Friday Favorites: February 2023 Edition

“February is the border between winter and spring.” ~ Terri Guillemets, Years

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End of February

Hello Friends! HOW are we already onto the second Friday Favorites of the year? After a slowish start in January, I really do feel like this year is now on warp speed! I know I have definitely been slacking on the blog. I feel like after the holidays there is always some decompressing. I have been on Instagram quite a bit and the LTK app so if you are ever wondering what I am up to, go follow me there. That being said I am trying to be better about this blog. I know there is a huge debate about whether blogs are antiquated or not, and do people REALLY read them? My opinion is that my blog, I own. And with Meta now charging for something that honestly should have been part of their services ANYWAY (but hey money) it is one of the few places that I have control over, not to mention WordPress is pretty kick you know what with their customer service. SO yes I am going try to be much better! And I would love to know what your thoughts are on all of this!

This quote resonated with me as I have definitely been bitten by the spring bug. The last couple weeks have been such a tease with spring and the weather, though my apologies to New England who keeps getting pummeled with snow. I actually had to laugh, because New York had a “snow drought,” and the “snow” that ended that drought was legit like a centimeter. I guess you can take the girl out of New England, but she’ll still have some of that heartiness whether she likes it or not.

For Friday Favorites I am sharing some of my old but maybe new to you products. This year I am trying to live more sustainably which means less coffee out (WHO am I?) less buying, but rewearing and restyling items I already have. I also want to reiterate, especially for those who might be new, I only share products I love. And I know I sound like every other blogger out there, but it is true. It is why I share the same brands, and use the same make-up. I am a creature of habit, and if I love something, I am not only going to stick with it, but also scream it from the roof tops.

One Year

Before I kick off Friday Favorites, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that it has been one year since the invasion of Ukraine. An estimated 170,000 people have died including 7,000 civilians. 8 million Ukrainians, including friends of mine, have fled their homes, and the cost in damages from Putin’s war is estimated at 138 billion and grows every day. The atrocities that have occurred are truly unconscionable, and my heart breaks for the Ukrainian people. As President Zelenskyy said, Ukraine will be victorious and I pray he is right. Slava Ukraini!

My Nails

I feel like there is no good seque after that, but here we are. Friends, I not only kept up the polka dot trend this month, BUT I went outside my comfort zone and went full on Valentine’s Day which I normally don’t do. The only holiday nails I usually do are Christmas as I try to be neutral but I couldn’t resist this month. After doing a white base for so many moths I went back to my OG Khaki Rose and then added glittery fuchsia polka dots and I am obsessed. Even with the pinks, I do feel like it is still somewhat of a neutral and goes with most things. Heck I might even be tempted to do Saint Paddy nails next month, what do you think?


Friends I don’t know WHY it took me this long to try and share Kiehl’s products, but now that I have, I am obsessed! For reals, the hype is SO worth it! I have gotten samples before, which I loved especially their clay face mask, but I didn’t actually take the plunge until right before Christmas, when I was kind of getting desperate. My face has been particularly dry this winter (thank you NYC and hormones) and so I was looking for a heavy duty moisturizer but wasn’t oily and Kiehl’s had one and friends it has worked wonders. Once I went down the rabbit hole I couldn’t stop and I tried their night cream which is even BETTER! It leaves my skin feeling so moisturized, glowy, and dewy. Lastly I tried their eye cream, which has an avocado base, and I was BLOWN away by how much it erased my dark circles (again hormones) I ten/ten recommend their products. Not only that I love how sustainable they are! I am officially a Kiehl’s fan! It only took me a decade or so!

My Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce

Lent officially began on Wednesday, which means that Fridays are meatless. Which is kind of funny, since I am back to being 99.9% vegetarian again, seafood being the only exception. That being said, Fridays were always a treat growing up because it was one of the few times we were allowed to have spaghetti, (that and being sick!) and my Mom’s pasta sauce (which happened to be my grandmother’s which was passed down to her) is literally the best! For someone who does not have an ounce of Italian in them, it is phenomenal. It is spicy and slightly sweet and such a huge treat, and as I have gotten older filled with ALL the nostalgia and it is so simple to make!

My Favorite Jacket

I have definitely been bitten by the spring bug friends. I want warmer weather SO badly. I am ready! Or at least ready to escape to a tropical island which I still might do! While it is still chilly out, I have started bringing out some of my more versatile spring clothes, including my favorite oversized khaki jacket which I happen to own in three different colors. It is perfect to throw over a a tank and my spanx leggings and then I finish it off with my over the knee boots. Add a scarf and I am good to go!

Coffee at Home

I really can not NOT rave enough about this frother from Insta pot friends! I KNOW I shared it last month, but it is SO flipping good. I actually enjoy coffee at home now. WHO am I? Before the pandemic I NEVER would have done coffee at home, and now I am on my way to becoming a barista (not latte art leaves something to be desired) but this frother legit makes the foamiest milk and it just tastes BETTER.

What I am Watching/Listening too

The TV game has been strong! Friends I FINALLY got around to watching Only Murders in the Building and my only complaint is WHY did it take this long? (Oh I didn’t have Hulu..going with that!) It is SO good! The hype is real friends. Steve Martin, Martin Short, AND Selena Gomez are SO stinking good! I also love the fact that the Arconia is actually a building on the Upper West Side called the Belnord. Seriously I deifntley recommend it!

I also am so excited that Outerbanks is back! I have only been waiting for what feel s like years (in which I rewatched the show) it is such a guilty pleasure and I can’t wait to watch as I also know where alot of the filming locations took place. I am still obsessed with & Juliet’s cast recording and I don’t see that getting old anytime soon. What are you watching? 

How was your February? I hope you have an amazing March friends! 

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