Friday Favorites: August 2021 Edition

Every year, August lashes out in volcanic fury, rising with the din of morning traffic, its great metallic wings smashing against the ground, heating the air with ever-increasing intensity. ~ Henry Rollins 

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Good-Bye August

How the HECK are we at the end of August and already ready for another Friday Favorites?!?! HOW my friends? On one hand this summer (year really) has sped up, and on the other hand, I feel like it dragged on. I admit I am firmly in denial. Summer can NOT be over. I refuse to have it be over! And TECHNICALLY we do have until September 22 and you can BET that I will be soaking every last second up! And if I am totally honest, after that too! I am a nautical girl for life friends!

That said, I can not deny that I am getting a LITTLE excited for fall and fall fashion. I may or may not have bought some autumn pieces as well as some decor already. What can I say, I LOVE being cozy, and fall fashion IS the epitome of coziness. I know it gets a lot of flack but friends the basic girl wardrobe is a fall fashion trend turned staple for a reason. Because it is comfy and chic, and no boyfriend nineties jeans will change that. You heard it here first! Or maybe I’ll be just be dated, but I digress. My Friday Favorites are an eclectic smorgasbord of the transitional month that August is. It also has a lot of repeat brands, which I know can seem boring, but I share these brands and products because they are THAT good. So without further adieu, let’s get to it.


As I lamented above, I feel like summer JUST finally arrived! After a rainy July that was humid, but so dreary who would want to get in the water, August FINALLY delivered warm temperatures (above ninety) and I finally got the chance to bask in the water like the mermaid I am. And by basking, I mean longer then a quick dunk to cool off. I love the beach. I love swimming. But it HAS to be the right temperature. I want jacuzzi temps which in New England mans I am asking for a miracle, but I WILL take around seventy, which usually means I have to wait until August to enjoy a decent swim. OR go to a lake or pool, which I also did in August and it was heavenly!

Dudley Stephens 

Yes, Dudley Stephens is one of the brands I am re-sharing AGAIN, but as I said, they are JUST that good. I never did share the Palmer Puff Sleeve, which might rival the Cobble Hill as a favorite. Though I have posted pictures through out the blog, but I really need to give this eco-friendly fleece turtleneck the shout out it deserves! It is the epitome of chic, while still being cozy and who doesn’t love cozy? It is perfect for boat rides and chilly summer evenings and as we go into fall I will be rocking it day and night. Dudley Stephens also just released their Sunset Line, which has some of their best selling styles in pretty pastel hues, because why not be bright and colorful year round? Another reason I love them!

Pumpkin Cream Coldbrew

Did you REALLY think I could do a Friday Favorites without mentioning Starbuck’s Pumpkin Cream Coldbrew? No, No you did not! They just released it this past Tuesday and I am one hundred and TEN percent here for it. I may or may not have had one every day since it’s release and sometimes multiple in a day. What can I say it is THAT good! And I KNOW I said I was not ready for fall, but it is pumpkin cream cold brew! I can’t help that it is amazingly delicious! I am not a fan of the pumpkin spice latte but pumpkin cream cold brew? YES please!

Drybar Root Lifter

I shared this on Instagram the other day, but friends this is a hair game changer! I am OBSESSED! I am also eating my words because I use to laugh at my Mom and Aunt for their hair as big as Texas and while I am not quite that bad, I cannot deny I love a good lifted front. The Drybar Root Lifter delivers that in spades! It is a foam that you spray at your root and watch the magic happen! The smell is strong (and slightly different from the other Drybar products which threw me, at first.) but so worth it for the volume I get!

Melsy New Fall Collection

I know, I know. I said I am not ready and then I am sharing Autumn products. BUT Melsy’s just released her Autumn collection and I am SO obsessed with it. She has expanded and you can not get her designs on sweatshirts, pillows, tote bags, backpacks, as well as my favorite mugs. And not going to lie, I definitely need to pick up an autumn mug. You can personalize all her designs and they do make amazing gifts, as a lot of my friends know.

Lulu’s Jacket

Friends are you sick of me talking about this jacket yet? No? Good! Because it is amazing! I have basically spent the last couple weeks singing its praises, so it kinda HAD to be on Friday Favorites. It truly is just that good and I love finding ways to style it with the hotter temps, and yes I am kinda excited to style it when it gets cooler. THE only reason I am excited for cooler temps! It is open faced with a waterfall front and a khaki material and it fits true to size.

Sunflower Fields

I FINALLY got to visit the Sunflower fields at Sherman Farm and I even wrote about them in a timely manner on here. I am still riding high from that visit. They were gorgeous, vibrant and brought so much sunshine into my life which was needed! There is nothing like being out in nature, but walking among flowers is truly magical!

Listening and Watching

A new addition to Friday Favorites, but I thought it would be fun to share what I have been listening to and watching. 

Friends Netflix dropped season two of Outerbanks I may or may not have binge watched it and NOW I need season three! WhY do they do this to us?!?! That cliff hanger! Not gonna lie I have kind of been expecting that since the first season so finally! But still I need details! Do you watch Outerbanks? 

I’ve also been finishing up rewatching Agents of Shield and having a lot of aha moments! Of you watch the later Marvel Movies or the new TV shows (especiay Loki) it mentions stuff that makes sense. I had heard that MCU/Disney is not incorporating Agents of Sheild but I kinda wish they would because Coulson is just awesome! 

Speaking of Sunflowers I shared this song, Smile By Sidewalk Prophets, on my Sunflower Reel I did. I stumbled across it (thanks Instagram!) and I am obsessed with it. It is such an upbeat song (which I feel like we or may just I? need right now) and it instantly brightens my days! I have been listening to it on repeat, and jamming out to it when I run!

Honorable Mentions

I say honorable mentions, because this isn’t really something I am loving, but I am attempting the thirty day reel challenge on Instagram, and it has been interesting! If you feel led I would be humbled, grateful and love you forever if you would go check them out. I am not a video person, BUT you have to grow with the times, and with your audience and so I am expanding and going outside of my comfort zone big time!


Eeeek! Definitely scary and I am so grateful for all of your support always! I hope you had an amazing August and have an even better September! Sending you all love friends!

What are some things you are loving lately? 



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