Friday Favorites: April 2022 Edition

“April is a promise that May is bound to keep.” ~ Hal Borland

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Good-Bye April

Happy Fri-yay friends! I know I said it earlier this week, but HOW is it the end of April? Time is flying, but with it the warmer weather is here and I am loving it! I have also been doing ALL the traveling, and I couldn’t be happier, more caffeinated, and yes maybe a bit more tired then I have been in months, about two and a half years to be precise. As I was jet-setting back to my old stomping grounds, I was not only reminiscing with a dear friend, but we were discussing how everything happens for a reason. I left New York (but then visited) right before everything hit with the pandemic. It truly is gnarly how everything works out. And in some ways truly for the better.

I definitely feel a bit guilty for saying this, BUT since it is the truth, MY truth, I will say it, the pandemic pushed me out of my comfort zone, forced me to pivot, and to really focus on creating my brand. If it hadn’t happened I am not sure I would be where I am. I guess you could say I am in a contemplative phase as I enter May. After all, after May comes my birthday month and ya know, a bit older, and hopefully wiser and all!

I can almost say I am sad to see April go because it was such an amazing month, but all good things come to an end, (Lawdy I am on a roll with these cliche sayings) or perhaps I should add that they roll right on into the next month! I had a lot of favorites and I have tried to narrow it down, but it was hard!

Pink and Gold Nails 

First up, I got what might be my favorite manicure to date. I even went to the internet for this one because I was feeling slightly uninspired. And the internet did not disappoint! I went with a pink and gold theme, pink with gold ombre and then a gold accent nail. I have been on a pink kick, but the color I used before was almost to pink, so this time around I went with Khaki Rose and I am obsessed with it! It just might be my new favorite! It is the perfect neutral, while still adding some color and pizazz. And the best part, it goes with everything!

Dudley Stephens 

Y’all know my love for Dudley Stephen’s knows no bounds. Admittedly they are investment pieces, but they not only last forever, they are eco-friendly, made out of recycled plastic water bottles. They are also chic, cozy, and women owned which I love. I sing their praises every time a new product comes out, and well they just released what might be my favorite design of theirs; The Pocomo pullover. It is definitely a more summery fabric with their waffle jersey material. It is a looser fit, without losing their signature chic lines. It does in the prettiest spring hues and I am obsessed with the pink. I have been rocking it since I got it.

Balcony Life

Friends I have a new philosophy. Instead of that patio life it is now balcony life and I do NOT hate it. I don’t know how I survived this long without experiencing the balcony life, but now that I have, I can’t go back. Ever! I kid kind of, but their is something so incredibly peaceful (and not at all Romeo and Juliette) sitting up in a balcony and taking everything in. It is my new favorite place to work, and of course to sip coffee. Don’t get me wrong I still love the patio life and will take that if I can’t have the balcony life, because being outside breathing that fresh coastal air is the absolute best.

Coastal Coral Earrings

Mrs. Sewcialite does it again! I am obsessed with her new design; the Coastal Coral Beaded Earring. They really do look like I am wearing coral and I love it! They are so light, but still make a huge statement! They come in three colors. The Easter Bunny very kindly got me the white (I may or may not have mentioned it to them once or a hundred times!) and they go with everything. They are the perfect summer earring and I will be rocking them all season.


I can’t have a Friday Favorites, an APRIL Friday Favorites, and not mention all the blooms! New England always takes longer to bloom, but the cherry blossoms are in full swing in DC, New York, and Boston and I am here for it. Nothing is better when everything is green again after the abysmally dreary and cold winter months.


I feel like I have been sharing this a lot, but it IS April home to Earth Day and I feel like it is fitting to share this again. The sunrises have been out of this world. Each one has been better then the last. And when I don’t think it can get better then the one I saw yesterday, it is even better the next morning. We live in a stunning world, and sunrises have a way of reminding us of that even more then sunsets. Perhaps it is because few people get up THAT early especially in the summer. But friends if you are looking for some peace, inspiration, and to just be able to appreciate the beauty of our gorgeous planet, I promise it is so worth it.

Top Tote Hat Holder

I shared this Lindsay Albanese gadget on my travel post a few weeks back, but it truly is my new favorite things especially as we go into summer. Much like the Oventure O-Ring, this is a hack I never knew I needed but now that I have it, I can not live without it. As a bonafide hat person I always have a hat with me, even more so in the summer. This clip makes carrying a hat which can be albite bulky way, way WAY easier. I can clip it on to my purse, beach bag, and even suitcase when I travel. They come in multiple designs, and would make a great gift.

What I am Watching/ Listening too

It was the month for documentaries and Netflix has had some amazing ones from Tinder Swindler, to Vegan Diaries which is ironic because I am usually not a fan of documentaries, but of late I have been hooked, on all these crime and con ones. I also watched White Hot Rise and Fall of Abercrombie and Fitch which was a throwback to my childhood as a millennial, and just reinforced WHY I didn’t wear their clothes as a teenager. I did see one episode of Moon Knight, and I wasn’t hooked (though I love Oscar Isaac) but I am hoping to binge it this May and hopefully my opinion will change!

As I said I am sad to see April go, but excited for what May will bring! I hope you all have an amazing weekend friends! 

What were some of your favorite things about April? Did you do anything fun? Have you watched or listened to anything good? 

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