Friday Favorites: April Edition

“Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things.” ~ Kenneth Branagh

Spring Snow Showers

With Spring, supposedly, allegedly, theoretically, comes Spring Showers. Except I am beginning to think whoever the heck coined that phrase was drunk, because the majority of showers we have gotten has been snow, not rain. and I won’t lie I am salty about it. Spring is legit teasing us, and this girl is done with being teased and wants the real thing.


Heck I am sure you guys are sick of hearing me lament about it. I AM sick about hearing me lament about it. That said, there is hope. At least today, it is suppose to get to be a hot seventy-one degrees, just in time for me to go see a Broadway show, prepare for a trip next week, and also celebrate some of my new favorite things that scream Spring.


O-Venture Key Rings

These are the GREATEST invention EVER. If you follow me on Insta, you have probably seen me post about these.


I don’t know about anyone else, but I am constantly juggling about a dozen different items (apparently I should have gone into the circus) from keys and a wallet, to my phon and of course coffee. Coffee is an accessory in of itself! These O-Venture key rings, removes some of that hassle, making me able to be more hands free and mobile.


Banh Mi Inspired Noodle Bowl and Corn and Quinoa Salad

If you do not shop at Trader Joe’s you NEED too! It is a must. You can’t beat the prices and the have delicious, healthy, prepared food. With spring they are expanding their prepared foods and I am obsessing over two of those new additions which is really an addiction. (totally normal to buy ten of each right?)

The Banh Mi Inspired Noodle Bowl, legit gives me life. Made with pickled carrots, cabbage, peppers, rice noodles (making it GF!), and sriracha tofu, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!


My other addiction is the quinoa and corn salad, made with cotija cheese, cabbage, kale, tomatoes and topped with their to die for (I wish they would sell it bottled, because it is SO yummy!) cilantro dressing, it is healthy while STILL packing a healthy protein filled punch.


Have you tried either of these products? What is your favorite thing to buy at Trader Joe’s?


Let me begin by saying, I am not a doctor, and you should definitely consult with one before taking this. Now that litigation is out of the way….


I had heard great things about chlorophyll and the wide range of benefits it has, from digestive and liver health, to skin healing, and even neutralizing body oder and making certain fluids taste better. I had yet to try it, but after my recent bout with the creeping crud I thought it was high time I did and I can say after using it for over a month, I like what I see and feel. Have you taken chlorophyll? What do you think of it?

The Crossing

I am not one for syfy, but guys I am HOOKED on this show and I have only seen two episodes! Airing on Mondays, The Crossing is about a group of refugees from the future who wash up onto the shores of a small coastal town. There is a virus, future genocide, one person with seemingly Catwoman-esque super-powers, and of course (because their always has to be) a super shady organization and government conspiracy.


The first two episodes have my mind spinning and I can not wait to see what happens. Have you seen The Crossing? 

“Cry Pretty,” by Carrie Underwood

This was a late addition since her song just came out on Wednesday, but guys I am already obsessed. Her music has always spoken to me, and this song was not only released at a time I really needed to hear it, but legit could have been written about me. The lyrics, her voice, the beat, it is all just absolute perfection!


Old Whaling Co.

When I was in Charleston, I came across this divine bath shop at City Market. They sold lotions and bath bombs, but it was the soaps that caught my eye. I love a good soap, especially if it smells nice. I am super picky about lotion, especially during the summer, as it gets sticky, so I am always on the hunt for a soap that moisturizes while still being fragrant.


These soaps do that! They also foam up very nicely, as well as are made locally, and are cruelty-free. They also last a while. I am currently using oat, milk, and honey, and still have half a bar left. If you don’t live in Charleston, you can find them at their Etsy shop here.


A Very Special Letter

When Ann-Kathrin from Gluecksgeist, asked me if we could exchange letters, I was incredibly touched. I LOVE Snail Mail, and the fact that she wanted to send me a letter made my week. Receiving her letter yesterday,  made my month.


Ann-Kathrin is the kindest, thoughtful, most genuine person I have had the pleasure of “meeting” through blogging. She not only wrote the sweetest letter, (If you follow her, which you should, you know she is very artistically talented, and her handwriting is goals!) but also sent some special surprises, that she put much thought and effort into. My favorite being a mermaid zine that she handmade herself. I admit there were tears when I saw it.


She not only took the time to write me a letter, but also made it incredibly personal. I absolutely loved it and it was the bright spot I needed to my day. Thank you SO much Ann-Kathrin! If you do not follow her, you NEED too! You will make a friend for life!

What are some of your Friday Favorites? Has Spring arrived where you are? 

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32 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: April Edition

  1. GIRL! Yes to spring showers…I’m so ready for the flowers to bloom and to have consistent warm(er) weather. Also, I’ve heard (and seen) such great things about those key rings; my keys live on a lanyard but I’ve been contemplating trying one of those rings out! And yaaaaassssssssssssssss to Carrie Underwood’s new song; I love, love, love it! Have fab Friday beauty! xo

    1. Right?!?! We are getting Spring Showers today, but they are like the freezing February kind 🙁
      They are amazing! Totally worth it and better then a lanyard in my opinion. I haven’t lost my keys since I got one a few months ago!
      Right? It is amazing! SO excited to see her perform tonight! Awe thanks beauty! I hope you had a fabulous Friday AND a fabulous weekend! <3

  2. Omg!!! This made my day!! You’re so amazing 💕💕 smiling so much right now!! I am so happy you liked my letter!!!
    We had some pretty good sunny days (today was cloudy) but the weekend is supposed to be sunny too. I hope you get some sunshine next week ☀🌻
    The key-ring thing is amazing! I’ve never seen this before but I understand why you love this so much.
    Thanks again for your super nice words this made my day xx 💕

