Friday Favorites: Amazon Fall & Winter Fashion Finds

“I am not a hoarder, but my wardrobe is the antithesis of fast fashion. I buy clothes – beautiful in looks and make – to last.” ~ Suzy Menkes

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Amazon Fashion

November is in full swing, the holidays are just around the corner, and it is currently snowing. (again) I think it is safe to say that I am not the only one who can not believe how quickly 2019 has flown by. Though I might be one of the few who has been excited for Christmas since the middle of October and I am giddy with excitement for all the holiday cheer.62D1B4BF-EAE1-4188-A5B8-B8A9AC24190E

Since it is snowing, (did I mention again?) perhaps in celebration (or solidarity?) of the new Frozen II movie, I am all about fashion survival. Gimmee ALL the layers and all the coats and maybe some hot hands to stay warm. While I have always tried to be ethically responsible when it comes to fast fashion, their is no denying that Amazon makes it incredibly easy to shop with their wide selection of clothing, two day Prime shipping, and delivery.


People use to be shocked when I told them that I bought clothes and shoes from Amazon, yet in recent years Amazon has stepped up its fashion game, not just selling name brand clothing at a steep discount, but also more obscure brands, that still have impeccable quality. In some ways it makes that balance of being ethically and environmentally responsible and not supporting fast fashion difficult, because the prices are just right, which is why I buy items that I know are great quality and will last me for years to come. Surprisingly, I have only had a few misses with Amazon fashion. Almost everything has been a hit, and thanks to free returns, anything that hasn’t, I have been able to send back.


With the snowman (and woman) season upon us, I thought I would share some of my favorite fall and winter fashion finds from Amazon. Not only are we in the colder months, where you can never have enough sweaters, scarves, or jackets, but with the holidays approaching, the Black Friday deals are beginning, which means that many of these items including #TheCoat will be going on sale if they aren’t already. Not only can you pick up some staples for yourself, but you just might find something you want to buy for the fashionistas in your life.


Orolay Coat

Kicking off the list is the winter jacket everyone has been talking about and with very good reason. Dubbed #TheCoat it was made famous on the Upper East Side which just so happens to be where I lived for seven years. While I can’t claim the discovery of this coat which is designed by the brand Orolay, I had no qualms about jumping on the bandwagon. All for educational purposes of course.163413AF-1EFB-490E-99E1-56557C2B3CBC

#TheCoat lives up to all the hype and more. It is light weight while still being incredibly warm as well as chic. It has side zippers so it can expand making room for layers without making you feel like the kid from A Christmas Story. It also has so many pockets that you don’t even need to bring a bag with you. It comes in six colors, with red being the newest one.C748BD6D-F693-4D63-92CC-08412345CA51

I bought it in Navy (though it was a hard decision, because the green is also stunning.) since that is my staple color and it is perfect. I have already ben rocking it Sith all the snow we have gotten, and I think it will definitely be a favorite through out these colder months.


Korsis Asymetrical Tunic

I admit this shirt was a gamble since I had never heard of this brand. Apparently when moving and selling you should really take into consideration the seasons, which is what I did NOT do and I ended up selling many of my long sleeved tees and sweaters. I didn’t want to sell my kidneys so Amazon it was.


I had never heard of this brand, but I loved the style of this tunic. (and have gotten so many compliments whenever I wear it) I was blown away by the quality. It is thicker, similar to sweatshirt material with none of the pilling and still looks dressy. I ordered it in the olive green and after wearing it a lot, (people probably think I live in it) the color has not faded nor has the material thinned.


The length is perfect. Being asymmetrical, it is shorter on one side, and longer with buttons going up on the other. It is long enough that even the shorter side still covers the bootay so leggings are a go. Because I loved it so much, I ended up buying it in several different colors.


Sieanear Knotted tunic

I had never heard of this brand and this shirt was another gamble that paid off. Once again I was impressed by the quality. The fabric feels like a super soft, brushed fleece without being overly thick. While it is shorter then the Korsis tunic, it is still long enough to wear with leggings, but short enough that you could wear it with jeans.


My favorite aspect of this shirt, (aside from the gazillion colors it comes in) is the knot on the left side. While it is a great basic piece, the knot adds that extra pizazz I always love. I bought it in green, but it comes in a ton of different colors and fits true to size.


Lanzom Hat

I have mentioned Lanzom hats before. The brand is a great dupe for Biltmore, which can be on the expensive side. I own several of their straw hats, which I love, and decided to try one of their felt styles. I am so happy I did. The quality is just as good at the fraction of the price. They have a gazillion colors with different bands so you are sure to find one that fits your fashion style.


Chvity Tie Henley

This is one of my favorite Amazon finds. It is such a basic versatile piece that gives me ALL the styling options. Coming in a ton of colors, this button down henley is made of a thinner waffle knit without being see through. (just don’t wear a black bra underneath) You have the option to leave it untied, or to knot it.


Much like the Sieanear tunic, it is long enough to wear with leggings while still short enough to work with jeans, a skirt, or even leather pants. You really can wear it for all different occasions while still being comfortable. 


Chicwish Wrap Coat

I wrote a post about this jacket last year, and it is still a favorite. Especially as a fall coat, or if I am going out to a dressier restaurant or bar during the winter. For a wool coat it is quite heavy, while still being as soft as a cozy blanket. The shawl collar is big enough that it feels like a scarf and adds another layer of warmth.


I originally saw this coat in a facebook ad, but because it was facebook, I was worried it was a scam until I found it on amazon. To this day it is one of my favorite and most worn Amazon fashion finds.


Three Quarter Length Women’s V-Neck Shirt 

With no brand, this might be my most obscure find from Amazon. A fellow blogger shared this shirt back in the fall and I instantly fell in love with it. Despite it not having a name, the quality is top notch. The v-neckline is flattering without being revealing and I love how delicate the billowy three quarter length sleeves are. It comes in several colors, but I had to get the red, which just so happens to be perfect for the coming holiday season.


Blanket Scarves 

While I am the queen of the scarf, I am also very picky about them. I absolutely abhor infinity scarves and anything that is not big enough to fit the name of blanket scarf. The fabric also has to be soft, and I love neutral color palettes, which is how I stumbled upon Amazon’s very underrated but extensive selection of scarves last February.


Not only are they super affordable, but they are incredibly soft as well as truly being a blanket scarf. There are a ton of color combinations and patterns to choose from. I bought a soft gray and blush checkered scarf that I ended up using year round. It is not only the perfect accessory, but also makes the perfect gift.


Do you buy any of your clothes through Amazon? What is your favorite Amazon Fashion Find? 

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7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Amazon Fall & Winter Fashion Finds

  1. Loved every piece, especially the boots!! I love Amazon, and seeing this just makes me feel like it’s becoming a powerhouse for shopping. Beautiful as always!!

  2. Babes I am obsessed! I am living for all of these outfits! My favourites are the tunic, the leopard print outfit and the henley outfit! Omg hun you are amazing also the photo of you jumping is just awesome! So beautiful 😍😍😍😍 I love how you are promoting more ethical fashion as opposed to fast fashion, it’s a great reminder for me. THANK you hun! Xxx

  3. These are so cute! I’ve never really thought about ordering clothes off Amazon. But I don’t shop too often there, since shipping things down to NZ takes like 3 weeks, and I can’t wait that long lol. I love the plaid wrap coat and the button down henley! They seem great for layers, which is great for fall fashion 😀

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