Friday Favorites Christmas 2020 Edition

“Remember, if Christmas is found in your heart, you won’t find it under a tree.” ~ Charlotte Carpenter

Festive Friday Favorites!

Hello framily and Happy Friday! I feel like the countdown to Christmas is officially ON with just TWO weeks until the festive day! I can not wait! I feel like I have been preparing for Christmas for weeks! At the same time it has flown by so quickly!


Thankfully I am pretty well prepared, so the next couple weeks I can relax and enjoy all the Hallmark movies, decorations, and festivities. Which is a good thing, because this week was kinda rough. I had an allergic to what, it is the age old mystery, and I am trying it figure it out, but it was red hives and can’t breathe kind of bad. (which is great in the time of COVID!) I am thankfully on the mend, but pfft, I would rather take a stomach bug to whatever that was. At least I got to get some quality Christmas movie banging out of the way.


I always love doing a Friday Favorites because I get to share all the Christmas-y things I am doing and loving this time of year! While COVID has definitely switched things up, there is STILL so much Christmas Cheer to be had.


Sitting by the Christmas Tree

I feel like I share this EVERY year, but it literally is my favorite thing to do! There is nothing better then the tree lights coming on, casting their soft glow about the room with a Hallmark Christmas Movie or Christmas Music playing. This year, especially, I have been appreciating it as it has been one of the places I have been spending the most time in.


My Christmas oasis/work station

The other place I have been spending a lot of time in is my bedroom. I shared with you guys what happened a month or so ago, with the unexpected redecorating when shelves came crashing down, and guys I am loving my new little work station, especially this time of year! I put one of the shelves back up (the other was broken beyond repair!) and to bring even more Christmas cheer, I added lighted flocked garland to it and I am obsessed! It is the perfect ace to compile Blogmas posts!


Buffalo Plaid Blanket

Guys this blanket from Pink Lily is the BEST! I literally can not stop raving about it. I love a good throw blanket, and this Sherpa one is the softest and coziest I have found yet! It is perfect for sitting by the tree drinking some cocoa or watching TV. I have been living in it since I got it. And I may or may not be gifting it to quite a few people this year. The Buffalo Plaid is especially festive and wintery. Unfortunately it is sold out in the buffalo print but you can still get it in a tan plaid as well as a tie dye pattern which are equally adorable and soft! This blanket has also been one of my best sellers on LiketoKnow.It.


Festive Nails 

I love a good mani. My go to has always been French with some sparkle. But during the holidays I ADORE some good holiday nail art, from trees, to snowflakes, I am ALL about the festive! This year, my manicurist, who is phenomenal, (Katie Nails, I highly recommend if you are in North Conway!) did a two tone of white sparkle and green sparkle. It reminds me of snow on trees and I am OBSESSED!


Christmas Mugs

I may or may not have a problem. I mean I admit I had a problem BEFORE the holidays, but it has just gotten worse. What is this problem you might ask? Why my mug collection. In New York, I had an extensive one and while most of them are put away, I did keep out a couple of my favorites, both for every day use and seasonal for when I made coffee at home which has become much more the norm this year. And as the holiday approaches, my mug collection has only grown. I have gotten not one new one, but THREE new ones that I am obsessed with, and may or may not cause anxiety because I don’t know which one to use (I alternate) each morning. They bring so much festive cheer. I love drinking out of them whether it is my Santa Mug, my Messy with the skater at Rockefeller, or the one that pays homage to Hallmark Christmas movies.


The Spirit of The Season 

I know this is generic and all encompassing, but I feel like especially this year, the spirt of the season is alive despite all the hardships of this year. SO many places are decorating even more so then in years passed. There is a festiveness that is felt despite social distancing and masks separating us. It is a spirit that I hope we can take into the New Year. Because irregardless of what life throws at us, there is always light even in the darkness and this season is a reminder of that.


What are you currently loving this month? 

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  1. Love your nails! I have random allergic reactions too – my allergist told me it’s okay to take up to 4 Benadryl to bring it under control as long as it’s not severe. 2 usually works for me.

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