is a hike that is easy for even the most novice of hikers.


The Views 

I had heard a lot about this mountain, but my hopes were still set incredibly low, unsure what to expect.


Oh my manta! I was absolutely bowled over with this mountain, to the point I wanted to come back the next day and the days after. It may not seem like an intense hike, but it is definitely a worthwhile one! It literally has a 360 degree view of the mountains and surrounding lakes. It is hard to believe it is such an easy hike, because the views are so picturesque.



Hiking it just before sunset, gave us the perfect opportunity to watch as the sky turned into a stunning waiting across the valley. The slightly overcast sky didn’t take away from the sun, if anything it enhanced the gorgeous colors, creating exquisite one of a kind views and perhaps just a snippet of what heaven might be like.



This mountain may not be Mount Washington, but the views are equally just as good. It is the perfect spot to have a photo shoot.


And of course we had too!


We even had too take a couple Boomerangs.

And with that sunset how could we not?

This is a hike that no mater where you are on the hiking spectrum from novice to expert you do not want to miss!


Have you hiked Foss? What is your favorite bang for your buck hiking trail? 

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  1. Omg that silhouette photo of you at the top is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! Holy crap girl! The boomerangs rock, I love how your hair is whipping through in the second one!

    xo, JJ

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