Friday Favorites: April 2021 Edition


Happy Good Friday 

Hello friends! Happy Good Friday! Hopefully we all survived April Fool’s, I know I did, though quit a few people pulled off some pretty epic pranks. (Did you see Dani Austin’s? She was committed!) And now the Easter weekend is upon us and I for one am super excited and thought it was time for some Friday Favorites! And I know, I know, I skipped March, but March not only flew by (but it didn’t) it was just a weird month over all with a lot of things going on and then of course the weather!

One minute it was freezing and the next it seemed like spring had sprung, then it was freezing again in true New England fashion. While today is chilly, (and I am NOT going to talk about what ws falling last night!) for the most part we have been extremely blessed with spring coming early and I don’t want to sound like I am complaining because I am super grateful and loving it. It was SO needed and it makes my heart and soul SOOO happy. If most winters were like this past year, I would be OKAY (not perfect, BUT OKAY) living in New England. But alas I feel like is is an anomaly one that I will definitely not take for granted this year, because I think we ALL needed it.

I will say the time change did do me in a little bit. I am a morning person so having it dark at six again killed me for the last few weeks. But thankfully it is getting light again and I LOVE it and am one hundred percent here for it, as I am also here for Easter so without further adieu hear are some things I am loving! As always some links are affiliated at no extra cost to you, ut it helps me buy all the Easter Candy that will be on sale on Monday! You can also find many of the products on my Page. 

Sunshine and the beach

I know, I know I ALWAYS put this, but friends it truly does make me SO happy that it is warm out and I am so grateful that beach days are hear again-ish. I will NEVER take that for granted. While I have been going to the beach pretty regularly despite the cold, it has finally warmed up. The beginning of March I actually donned my rain boots and was walking in the ocean, (best idea I have ever had in my opinion) to the point a little kid commented which I thought as adorable. A few weeks later I decided to get even crazier and dipped my toes in the Atlantic on Saint Paddy’s Day and I didn’t freeze to death. It was actually amazingly refreshing after the almost six mile walk I did on the beach. And it made me so happy and feel so connected. I definitely needed to feel that salt water and sand between my piggies! 

The Holy Donut 

Next on the list is something I have dreams about. Friends if you are in Maine you NEED to go to the Holy Donut. It is truly a well holy experience. The donuts are made out of potatoes and they have so many different flavors that change daily as well as seasonally. It is the stuff of dreams and I may or may not have started splurging when I go to one of the beaches. My favorite is definitely the maple glazed BUT the caramel coconut is pretty darn yummy as well. Treat yoself friends! 

Easter Candy

Speaking of treating yourself, it is that time of year friends. Halloween who? Seriously the real MVP of candy is Easter Candy. Sorry ghosts and goblins, but the bunny has the monopoly (in my opinion) from Peeps to Cadburry Eggs, both candy coated and filled, to Reese’s eggs, to everything in between oh my Lanta SO yummy! I don’t know why, but everything tastes better in pastel wrappings, and spring time molds. And I am here for ALL of it. What is your favorite Easter candy? Do you prefer Easter or Halloween candy more? 

Short Hair don’t care

Friends I did a thing! I cut my hair. I know, I know WHAT!? Not going to lie, I have been debating it, and I also had major anxiety while doing it. But I needed too because my hair was NOT healthy and I am actually pretty okay with it now. My hair already feels healthier and it is SO easy to style it and wash! I haven’t gotten many good pictures of it, and I also think I might go a little bit shorter next time (and change the front framing) so it is still a work in progress, but I am obsessed! 

Pink Lily Corded Graphic Sweatshirts

My new fashion obsession just might be the Pink Lily corded graphic sweatshirts. I first snagged myself one at Christmas, and the rest as the say is history! They are so cozy. I love the oversized fit, the bright colors, and of course the fun sayings. While I loved the Christmas ones, the summer designs are by far my jam. It is a close tie between the pink Sun kissed sweatshirt and the light blue Salty one. I mean I am all about that salty life friends! I recommend sticking with your normal size, as they fit true to size, but if you want a more fitted feel, definitely size down.

Chappy Wrap 

I love giving a shout out to New England companies, and Chappy Wrap is a small New England business that is not only family owned, but helmed by two incredible women. Their blankets are the perfect blend of comfort and warmth. They are perfect for either in doors, the beach, football games, and of course wrapping yourself up in them. They also have such cool designs, many of which pay homage to New England and they switch them up often. They also collaborate with local New England artists, which just makes them even cooler! They are definitely a splurge, but they last forever! 

Patio Life

One of the things I am most excited about is that patio life again friend! And it is already happening! From going to my favorite local coffee shop, which has a huge patio perfect for social distancing, while still working, or my parents backyard, I am all about being outside and soaking up some rays. Last week was warm enough to be outside and not freeze while I got work done and I took advantage of it! Heck I even got sunburned. (kinda bitter about that, sunscreen up peeps!!) Last year our little DIY home patio got so much love that my parents decided to upgrade their patio set and I am ecstatic. The chairs are definitely an upgrade with a rocking swivel, and the table is much bigger to spread my work out on, as well as have those family dinners starting with Easter! I can not wait! 

Dress Season

I have been sharing ALL of the dresses on this blog and on and not just for Easter but all occasions! I love dresses and the warmer weather makes me so ecstatic to be able to wear them again and not freeze, because New England friends! Speaking of, they are having their spring sale! If you shop with-in the app you will get a discount on a ton of brands from Madewell, to Abercrombie to Victoria Emerson and so much more! There is nothing better then celebrating spring then with a sale!  

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and holiday if you celebrate! So much love to you friends!

How are you this Friday? What are some things you are loving? Any weekend plans?

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  1. My lord, those donuts look absolutely amazing! As does the hair of course – we’re weirdly synced up, I actually chopped most of mine off a week ago! Hope you’re keeping well lovely <3

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