Friday Favorites: 2019 Christmas Edition

“Don’t let the past steal your present. This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone.” ~ Taylor Caldwell

Christmas Favorites

I can not believe this is the last Friday Favorites of 2019! Perhaps I will do a year cap of all my favorite things, though we only have 11 days left! It is crazy to think how quickly time has flown by. It feels like just under two months ago, I was ecstatic for all things Christmas and now here we are! D3753275-5B39-4F72-9C97-AD47F8E574C8

I feel like Christmas and the month of December (though, let’s be real November also) is one big huge favorites. There are SO many things to love about the season (as well as understandably hate) many of which I have already blogged about on here throughout Blogmas. Honestly, I am just amazed that I have kept up with Blogmas as well as I have. though some posts have gotten published JUST before midnight.


Okay disclaimer: A lot of my posts have been written the day of, and just under the wire. I know, I know, I know! What?!?! No I have not been an organized blogger. With work, watching kiddos, travel and being under the weather, and this past week having an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, some days have been a struggle, but I am proud of myself that for my first blogmas, I haven’t given up and said die. Perseverance guys. And honestly, despite the hecticness, I have enjoyed posting every day. Writing gives me sanity, and this has ensured I do it every day and I love that. So without further ado, here are my Friday Favs, which are really just Christmas favorites.


Christmas Movies

I think by now you ALL now how badly I need an intervention. I love me all the Christmas movies. From Halloween on, my TV has been tuned in to hallmark, Freeform, and AMC. I have no idea what I am going to do come January 1. I will be in hardcore withdrawals. I will actually have to catch up on all the episodes of Grey’s and the Blacklist I missed, not to mention watching the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!BDF4DFC0-617C-4683-A080-B8AEF6A61442

Boozy Hot Chocolate

Nothing is better nor says ’tis the season like boozy hot chocolate. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until I have gathered with my friends outside under heaters drinking the chocolatey goodness which usually has a kick to it. Whether we are catching up or exchanging gifts, it is so festive and fun to do.


Starbucks Cups

Speaking of which, I LOVE when Starbuck’s rolls out their “red” cups. Technically they aren’t red anymore, but they sure are holiday-y and festive and I love them so much! They just seem to make pictures better and the hand warmers hotter. (okay, I totally exaggerated that last part) I love how they have multiple designs and you never know which one you re going to get, though I might just love the red and green polka dotted cup just a teensy tiny more over the others.



Wrapping has already been front and center during this Blogmas, but it deserves another honorable mention in Friday Favorites. I LOVE wrapping presents. It is so much fun to do. Wrapping and decorating in many ways is therapeutic, and I LOVE the way they look under the tree. I almost don’t want to unwrap them, they look so pretty.


Beauty Advent Calendars

As a kid, I had done Advent Calendars, and my family would always light our own wreathe, but this is the first year I have done one as an adult and I am so happy I jumped on the bandwagon! They are so fun to do especially the beauty ones. I love seeing what little gift I am going to get each day and I have been pleased with all I have gotten thus far.



Despite being a fashion blogger I am not a huge fan of shopping unless it is around Christmas time. I love buying gifts for people. I bought almost everyones’ presents online after perusing sales and googling different ideas like donating to wildlife organizations in my friends’ names. I anxiously track and follow the packages and get so excited when they finally arrive so I can wrap them. While most of it was done on the world wide web, I did go to the mall a couple times. It was fun to explore the stores, see the displays, and all the products especially all the limited edition holiday goodness that stores like Lush always carry this time of year.


Graphic Tees

I have become obsessed with holiday graphic tees and I now own way to many. (though can you really have to many?) They are such a fun festive way to celebrate the season, from my plethora of coffee and Christmas combo tees which just speak to me, to the ones expressing love for Christmas movies, to the ones with Elf quotes, they are so much fun to wear as well as watch people trying to figure out what they say.


Holiday Nails 

I am pretty basic when it comes to my nails. a French manicure aways lasts me much longer then a regular mani, yet with the holidays I decided to get festive. It began way back in October when I was doing pictures for my Christmas cards. I got a fun sparkle gold, which I then transitioned to a red when I had to re-do some of the pictures. With this last mani/pedi, I got gold white sparkle with a green snowflake design, for the ultimate holiday glam.



I skate year round, but nothing beats skating outside in the winter. And yes, even when it is negative ten out. That actually might be the one good thing about winter. Thanks to the chilly temps, the lakes have frozen over and are perfect for some rusty twirls and a jump or ten, before we get heavy snow. The sound of blades on the ice, is some of my favorite music and it has been fun to lace the skates and get my topic on.


Christmas Parties

No, I am not talking about the office Christmas Parties, (unless your office is like Jason Bateman’s then heck yes!) but the ones friends and family throw. Nothing is better then reconnecting, doing some reminiscing, and a lot of laughing your booty off.


Whether it is doing a yankee swap, playing games, or yes, enjoying some libations, I always look forward to the annual Christmas parties I can count on my loved ones to throw. Christmas is about reunions and connection, and even if it is once a year, I love how I can pick right back up with friends and family I haven’t seen since the last party. It is a testament that some friendships do withstand distance and that the Christmas spirit is truly alive and well this time of year.


What are your Friday Favorites? What is your favorite thing about this time of year? 

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  1. Gotta admit, I’ve been slacking and pulling the ol day of posting shenanigans too, but who can avoid such things at this time of year, am I right? Christmas shopping sprees and wrapping sprees. Events left and right. LOTS of coffee. It’s the most hectic and peaceful time of the year, all at the same time!

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