Friday Favorites: Fabulous Four

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Another Friday and with the smorgasbord of topics and updates, I felt there was only one way to do this, an edition of Friday Favorites. Firstly I am so sorry you guys. I know I am ridiculously behind on answering everyones comments, and reading posts and I PROMISE I will get to you all soon!


It has been a whirl wind couple weeks and while my mood has definitely shifted to a sunnier perspective, I was a little sad to be back in the concrete jungle because I flew back to thirty degree temps. (Why, Mother Nature? Why?) Thankfully a Galentine’s night, covering New York Fashion Week, date night with my merman, and sipping coffee at my favorite cafe, were the perfect mood picker uppers. And while I am over this weather, I am so excited, because while one trip might have ended, at least ten are in the works.


I am still riding high from my trip to Charleston last weekend. (updates coming soon!) It was just what I needed to brighten my mood and (literally) see the sunshine again. Guys I am a Southern Girl at heart and Charleston won me over. I seriously felt like the whole city was wooing me, beckoning me to move there.


From gorgeous beaches, to the incredibly friendly people, (No RBF here!) to the delicious food and huge coffee culture. I am sold. I mean they didn’t have to work hard to sell me either, but man do I love it there. So much I am already planning a return trip! I have definitely been living high off of the incredible memories and pictures I took!



Friday Funny

I stumbled across this video on Facebook and was dying. Also I can relate to these kids because my siblings NEVER let me win. In fact they would go out of their way (including teaming up for mafia monopoly!) to beat me. Despite empathizing with their pain, this is ridiculously hysterical.



I am a huge fan of speakeasys. I am pretty sure I was born in the wrong era anyway, and discovering that a speakeasy opened just blocks from my apartment on the Upper East Side, has me so happy and maybe a tad tipsy.


UES is an ice cream shop, that looks like nothing special until you ask to see their back room. Once you find the secret switch, the wall of ice cream opens to reveal a door.


The place is so flipping cute and gorgeous and their cocktails, many of which are ice cream based, are delicious. If you are in New York you HAVE to go!

The Olympics

I admit to staying up way to late watching the Olympics, in fact I might have fallen asleep a time or every night with my television still on. As an athlete I love hearing the stories and am so inspired by them. I know several of the skaters, and knowing what they have gone through to get to Pyeongchang I could not be prouder.


Also it is a miracle I did not get kicked off of my flight on Sunday, because I was cheering hard core when my girl, Mirai, landed her triple axel. She is fierce! So excited for her! Are you watching the Olympics at all? What is your favorite sport to watch?

What are some of your Friday Favorites? Any plans for the weekend? 

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7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Fabulous Four

  1. Yaaaaassss for Charleston and the Olympics! All of the pictures from your trip were AMAZING (per usual), you looked like you had the best time! And the Olympics…GIRL! I’m obsessed!

    1. Aweee thank you sweets! This made my day! I seriously did! It was amazing and I can not wait to go back! Ahhh so am I! Case in point I am up way to late blogging and watching skiing🙈 what is your favorite sport to watch?💗

  2. I’m so glad to hear that things are looking a bit more sunny-side-up — and your post positively proves it (I can haz more Charleston photos, pleez?). And that UNO video compilation: I had no idea this beloved game was traumatizing so many children! I hope they’ll grow up to find a speakeasy down the street so they can go drown their sorrows about the first time they realized life isn’t fair, LOL. Happy Friday to you!

    1. Thank you sweets! Your support and sweet words always mean so much to me!:) haha and yes you can!!! I have been posting a bunch on Insta, but I am also working on a gazillion and ten Charleston posts, because One just won’t do (I mean I may or may not have taken close to six thousand pictures🙈)
      Right? I saw it and I fell out of my chair…I mean I sympathized with them…I have been where they are which is probably why I go to speakeasys now🤣 lets just hope they can find the switch🤣
      Thanks beauty! Happy Friday to you! I hope you have an amazing weekend!💗

      1. “I may or may not have taken close to six thousand pictures” = “I can’t #@$ believe I took six thousand pictures.” Been there, done that! 🙂 But rest assured that your adoring public will wait patiently as you sort through them and publish them. The ones you’ve shown us so far have been gorgeous!

    1. Haha that is SO true! My siblings were brutal and never let me win🤣 Now that I am older, I may play a but competitively lol. Awe thank you beauty! I hope you have an incredible weekend!😘💗

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