Friday Favorite’s February 2021 Edition

“I love the beach. I love the sea. All my life I live within – in front of the sea.” ~ Rafael Nadal

Spring is right around the corner

I can not believe we are at the end of February. HOW did this happen? How? I ask you friends? On one hand February feels like it is speeding up and on the other it feels like it is going by slowly. I am very much counting the days to Spring, more so even then I feel like I was last winter. I am SO ready and I feel like this week delivered with those vibes. 

Not going to lie this week was kinda tough starting out, but quickly redeemed itself with all the sunshine and warmer temps. I even got to sneak away (okay I WAS working also) to the ocean for some Vitamin Sea. It was exactly what the doctor called for and I felt such a shift in my mood being there. 

I also am so grateful to all of you for your support on my last blog post. It literally meant the world! If you saw my Instagram, you know that I was nervous sharing it, and I shouldn’t have been! I really am surrounded by the best people! Thank you friends <3 

And on another note how crazy is it that it has almost been a year since the pandemic started and it HAS been a year since I am pretty sure I got the germ virus! Which is crazy to me! We made it friends and if we could get through this year, we can get through anything! Now without further adieu here are some of the things I have been loving.

As always some of the kinks ARE affiliate links at no extra cost to you, but it does help keep me caffeinated and this space running. <3 

Longer Days

First and foremost, going along with the sunshine and beach days, I am ecstatic for how long the days have become. No longer do I feel like I am ready for bed at three PM. And the whipped cream on top (because I don’t like cherries) is that I no longer am waking up in the dark either! It is getting light at six and my heart is SO happy about it! It is the simple things friends!

Dudley Stephen’s Terry Fleece

Dudley Stephen’s just released a new Terry Fleece drop with ALL the spring colors and in a wide range of styles. I have talked about their Terry Fleece before, and I actually like it better then their vello fleece. personal preference, but to me it is so cozy, while still being perfect for every season year round. My favorite style is the Cobble Hill and with their new colors like this ice blue and Kelly green, it is bringing all the sunshine and joy and I am so excited to be rocking my Dudley. 

La Marée Art

During Christmas I shared that one of my new favorite brands to gift during the holidays was La Marée Art. The owner and designer Meghan Surrette, uses resin to design colorful ocean scapes on wooden surfaces, from serving boards, to wall hangings, to clocks, to resting spoons. Her designs are stunning. Plus, she is a love to work with! At the end of the season she announced that she had a couple pineapple bowls left, and with my love of the South, especially Charleston, I HAD to snag one and I am so happy I did. It is truly stunning and perfect to hold jewelry in! 

Pineapple Spoons

Keeping with that Pineapple theme, I discovered a new company called Honey and Roses Coffee Co. Of course anything that serves coffee makes me obsessed, but they not only sell coffee beans and espresso, but they also serve the cutest coffee supplies from rose gold French Presses to these pineapple spoons, which I am obsessed with. They also sell gift boxes which would make great gifts for the future. I can’t link the exact spoons, but I did link some I found on Amazon here and here. 

Another Mile Jacket 

I totally completely one hundred percent own up to the fact that I have a jacket problem. I LOVE jackets and honestly can you ever have to many of them? I decided to treat myself on Valentine’s Day and lawd I am glad I did. I have been eyeballing the Lululemon Another Mile Jacket for several years now, and when I saw it came in this gorgeous pink color, I was drooling! I knew I finally had to buy it, especially once I move (whenever that will be) it will be the perfect running jacket to wear during the winter. That being said I have been rocking it almost every day since I bought it. It is lightweight, but super warm. It has a gazillion pockets and of course the staple thumbholes. It is definitely a must have for your closet and I understand why it is so amazing. 

Ole Henriksen Dark Spot Toner

I actually shared my skincare a few days ago on Instagram in part because I am so obsessed with this toner. I am not a beauty guru by any means but I do appreciate AMAZING skincare and Ole Henriksen has not steered me wrong. Not only do I love all of their products, but they are also clean beauty which I love! I have been struggling a bit with my skin recently and this toner instantly took the redness of my blemishes and smoothed my skin without being to harsh. It also smells AMAZING! My current skincare regiment I linked here.


I have been on a flower kick lately and while I have always loved filling my living space with fake flowers, I use to think real flowers were such a waste. True story, it is kind of hysterical. But Oh to be young and naive. Kidding, kinda. But with age comes wisdom and a pandemic and I have definitely changed my tune. It might be frivolous, but sometimes it is necessary to have real flowers for cheer and some nature, which especially now we need! And from my Valentine’s Day tree (done with fake flowers) to real ones I received on Valentine’s Day I am all about the blooms especially since it is bringing the spring vibes!

Cold Brew Coffee

Lastly I don’t know WHAT has gotten into me. Maybe it is that I have been in New England to long or what. But I have been drinking cold brew and it is like negative twenty degrees! WHO AM I? In my defense I haven’t been outside and drinking it in the elements. It is more of a, bring it home to my (Okay my parent’s) warm house and drink it while I work and am wrapped in a gazillion blankets. SO MAYBE there is some negotiating there. Not to mention the fact I am FIRMLY team Starbucks and NOT team Dunkin, so I wouldn’t call myself a reformed New Englander JUST yet. Anywho, I am SO obsessed with the salted caramel cold foam cold brew extra extra cold foam. (Yes that IS my drink and yes it is a mouth full!) I started drinking it after the holidays and it is giving me life for days! Just maybe if I manifest it hard enough, spring will come!

What are some things you have been loving lately? What is your warmer weather coffee drink of choice? Are you ready for spring? 

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite’s February 2021 Edition

  1. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since the pandemic started…like what in the world. I’m with you, the longer days are so nice. I haven’t tried much from Ole Henriksen but I’ve been eyeing the banana bright eye cream. Thanks for sharing pretty girl! <3

  2. Blue is your colour😍 Yes to the longer days! A few weeks ago it was dark at 3ish here now it’s light until 5pm or so😊 Really lifts the mood. Also I now want pineapple spoons hehe x

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