Friday Favorites: January 2022

“January is the month for dreaming.” ~ Jean Hersey

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Happy January

Hello friends! I promise I won’t sound like a broken record this year, BUT HOW are we at the end of January and our first Friday Favs of 2022?!?! I feel like 2022 is flying already! It has been an eventful month, but I can’t complain! I am so grateful for everything, yes, even the cold weather! Who am I?! But friends, if you can’t change the weather you might as well change your approach and since we are stuck with negative temps, it is all the layers, ALL the blankets, ALL the hot hands and making do, because I need my beach days and fresh air.

I actually have spent some time on the slopes, which is a miracle in of itself! Because I do not ski, and also I much prefer the aprés side of skiing than actually well skiing. BUT baby steps. Much like the weather, I feel like since I have been stuck in New England the last two years, I have learned to embrace all the things I kinda hated, and focus on the things I do like and love, especially with my hometown. I won’t say we are BFF’s, and I am so excited to move, but I am feeling some pulling at the heart strings! Our mindset and what we choose to focus out energy on is so incredibly pivotal to our mental health. It is also why I love doing these posts, because I get to share things that put a smile on my face! So without further adieu let’s kick off the FIRST Friday Favorites of 2022.

Winter Walks On The Beach

In kinda keeping with the above topic, I have been loving winter walks on the beach. Yes it is ridiculously freezing and it really should be illegal. BUT if you walk fast enough (and the cold is a GREAT incentive) you warm up. And bright side, I am the only crazy person to be outside in these temps, so there is a certain amount peace and solitude, even in the freezing temps! That could be considered a major win-win! I also have been discovering sea life, that I don’t get in the summer due to all the crowding. On my last walk, I found starfish, and blue crabs which made my day, and also mumble to myself for the ten thousandth time, “The ocean is pretty darn cool.”

Heated Blankets 

Honestly blankets in general have been a godsend and not because it has been so cold. Last week my endometriosis, adenomyosis, and PCOS flared up. Honestly, this whole month has just been atrocious when it comes to my reproductive health, I wrote about it in length on Instagram, and I am trying to be more open and talk about it, but honestly it is such a painful topic to discuss, despite trying to have a positive outlook, it is emotional. And I don’t even know if heat really does anything, but it does give me a whole lot of comfort, and there is nothing wrong with that! I also have been cozying up in my new Chappy Wrap I got for Christmas as well as my Sewcialite Shelly blanket. It really has just been one big blanket party over here!

Faux Fur Rain Boot Liners 

Growing up in New England Snow boots were as important to the wardrobe as say a winter coat is. Unfortunately they are big and clunky and just didn’t really work when I lived in the city, which is when I invested in my Hunter Rain Boots and I haven’t looked back. Last year I discovered how amazing they are when I go to the beach. And I do mean amazing! It legit took me thirty plus years to figure out that if you wear your rain boots, you can go in the ocean year round, irregardless of the temps. Yes my blondness sometimes shocks even me. While the boots don’t offer a lot of warmth, I have fleece liners that keep my feet nice and toasty. I can also put heavier socks on before I slip my feet into the liners, and then if I really want to be balling with the warmth add some hot hands and voila I am ready for some winter beach time!

Coldbrew in the Winter

It might just be a completely New England-esque thing to do, but now that Starbucks is done with their holiday cups, I am all about the coldbrew, and no it is not lost on me that it has been in the negatives for the last two weeks, and yet I am SILL drinking coldbrew! WHO am I?!?! Like I said, I think New England has definitely rubbed off on me the last couple years. But also, coldbrew is just so darn yummy!

Amika Hair Products

Y’all know I love my Olaplex and how much it helped my hair, but friends I have a new love, and while I won’t ever quit my Olaplex, I have fast fallen in love with Amika Hair products. First of all, and yes probably the most superficial reason ever, BUT they smell so darn amazing! Second, their smoothing mask, has saved my hair. My hair has been going through a moment, (thanks to hormones) and this has brought it back to life. I also love their other bond repair strengthening masque and I use the two together. Last but not least the thickening hair serum, has also been life!

Espoir/Melsy Collab

If you are looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day gift, look not further then this collab by Espoir and Melsy Illustrations. And the two amazing women behind these brands also happen to be sisters which I love! Seriously the ultimate Galentine’s Day Gift! Espoir Boston creates roses that are designed to last a whole year and for Christmas, I bought a bunch of girlfriends these because they make such a unique gift. Well y’all know how much I love my Melsy, and the two boss babes have collaborated for Valentine’s Day with Melsy designing the packages the roses come in. I am obsessed! It is such a unique, yet special gift.

What I’m Watching:

Okay I am SO late to the game, but I have been on a supernatural, fantasy kick and watched Wheels of Time (which was amazing!) Then I binged The Order (also really good, but did end on a cliff hanger and was not renewed for season three, what the heck Netflix.) Finally I decided to cave, though, actually technically, in my defense, I didn’t realize all the spin-offs and started watching Legacies.…which just so happens to be part of the Vampire Diaries Universe…Which means I am NOW binging Vampire Diaries. WHO am I?!?! I never thought I would binge watch Vampire Diaries, but here we are! I am on Season Four and I am hooked (I may or may not have watched Legacies first, which I personally prefer better because Matthew Davis is very much eye candy) Next on the list will be The Originals. I read some of the books, as a kid, but kinda stopped because at the time vampires weren’t really my thing (Twilight was a DNF and I can’t stand the movies!). I guess I just had to wait until I was in my thirties for it to BE a thing. SO that is what I have been engrossed in and it is definitely a lot with three shows and a gazillion seasons! What have you been watching? 

How was January? Are firmly in the 2022 swing of things? What are some things you have been loving friends?

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