Friday Favorites: First of 2021

“I have never in my life found myself in a situation where I’ve stopped work and said, ‘Thank God it’s Friday.’ But weekends are special even if your schedule is all over the place. Something tells you the weekend has arrived and you can indulge yourself a bit.” ~ Helen Mirren

First Friday Favorites

Here we are friends, the FIRST Friday Favorites of the New Year, though of course NOT the first Friday of 2021. We are already halfway through January and quite frankly HOW are we here? It is cray-cray! I hope 2021 is treating you well so far.

Quite honestly I haven’t noticed to much of a change between years, except the Christmas decor has come down, and I may or may not be getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit. Which begs the question WHO am I? If ya know me, ya know I am not really about that Hallmark holiday, but we could all use some cheer especially as we are in the throws of the gloomy winter months, at least here in New England, and while I believe we should spend every day celebrating love, after last year I am game to give it an extra somethin’, somethin’.

Don’t worry though this post is NOT about Valentine’s Day decor. Though if you want to shop my pics you CAN check out my page. And yes I KNOW I am sounding like a broken record with that. But seriously I link EVERYTHING there. I feel like I have a TON of Friday Favs so without further adieu.

The Beach

I feel like this is always a given, but, BUT, I feel like the sign of a real beach lover is one who goes in the winter, and lives in a cold place, like New England, where beach temps are in the single if not negative digits. And while I hate the cold, I really REALLY hate the cold, I STILL go to the beach (bundled up) in the winter. In fact I even had my first photo shoot their last week and yes I did in fact freeze and I do not know how I am still standing. But I do not care, because the Beach is my salvation and it is necessity, even if I end up with frost bite.

Tula Spray Refreshing & Brightening Face Mist

This is an oldie but kinda new-ie. I had gotten this Tula spray when it first came out, but I had kinda forgotten about it/not really used it in recent months, not because I didn’t like it, but I didn’t really think of it. Well I am thinking about it now! I actually shared this on my Instagram last week because I am so obsessed with it! Not only does it make my skin soft and dewy, but it has blue light protection in it which is necessary living in a world with ALL the screens. It also smells AMAZING! I pair this with my moisturizer, and I feel put together without putting on make-up.

Melsy Prints

You have hear me rave about Melsy Illustrations before. This talented designer and small business not only was on a lot of my gift guides, but was also my go to gift for all my girl friends this year. I got prints and mugs for EVREYONE. Well Santa must have known, because (s)he also got me some new Melsy Prints for Christmas and I am obsessed. They just might be some of my favorite ones yet! Two, the Pink Chair and the Pink Couch are perfect if I ever get an office/cloffice. Keeping with the pink theme, I also got the Pink Door print, which was on all the 2021 calendars and planners this year and I am obsessed with it. Lastly, I got the Holiday in Paris which was her 2020 holiday print and made me miss Paris SO much. Fingers crossed this is the year I will return there! Until then I will live vicariously through this print.

Melsy Mug

Not only am I obsessed with Melsy prints, but I love her mugs. They are the perfect size and shape. I don’t think I have made it any secret about my mug collection, especially Christmas mugs! I have been racking up the Melsy mugs this year and I now have three! Santa was also quite generous in gifting me one. Matching my Pink Couch print, I also got the mug, which just so happens to be on sale for TEN dollars. I have been drinking out of it non-stop since I said good-bye to my Christmas mugs for the season. I am thinking a Melsy Mimic might be necessary!

S’well Water Bottle

I sadly had to pay Adieu to my Lily Pulitzer S’Well water bottle, earlier this month. It had one to many dents in it and would no longer stand on even services, never mind UNEVEN services anymore. I may or may not have dropped it one to many times. Oops. I LOVE S’Well water bottles because they are humongous (mine is 25 ounces) and keep liquid cold or hot, depending on your preference for hours. They are a great way to get that H2o in. While they didn’t have any Lily (mine was around six years old at least!) I did get a cool pink and gray marbled one that I am loving.

Avocado Toast

This isn’t a new obsession, but I feel like I go through phases with food and I am currently back on an avocado kick. Though I really don’t think I ever got OFF it. Avocado is my holy grail of food and it never gets old. I LOVE avocado toast and have been eating this for dinner almost on the daily. It is quick, easy and oh so satisfying.

Slip Silk Hair Ties

I never thought I would rave about hair ties, but I tried these back in the fall (they were also on my Stocking Stuffer Guide) and have not looked back since. I have shared somewhat about my hair struggles and I have literally been doing EVERYTHING I can to get healthy and LONG hair back. These are gentle on my hair while still being secure enough to hold my pony tail and/or bun when I run. They also come in fun patterns, and if you are like I am and constantly have an elastic on the wrist (yes I know that isn’t good for you) these look way more pretty, and are more comfy! I also love their eye masks as well as they are the only face masks I wear. Bonus, they don’t cause me to break out!

Ombre Nails

For Christmas, my nail technician did an of ombre look on my nails that I loved, they also lasted forever. In fact, if it wasn’t for nail growth and the fact Christas has long since passed us, I could have still rocked them! Going to get my nails done this past week I decided I wanted to go with ombre again and guys I am oBSESSED! I feel like it is the new French nail for me. This time I went with purple (which was a HUGE departure) and gold. It is so elegant and classy, I can not wait to think up other color combos to do!

New Mattress

I shared this on my Instagram, but I FINALLY got a new mattress, thank the lawd! I was doing math and let’s just say the old mattress was old AF. Granted I didn’t really sleep on it for seven years, but it was at least twenty years old if not older. (yes I am dating myself) I was sleeping on springs, and I (and my back) am so happy to FINALLY be having a much comfier nights sleep!

Honorable Media Mentions

I feel like I should give an honorable mention to the Sex and the City reboot news. I AM beyond excited for that. And I can not wait to hear how they handle Samantha not being on the show. Though I had heard rumors that they MIGHT kill off Mr. Big, which I am NOT here for. I also jumped on the Bridgerton train (actually ON Christmas Day) as I had read the books and yes I am obsessed. And though I am not a fan of Podcasts, I LOVE The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. It is a MUST listen too friends! Seriously it will change your whole mind set! Lastly, I just got into Clubhouse! Which I am super excited about, if you are on there let’s connect! My SN is @inthenautical. I hope y’all have an amazing weekend! I will be working, but hopefully I can snag some beach time!

What are things you have been loving? DO you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What is a show you have been watching? 

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: First of 2021

  1. Yaaassssssss! These favorites are TOO good! I love the mug and prints…and who doesn’t love a nice beach moment?! I feel you on the mattress; David and I JUST ordered our new one for our king size bed and I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing pretty girl! <3 <3

  2. I’ve got to check out those hair ties! I have a perma-layer that frames my face from the wind ripping my hair out of my bun while I’m hiking!

  3. I love the Helen Mirren quote you shared 😍😍😍 yes yes yes to visiting the beach! You are so lucky! I am excited to visit the beach as soon as I can, I miss it so much! The beach / beaches are so special, dreamy! I’m glad you got to visit!

    Those Melsy prints are GORGEOUS 😍😍😍 love love love! And the mug is super cute too! Also got to check out Bridgerton and that water bottle is a gorgeous design 😍 I love!

    Oooh and that Tula spray sounds so good I love that it has blue light protection how wonderful. I will have to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing gorgeous lady ❤️❤️❤️

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