Friday Favorites: Fall Edition

“I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and autumn garner to the end of time.” ~ Robert Browning

All the F Words

I can’t do a Friday Favorites without compiling a list of all my favorite fall things to do. It would be sacrilegious! It just should not be done! Okay yes I am exaggerating greatly, but the truth is as much as I lament about the cold, I do love all the fall activities, it makes the cold temperatures somewhat better.


I did only say somewhat.

I still hate the cold, and admit I am bitter about the bitter temps. I think I have even turned into an icicle and I do not foresee myself thawing out anytime soon. Though I admit that hasn’t stopped me from shedding my many bundled layers for some photos.


Sacrifice people!

All this said I promise I will try not to complain to much about the temps the next six months. And I did admit to their being multiple bright sides about this time of year. And they almost all begin with F. You guys know I love me a great alliteration! So without further adieu, my Friday Fall Favorites.


Fall Pickings

Okay I admit I took liberties with this first one. Why, oh WHY couldn’t Apples and Pumpkins start with an F? I mean Fapples and Fumpkins don’t really flow, but it could be silent, couldn’t it?


Sigh. Writer word problems.

Now that that little bit of harping dialogue is done, guys I love apple and pumpkin picking. Yes it is albite incredibly basic, but I do not care because it is my two favorite activities to do this season.


Fall time on a farm is one of the most magical (and Instagramworthy) places to be, even more so then spring or summer. I love frolicking in the orchards (okay that F was NOT intentional) and running through corn mazes. Taking a hay ride, and deciding what pumpkin I want to carve.


For a city girl, it is a fun escape, not to mention all the fresh goodies you can pick and buy!


Fall Food

Which brings me to my next F. The Food! Despite not being a pumpkin spice lover, (whaaaaa!!!!) I do love me some pumpkin, just not in my coffee, please and thank you!


Perhaps it is the rehabilitated baker in me, but the spices in fall food are so homey and cozy and nostalgia inducing. There is a comfort in the cinnamon and nutmeg tasting delicacies, and the spiciness of cloves and pumpkin wafting through the air.


I love going to a farm and picking apples and other fresh produce so I can channel my former roots and get my chef on.


It is also the time of year when I am willing to pass over my coffee mug to grab a piping hot cup of spiced cider. If fall food could last year round I would be a happy lady, but then that is also what makes them so special.


Fall Fashion

I can’t do a Fall Favorites without mentioning Fashion. (plus it starts with an F) Fall Fashion is the basicness of basic, but guys I do not care because it is still amazing!


Leggings, cosy scarves, oversized sweaters, fuzzy socks, even cute coats, it ALMOST makes the cold temps bearable.


With more clothing, also comes more creativity and versatility. Which you all know I love. It is fun to channel my inner stylist and create outfits the night before. (because I am type A)


Fall fashion is also oodles more comfortable. As much as I love me a cute summer frock, (F!) come fall time, I can also channel my inner contortionist and no longer worry about flashing anyone. Freedom peeps, freedom.



Growing up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, we are known for our stunning vibrant foliage, just as much as we are known for our endless snowy cold dreary winters. (NOT going to think about it!)


As a kid it seemed like magic instead of science, as every year I would wait for the leaves to change to their vibrant colors.


Fall was that time of year when I didn’t mind doing chores outside. Raking leaves into big piles so I could then jump in them with my siblings. having leaf fights, and now years later doing that with my nephews and nieces cause ya know payback.


No one was exempt from the gorgeous colors, everywhere you looked the trees shown in brilliance including my parents backyard. Each tree trying to one up the other one in all its golden glory.


It was the time of year I loved best as a kid, and now even more as an adult. Hiking through the woods admiring and appreciating the foliage. And of course taking all dem pictures, because LOOK at it!?!?


It has been a few years since I was able to get home, and while I have gone upstate, New York (sorry New Yorkers) pales in comparison to the vibrancy and color of the foliage in my little hometown. Yup, I threw the gauntlet down, but guys it really is true.


Honorable Mention

Okay technically this isn’t fall nor is it an F. Oops, but I will excuse my type A OCD lettering for THIS momentous occasion.


Because guys today starts Hallmark’s Christmas movies. Everyone start screaming in glee!!! Okay I think it is probably only Britt and I, (AND she has already posted a Christmas post! Ahhhh!) BUT I am SO flipping excited!


Yes it is cheesy romance, and from a writer’s standpoint some of the plots are thin, but I do NOT care because these moves are still heartwarming, christmas-y, and feel good. And who doesn’t need some cheese in their life or even romance?


Also in one more honorable mention, Bryant Park’s Winter Village opens tomorrow! Again everyone start screaming! I am so excited to get my skater girl on again, Not to mention ALL the holiday shops! I am so excited! The holidays really are just around the corner!


What are some of your Favorite things to do during the Fall? Are you dressing up for Halloween? Do you watch Hallmark Christmas movies? 

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8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Fall Edition

  1. Love your “F-word” roundup, Kate — what a clever idea! Love your fall photos, too … so glad you got to see a bit of color. And visit a pumpkin patch! I mean fumpkin patch. 🙂 Way to make the most of the season!

  2. First of all, you rock a pumpkin patch like nobodies business, so freaking cute! And yaasssssssss, it’s FINALLY time for Hallmark Christmas movies; praise the Lord from which all blessings flow 🙂 I can’t wait to chat with you about all the new movies, I’m literally excited beyond words! <3 <3

  3. Oh my gosh. Yes yes yes to the Hallmark Christmas movies. So glad I’m not the only one who enjoys them lol. I have to admit I just watched a cheesy Christmas film on Netflix called How Sarah Got Her Wings a couple days ago LOL.

    Beautiful photos as always, Kate!! ♡

  4. Yaaasss, bring on the fall edition!! Lol, allll the F words. Your outfit!!! Gimmmeee! I love it so much. That picture in the pumpkin patch- perfection. I totally agree with you about the comfort that comes with cinnamon and nutmeg! Truth!

    Oh my goodness those beautiful trees! I miss seeing that. We don’t get that out here in Cali, so thanks for sharing <3

    And yesss oh my gosh I am so excited you and Britt are pumped about Christmas already too!!!! xoxo

  5. I am so not a fan of how the weather starts to get cold at this time of year, but fall is such a special season full of all sorts of fun activities! I bet New Hampshire is just gorgeous right now! You have me excited for a hallmark Christmas movies now!

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