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This past year has bred lots of introspectiveness as well as new beginnings for me. While I have always been a writer and (even had some essays published) being sick this last year allowed me the chance to focus on my creativity in a way that was more then I had been doing. It allowed me to grow, and even have the guts to change my major. Hey you only live once.

For the last six months I have been tinkering with this Website. From combining all gazillion and ten of them, to making it appear more professional, no offense to Small Town Asana’s the now defunct blog, that this one replaced (you can still read all of my posts from that blog, as they are all integrated into this one, though I should warn you about the grammatical errors!) It has been a testing of patience, as I have tried to navigate the cyber world of coding, themes, and my own obsessive compulsiveness with perfection.

I love styling and designing. I knew what I wanted. Of course implementing was the real challenge. Steve Jobs I am not!

Thankfully after months of playing with the settings, Googling a ton, and with limited pulling of hair damage, I have finally (I think) gotten the look I wanted channeling all aspects of my modern day Renaissance self.

Of course I might change it in six months knowing me, but in the mean time let me know what you think. What made you settle on the themes and designs for you own blogs?

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3 thoughts on “Fresh Look

  1. I can totally relate 💫I have been tinkering with my website with my zero techie skills trying to tailor it to my taste 😳 I’m still miles away from where I want it to be maybe one day I’ll wake up and have a coding epiphany ✨

    1. Lol at the coding epiphany! I am taking a coding class this summer…Either it is a smart and self sufficient move, or I have just made it the summer from hell and I really will run away to become a mermaid. Lol. <3

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