Friday Favorites: February 2022 Edition

“Let us be united;
Let us speak in harmony;
Let our minds apprehend alike. Common be our prayer,
Common be the end of our assembly; Common be our resolution;
Common be our deliberations.
Alike be our feelings;
Unified be our hearts;
Common be our intentions;
Perfect be our unity.” ~ Rig Veda

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Hello friends! And Happy Friday. This Friday Favorites isn’t only coming in the eleventh hour, it feels a little muted. I can’t begin this post and NOT mention Ukraine. My heart, like so many is so heavy with what is occurring and it is unfathomable to me that we have learned NOTHING from history. Russia’s attack of Ukraine is NOTHING new. It has been going on for years, and been consistent since Ukrainians overthrew the Russian backed president in 2014 which led to the subsequent invasion and annexing of Crimea. The fact that the rest of the world has sat back and watched this happen might be the true travesty. Only time will tell.

I didn’t mean to go on a mini rant, but for those who don’t know, I have a deep love for Eastern European culture, as my family is from the region and I even studied it in college (I even know Russian). It has always been my dream to travel there one day, and I will. THIS will not stop me. I have so much admiration for the Ukrainian people and their leaders. They, especially the president, are showing what true leadership and patriotism is. In times of particular hardship in the world I reflect on this prayer from the Rig Veda which I discovered after September 11 and I felt it was fitting to share it now. Let peace and love unite us, and let it persevere. 🙏🏻💗

While it has been difficult to focus on anything other than Ukraine, even in times of hardship I am a strong believer in seeking the good, finding the light, because that is what will get us through. It is what has gotten me through in my darkest times, and even as the situation got more and more dire in Ukraine, there were still moments of levity I had this week and I am forever grateful for that, so here are my Friday Favorites. It seems trivial, some of it is, but if it brings a smile to my face or yours, then it can’t be THAT trivial.

Sixty Degree Weather

While today we are getting pummeled with snow, a couple days ago we had the beautiful reprieve of almost seventy degree weather, and friends I was in my element! It made me so happy especially with everything going on. I had to work un the morning, but thankfully that work was at the beach and I was able to go for a walk and then eat lunch outside. I even made a quick stop at my most favorite beach, and stuck my feet in the water. And yes it was freezing! But it also made me so insanely happy, grounded and connected. Sometimes all we need is a wave to knock some happiness in us am I right?


I have documented in length about my hair struggles, especially the last couple years, as my hormones have gone berserk along with my reproductive system. Admittedly being blonde, does NOT help matters, But I also can’t see myself as NOT a blonde, so the struggle for healthy hair has continued. Recently I switched shampoos and have fallen in love with Amika products. I have tried what I felt was everything, until I was talking to my hair stylist and she told me to take Biotin. Now it might seem simple, like duh take some Biotin, but in my defense I had been talked out of taking it years ago, by a former friend who at the tie was a hair stylist. She was convinced it would make me break out, which was instant panic. Do I want long hair? Or do I want good skin/ Well fast forward to now and my hair stylist told me it wouldn’t hurt to try it, and since I have been kind feeling desperate, I did and friends first of all my skin hasn’t broken out, and I also am noticing a ton of growth! Also my nails are growing so quickly they look like daggers! I have been taking it in conjunction with my Collagen and so far so good! Who knew a pill you could pick up at a grocery and is legit a fraction of the cost could be so helpful? I do recommend talking to your doctor and doing your own research!

Sea Shell Bath Bombs

One of my stunningly beautiful, blogging besties, Britt, from Southern Lights, Atlanta Nights, got me the most gorgeously decadent and oh so me bath bombs! We have been blogging friends for years, which evolved into friends when we bonded over Christmas, and Hallmark Christmas movies, shared favorite actors, and the best part? We are Gemini twins! In true twin fashion and knowing the way to my mermaid heart these bath bombs are in the shape of a shell and come in assorted colors. They were packaged so cutely, and smelled amazingly! Thanks Britt!

Pink Nails

It seemed I was rocking my Christmas Mani for weeks! (legit almost two months!) It did not want to come off, which I guess is kind of good? But also I was starting to crave something more neutral and less Christmas-y. SO I finally went and got my nails done and I am so happy I did! Originally I was going to go back to my basic be mani, which is a French manicure with sparkle. But because I had, had red on my nails, they were a little stained so I settled for a soft pink, with some ombre sparkle. Friends I am obsessed! It is subtle, while still being ultra feminine, while also being neutral. And it also was giving me all the spring vibes, I am hoping friends!

El Rayo

I have several friends who will grab grub and then park their car (usually by the beach, but sometimes at the mall) and eat for some solitude. I have never been one to eat in the car, even when it is freezing out. But because it WAS freezing out, I decided to channel them. I had been having a hankering for my favorite Mexican restaurant in Maine, El Rayo. It really does have the best food, and with the pandemic they have adapted like no other. There to go is so quick without compromising or losing any of the flavor. I had my rice and bean bowl with in minutes (and they even give you complimentary chips and salsa!) and I was on my way. Somehow, looking out at the ocean, eating El Rayo, it just tasted so much better, and I now know why my friends love it so much.

Finding A Sea Marble

Lastly it was on one of these eating in my car excursions that I found the holy grails of holy sea finds and it was completely unintentional! I was working in Maine and decided to grab some grub before heading to a different beach then the one I usually go to. I hadn’t been there in awhile. I wasn’t even planning on doing some hunting. After I was done eating I got out of the car and went down to the beach (which I never do, because this beach is incredibly rocky, and you have to be careful when walking down) and as I made my way to steadier surface, my eyes landed on something. At first I thought it was sea glass, but nope, friends it was a sea marble. My first! I have been looking and looking and LOOKING for sea marbles forever and they have always eluded me until now. After finding that, I decided to keep looking and I am so happy I did because I also found some pretty green glass, some violet, blue, and of course lots of brown and clear, which is normal for these parts. It was such a nice surprise and a greta addition to my sea treasures!


The Olympics took up much of my February viewing this month. As a skater I had a vested interest in the competitions and yes the drama. I also love watching skiing (despite not being a skier, DESPITE growing up in a ski town that has Olympians, go figure), snowboarding, and of course hockey, I even watched some curling, though I still don’t understand it. I am still in the process of binge watching the Vampire Diaries Shows which is extensive! I did watch J-Lo’s new movie Marry Me which was cute and made me nostalgic for the early 2000’s rom-com movies. What are you currently watching friends?

I hope you have a great weekend friends! And know I am sending you all lots of love! How are you holding up with everything What was something good that happened to you during February? 

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  1. Saw Palmetto is good for making your hair thicker – the funny thing is that they market it to men for hair loss but not women! I started taking it a couple years ago when stress/horror-mones made my hair thin, especially around my hairline and part. Now I can’t even find where my part is after a shower!

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