Friday favorites: August 2023

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”—Jenny Han

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End of Summer

Friends, I am in denial. How, HOW is it the end of August?!?? I feel like the moment the calendar turned August 1, it began to feel like that dreaded F (no not THAT one!) word and it only got more so as the month went on. It doesn’t matter that we have three more weeks of summer (of which you can bet I will be making every last one of them count) the temps are crisper, the foliage is beginning to turn, and aut-aut-autumn is definitely in the air. And friends pumpkin spice is back. The last one I am not complaining about!

August was a great Month. It was much sweeter than July, and spades better than June. The best part? I am closing it out on my first vacay of the summer, and really the year, on an island, with people I love. I can not beat that, and I feel insanely blessed and grateful. Not going to lie friends, I needed this. I wish summer was longer. I wish I was able to enjoy it more this year, but alas that is life. It isn’t always sunshine and roses (beach roses at that!), and the bad just makes you really appreciate the good, which I definitely feel this summer. So without further adieu, here are my August Favorites. It was definitely more events and people, then things, which is NEVER a bad thing, though I did slip in two..gasps FALL – items.

Ombré nails

Yes, I am STILL obsessed with this Tik-Tok trend and I can’t stop and won’t stop with it. Ironically I have been getting this done for months (since March I believe) and each time the technique has been slightly different. This time around I had it done in ALL dip! Dip is a powder that nail technicians will dip a wet brush into, and then apply it on your nail where it will then harden. It is similar to gel, but much more seamless for an ombré French, I love it and it has lasted weeks! And that is even with spending lots of time in the water!


There is a new ice cream joint on the Upper East Side and friends it is absolutely decadent! Owned by the Eli Zabar family, it is the sister to the French Gluten Free Bakery, NoGlu which is literally next door. What sets this ice cream shop apart, is that it is also all gluten free. Not only that, but they use the French techniques with their ice creams, much like Van Leewuen. (yes Glace has given them a run for their money!) They serve soft serve as well as hard ice cream and change their menu frequently to fit in with the flavors of the season. Everything is so yummy and they have unique toppings like merengue and a brown sugar drizzle. It is SO yummy!

Family Visiting

Not going to lie this summer started out horribly. My Dad was in the hospital for the beginning of it and it might sound trite all things considered, but I didn’t get to the beach until July (bright side the water was warm!). That was rectified in August when I had family come visit and we got to beach it! It was so much fun seeing my god-daughter jumping in the waves (the cold definitely didn’t bother her anyway!) and having so much fun! I also got to put my Lilly Pulitzer cooler and towel to great use. This cooler holds so much and keeps things nice and cool for the whole day! I am obsessed! I also love how huge this towel is! It is the perfect size to wrap yourself up in, pus it is a fun print that I can not miss on the beach!

Fire Island

Finally a vacay! I had to cancel my annual birthday vacay, because my Dad was in the hospital, and before that it was all work trips. And while I try to make the most out of every trip, I am usually exhausted by the time six o’clock rolls around. And while yes I will probably turn aspects of this trip into work, it will be of my own choosing because it is my first vacay in months and I am ecstatic! Fire Island is such a neat place located off of Long Island and I love that you literally have the beach right there at your finger tips. It is R&R and I am soaking every moment up.

Pumpkin spice

Friends it is that time of year! As much as it makes my heart sad, and I am in firm denial, I do love that the PCC aka pumpkin cream cold brew is back! It makes my heart all aflutter and it is so flipping good. I am not normally a pumpkin spice fan, but as I have said over and over again, the pumpkin cream coldbrew just hits the spot. Alas it is another sign that autumn is here.

Green boots

Speaking of which, I am not ready for summer to end, (how many times have I mentioned that?) but I am also type A and a planner and I can’t ignore all the fall trends that are out. Not to mention the sales! I have been on the hunt for a great pair of low lace up boots and I found these from Macy’s and I am obsessed! The fit is true to size and they come in a bunch of colors, but of course I had to snag them in green.

Lighthouse Cover-up

I might be shopping for some autumnal items already, but I am still rocking summer fashion and this cover-up from White House Black Market has been a staple all summer. It is easy to throw over my swimsuit and literally goes with everything! It is currently on major sale, It is definitely worth it, to snag now for next year. And of course with me holding on to summer, you can always rock it these last few weeks.

What I am watching/listening too

With family around and finally a vacay, it was not as exciting of a streaming month, not to mention I feel like the strikes are finally catching up with lack of content. I felt like I was more watching shows week to week, like I did back in the day, then actually binging a show. Though I did Binge watch FUBAR on the recommendation of my best friend and it was hilarious. Say what you want about Arnold, he is still funny. The Summer I Turned Pretty, and Only Murders in the Building returned and I have been watching those from week to week. Only Murders can literally do no wrong. I also began another weekly show called Lioness on Paramount, and I am loving it. It is so engaging and has an all star cast.

I hope you get to soak up these last dog days of summer friends and have an amazing September!

How was your August? Any last minute vacations? What are you watching and listening to? 

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