Friday Favorites: August 2022 Edition

“On the shore of nature’s magic, I dreamed summer knew no end.” ~  Angie Weiland-Crosby

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Good-Bye August

Sounding like a broken record for the zillionth time, but HOW is it the end of August? How? I feel like I was JUST getting excited for the summer, and celebrating my birthday and here we are with kiddos getting ready to go back to school and Labor Day looming upon us! And for the record (looking at you clothing brands!) I am NO where near ready to say good-bye to summer, not to mention we still have a month left. A MONTH! And I am going to soak up every single moment! We may not talk about Bruno, but we also do NOT rush summer! No. No. No!

This month might have flown by, but it left me with an extremely happy heart. From numerous trips, to ALL the family time, to connecting with some of the best friends, to lots of theatre, to all the yummy food, and of course all the pool and beach time, it was another month for the books. One, that I had no idea I needed, but that I most certainly cherish in the chapter of months! Getting sentimental for a moment, but relationships are so incredibly important, and making time, and valuing them is essential as we age. I am so grateful for the people in my life who value those bonds as much as I do. It isn’t always fifty-fifty, but the effort is ALWAYS there and that is what matters. And my heart is full to have those people in my life. Okay sentimental moment over, let’s get to some of my favorites for August!


Pink and Gold Ombré Nails

For August I switched my nails up a bit and went back to my tried and true Khaki Rose. With the Khaki Rose, I decided to do a gold Ombré, this time on the tip, and I loved it. It was classy and versatile, but with a touch of glam. It also. matched everything, which I loved.

Kérastase hair products

Okay disclaimer that I may or may not have shared with y’all before, but I wash my hair maybe once, sometimes twice a week. Even with runs and hot yoga, I don’t need more than that, and when I travel, especially if I am gone for a week, I don’t wash it at all. The only time I might wash it is if I end up getting it wet in a chlorine rich pool or the ocean (salt water does nothing for the hair!). Well, I had a pool the first part of August, and since I was helping to watching my cousins’ kiddos I couldn’t not, NOT get wet, green hair be darned so I ended up having to go out and buy shampoo. I had actually used a sample of the Kérastase Blond Absolu Hydrating Illuminating Shampoo and loved it, so decided I would try it while I was gone. I also picked up the Kérastase Blond Conditioner and the Kérastase Strengthening Hair Oil for blondes and loved that as well. While I love my Olaplex and Dryer, Kérastase is a great alternative when I want to switch up my hair care and it smells amazing! 

Pool Floats 

I have always enjoyed floating in the water, especially if it means you don’t have to get wet! I know a mermaid who doesn’t want to get wet, who am I? But as I mentioned above, my hair can be super high maintenance, just being on the water is fun. August brought a ton of that with boating and floating. Almost every day, either after my run or in the afternoon, I would hop in the pool and usually just float on a raft. There were several from a big blow up one, to a chaise lounge type float to even a unicorn, which I have to tell you our relationship was kind of short lived. I shared THAT adventure over on my Instagram stories! Cloud rider (the unicorns name) debacle aside, it was so incredibly peaceful.

Cupping, Massage, and Acupressure

It had been a hot second since I had seen my alternative medicine doctor and I NEEDED it! I have had a lot of health issues since I last saw him, which have included a case of the germ (which not counting the suspected case in February of 2020, WAS a pretty good run), and my hormones going cray-cray. I got the works and afterwards, I felt like a new woman. Cupping breaks up the tissue and helps release the ish as I like to say and I felt it. My lungs instantly felt clearer which was important.

Lululemon Shorts

It has taken me thirty plus years to build up my shorts wardrobe and to actively wear them. I know. I know, but we all have SOMETHING that makes us uncomfortable and while I have worked long and hard on myself, my skater thighs still can make me uncomfortable. Finding the right shorts that make me feel uncomfortable, yet aren’t down to my knees has been an adventure, one I am actually pretty patient about. Lululemon’s Track That Mid-Rise Short are those shorts! They come in a ton of lengths, but the five inch are my favorite. They offer enough coverage without feeling like they are down to my knees. They are loose AND they come in a bunch of colors. I am obsessed. I even went outside my comfort zone and got them in a pair of pink cheetah which are so fun!

New Bedding

In my childhood bedroom, I have had the same bedding for fifteen or so years, and while I didn’t live there for about half of that, it still got wear and tear. With a move (not mine) in the near future, my Mom told me to get bedding of my choosing and I thought long and hard about how I would decorate the new bedroom, and got bedding based on that. My old (but still current) bedroom, has an Italian country side vibe with dark  textured purple wallpaper, olive green accents, and a purple grape and green vines duvet cover. I decided to go in the complete opposite direction and with semi Nordstrom’s Annual sale picked up a blush pink duvet cover, and bought silver silk sheets from Amazon. While it clashes now, ultimately, in the new house which will be my bedroom when I visit, but also a guest bedroom, it will be silver with blush pink accents. A more modern, lighter touch than it is now.

What I’m Watching/Listening too

August was such a busy month, that I really didn’t watch much television (which means I have a ton of editing to catch up on!) but thanks to family and friends whom I stayed with and subsequent tv nights we had, I did start watching this season of the Bachelorette, a show I hadn’t watched in quite a few years, but is great for endless entertainment also it makes you feel amazing about your life. I also started watching Blood and Treasure a show that premiered in 2019 but then had the second season postponed due to the pandemic, it is finally back and the second season is just as good if not better!

How was your August? Are you ready for autumn? What are you watching and listening too? I hope your September is amazing!  

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