    1. Awe YOU are the sweetest! I am glad this made your day, because girl your letter made my week thank you so much! It came at the perfect time!
      Thanks beauty! Hopefully soon!
      It is the best! Such a great invention! Awe you are most welcome sweet! Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and write and just being such an amazing friend and incredible person! Thank you! <3

  3. Great favourites! I am sure that spring and summer are heading your way! We’re getting cooler weather down here, so the warmth is surely on it’s way to you 😀
    Anni really is the sweetest! I did a letter swap with her as well, and she really is the loveliest 😀

    1. Thanks beauty! Hehe I really hope so! I will take ALL your warm weather! ;p
      She really is! It made my whole week!
      I hope you had an amazing weekend beauty! <3

  4. Ok off the bat- LOVE the quote. Sometimes you need the reminder, “Don’t get worked up!”. Ahhh I need to look into those O-Venture rings- I am always dropping my keys- and nearly losing them- wayyy too often!AHHHHH that banh mi inspired noodle bowl looks ah-may-zing!!!!!!! I am literally drooling. I am definitely scoping that out next time I go. Anyyything sriracha! WE LOVE THE QUINOA AND CORN SALAD! SOOO GOOD!

    Lol, have to get that litigation out of the way 😉 I love the benefits of chlorophyll… I’ve been wanting to try that and collagen.

    I am going to give this a listen right now!!! Love some CU in my life. Her songs always end up on repeat for me.

    Oh my goshhhhh that letter from Ann-Kathrin is the SWEETEST THING ever!! She knows you well. So special <3 I’m going to check out her blog right now!

    LOVE your Friday faves! XOXO

    1. Girl, I know I am just responding to your comments, but my phone was blowing up with your notifications Friday night, as I sat waiting for Frozen on broadway to start and I can not tell you how much it meant to me. The last few days have been difficult (my Sister’s birthday was yesterday and health news, just craziness) and seeing that you commented, it was like you just knew. and it was so incredibly comforting, especially as what you had written about your Dad’s birthday came to my mind SO THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously! You have no idea how much it meant.
      Okay now that I am (kinda) done being sappy.
      Yes! Try the key ring it is life changing! I got one for my sister in law (well my mom got one, and she loves it!)
      The banh mi inspired bowl is amazing! And oh my avocado I LOVE that you LOVE the quinoa and corn! Twins! From thousands of miles apart 🙂 <3
      Bwahaha I knew you would appreciate that! Such great benefits!
      Ahhh I LOVE that you love CU and right? It is SUCH a great song! I have been listening to it on repeat since Wednesday!
      Yes girl you have to! Such a sweet person and such a great blog! It made my week!
      Awe I am glad you enjoyed! I love yoU! Thanks for cheering me up! <3

      1. AWWW!!!! Ok, first- so jealous that you were at a broadway show. I’ve been thinking about broadway a ton lately since DJ and I went sorta around this time a few years ago. Oh my gosh, happy birthday to your sister 🙁 She knows how much you love her & honor her. Truly, you do so beautifully, always!!!!! Gosh, birthdays are just the hardest, aren’t they? So glad that this brightened your spirit a bit and I send you allll the positive vibes, love, and hugs <3 <3 I wish I could give you the BIGGEST hug right now.

        And yes- I love love love that! Twins from thousands of miles apart <3 yesss!

        Wish so bad we could just go out and grab a cocktail together Carrie Bradshaw style.. one day, one day 😉 MWAH! LOVE YOU!

  5. Great favourites!! The pics are all great especially the ones of the pink blossom tree 😊 I would love some spring showers too instead of snow showers 😭 xx

    1. Thank you beauty! The trees were so pretty and such nice surprise amongst all the cold days we have been having! Haha girl I hear you! I hope you get them soon! <3

  6. oh my god HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THAT SNAIL MAIL? I love penpalling – and you can see all the work she put into it! Great favourites girly – and I’m so damn happy spring has finally decided to appear LOL xx

    1. Right? So stinking cute! She put so much love in it. It made my week! So do I! It is the best! Thanks beauty! Haha I spoke to soon, it is now forties again 🙁 Lol. I hope you had an amazing weekend! <3

    1. It is SO yummy! My favorite thing. I almost cried, because they were sold out the other day 🙁 Oh no that stinks! I hope you get one, or are bale to go to one soon! 🙂 <3

  7. I am salty about the lack of warm weather, too! I keep complaining and I annoy my own self with it, haha. I know how you feel!! I am READY for sunshine and no. more. snow.

    The TJ’s noodle bowl sounds great and I need to look into the key ring! I feel like that’s something I don’t know I need in my life until I have it and can’t live without it!!

    Going to check out Ann-Kathrin right now! I love “meeting” new blog friends, and snail mail truly is so special!

    1. I am too! I feel like the last two months all my posts have started with a lamentation to Mother Nature lol. I don’t want to junk it, But I feel like maybe, (MAYBE?!?!) we are getting there!
      It is so good! I have been eating for lunch and dinner. I am obsessed! It is such a great invention. I found it through a fellow blogger and am obsessed!
      Yes do! She is such a sweetheart! Right? it is the best! I love this community so much! I hope you had an amazing weekend beauty! <3

    2. I feel the same! I’m ready for the endless Winter to be truly over, and to stop teasing me with a morning of Spring followed by two weeks of Winter over and over! It’s time. Hopefully the weather agrees with me on that though!

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