Friday Favorites: April 2019

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

April Already?

Oy vey! How are we in April already? Time is flying by guys! I know, I know I sound like a painful static-filled broken record, but I have been slacking something fierce with blogging and social media in general. I WISH I could say it will get better, but with moving in mere weeks and no longer months, things are “So cray” as my nephew jokingly told me.


I am trying to stay positive and not freak out to TO much. Not sure how THAT is working, I am so incredibly grateful for all the support, love, sage wisdom, coffee, mimosa’s and sanity (which probably came from the mimosa’s, let’s be real) my amazing close knit circle have given me.


In a week that seems like there has been a ton of negativity both on the web-sphere and off of it, (I know a lot of bloggers have been dealing with this and you guys are amazing, and rock, and those people are not worthy of any thoughts.) it is so important to have that support system especially when going through transitions and life changes and I am so blessed for mine. Words really can not express how grateful I am.


I promise this isn’t going to be sappy! Actually being a hundred percent transparent, I had written half of this post in March, but since time is flying and it is now April, whit further procrastination, and way to LONGGGG overdue here is a Friday Favorites Post.


Easter Candy

Since Easter is in a couple weeks, this is probably way less exciting then I had originally intended for it to be, when I legit freaked out in Duane Reade after seeing all the Easter Candy pop up. That said, I don’t care because Easter candy makes me so happy and legit it is the best kind of candy out there. Yes I said it! It even beats Halloween! there is something about the pastel colors and biting Ito the oval shapes with surprises in the middle that make me so frickin’ giddy! Plus Cadbury really is the BEST brand! Do you like Easter Candy? 


Trader Joe’s Ginger Turmeric Tea

You know I couldn’t do a Friday Favorite’s without mentioning Trader Joe’s right? While I am limiting this post to one product from the ultimate boyfriend grocery store, it might just be one of my favorite products from TJ’s! The ginger turmeric tea gives me life! Turmeric has definitely become the new buzz in food, but with reason. Turmeric which is an anti-inflammatory is SO good for you. It helps muscle recovery AND digestion. Paired with ginger, which in my opinion is another super food that is very under appreciated, this is the ultimate healing cocktail. The flavors in this tea are not overpowering and I love having a cup at nighttime.


O-Venture Key Ring and wallet

You guys know my obsession with O-Venture, and so does Santa. Yes I am STILL talking about Christmas presents. I’ll eventually get around to sharing what I got, maybe around next Christmas?


O-Venture doesn’t just have the key rings, but also wallets and a variety of wristlets. I am not usually a wallet fan, because they are usually to small, but the rosy cheeked jolly woman man knew what she was doing. This gold wallet is the perfect size! Filled with large and small pockets, I not only can fit my cards and cash in it, but also my phone and lipstick. It is the ultimate organizer, and I am no longer fumbling around for my things.


Captain Marvel

Since I knew they were making a Captain Marvel movie, I have been eagerly anticipating this movie and it did NOT disappoint. I wasn’t sure how Brie Larson would do, because she is much more of a poignant and dramatized actress, but she was incredible! I loved the chemistry (and snark) between here and a “Young” Fury.


Once again MCU hit it out of the ball park. (…or galaxies?) I will happily rewatch this movie. It also set the stage for Avenger’s Endgame which I can NOT wait! Apparently other people can’t either with the way the ticket sites sold out and crashed! Did you see Captain Marvel? 


Stella And Fly 

It figures that since I am moving (did I mention in mere weeks?!?!) that I would find what is probably my FAVORITE coffee shop in New York, right before I leave. Well as Vanessa William’s sang, “You go and save the best for last.” Which is apparently what New York did. This cozy chic coffee shop and bar deserves their own post, which they will get, (probably in the next millennium) but they also deserve a huge shout out on Friday Favorites.


A coffee shop by day, and bar by night, Stella and Fly is a happy newish addition (it opened last May) to the Upper East Side. The coffee is delicious and perfect for the purest of coffee enthusiasts. The space is conducive to spending hours getting work done, and the staff is some of the friendliest you will ever meet. It has fast become my home away from home, ad one of my favorite places if not my favorite place on the UES.



Guys, New York is making it hard to quit it. Not only did I find my most favorite coffee shop and bar, but I also have discovered my new favorite musical. Also worthy of a blog post, (I think it is a sign WordPress missed me) Hadestown was freaking phenomenal! Seriously a week out, I am still trying to find the words to accurately describe how incredible it was.


Telling the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice and with music by Anais Mitchell, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this show. Still in previews, every single performance has been sold out. Get your tickets NOW!


In fact I am going to see it again next week, because I have to soak this show up before tickets become Hamilton prices (already happening) and I move away. I am wondering how many times I can see it before I leave the city?


My Niece 

I have to end this Friday Favorites with this video that I can not stop watching. Literally this video gives me ALL the feels. I went home for a couple days last week and got to see this nugget. I can not even begin to explain how much I love my nephews and nieces and saying good-bye to them is the absolute worst! Thankfully I will be seeing them before I move. I am soaking up all the time I have with them and of course taking a gazillion pictures and videos!


How have you guys been? What are some of your Friday Favorites? 

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6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: April 2019

  1. Love, love, LOVE your list of favorite things — especially because some of the sweetest among them aren’t things, but rather people. Although I’m sorry things have been so cray-cray for you (inevitable when you’re making a big life change, I’m afraid) it’s good to see you’re still taking time for those little pleasures that melt the stress and make you happy. Take good care, dear K! xx

  2. I am literally 3 blocks from Stella and Fly and haven’t been yet but passed a million times!! Now I HAVE to go! Good luck on your move

  3. YES! Easter chocolate is the real mvp and I agree, Cadbury for the win! Also love the Lindt bunnies, so yummy!
    It’s so typical you just found your favourite coffee shop now you’re moving but hey, it’s just an excuse to take a little vacay to NYC every now and then in the future isn’t it?
    Good luck with the move gorgeous, a new chapter awaits! ❤️

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