Friday Favorites: July 2019 Edition

“Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy. To do nothing and have it count for something. To lie in the grass and count the stars. To sit on a branch and study the clouds.” ~ Regina Brett

Happy Fri-Yay

Happy Fri-yay everyone! I can not believe we are already approaching the first weekend of July and for those of us in the States, celebrating the Fourth! Hopefully all my American readers (and friends and family!) are recovering from the festivities of yesterday. Or maybe you lucked out and have a long weekend to relax and continue celebrating, which is honestly the way to go, especially as most of the US is deep in a heatwave! For everyone else who did not have the holiday off, I hope you all are gearing up for a fun filled weekend!


Summer seems to be rushing by us like waves during a storm and it is making me so sad because this is my FAVORITE time of year. (In case you hadn’t realized that, yet) I just want to soak up all the rays and enjoy as much of it as I can! It has been a lonnnngggg hot second (much like the weather, sorry couldn’t resist being punny) since I did a Friday Favorite’s post and with the long holiday weekend I thought it was the perfect time to share what I have been lovin’.

Some of the links are affiliate with no extra cost to you, but it does help fund my caffeine addiction, or maybe just gas money to the beach!


Gratitude Journal 

As part of recovery a long time ago, my therapist had me start what I call a gratitude journal. It was actually the five-five-five exercise. Five things for which I am grateful for, five things that make me feel proud of myself, and five goals for the day. It was a way to center myself, realize that I am pretty bad ass, and that while life may not be all roses and butterflies, it is still pretty amazing, and a blessing to wake up each morning.


Besides blogging, I have always journaled and this was just a more meditative form of that. Admittedly over the years I have gone through phases where I am not as good at keeping up with the practice as I should be. In the last year, with so many changes, drama, health issues, and not always the healthiest of healthy mental states, I made the concerted effort to try to do the practice every morning. Doing so, begins my day on a positive note, keeps me focused on that and away from all the negative energy life likes to throw around.


S’Well Water Bottle

Ironically, I realized this was a Friday Favorites last year for July also. Maybe it is the hotter temps in July that makes me want to reach for my water bottle. Though I typically do that anyway, I am a fish after all. Joking aside, I drink a ton of water. It is shockingly my beverage of choice. (yes even before coffee!) As someone who likes to be eco-friendly and protect my dolphin friends as well as my own health, I love a good re-usable water bottle and S’Well is where it is at.


These bottles not only come in fun prints, which is always a win for a fashionista, but the water stays cold for 24 hours, which is an even bigger win. If you are spending the day at the beach in the hot sun, you don’t want a drink that is suppose to be cold to turn to bath water. While I typically keep my S’Well bottle for ice water and other adult bevvy’s (the 24 ounce holds a whole bottle of wine) they will also keep hot drinks warm for twelve hours, which is great during the winter. These bottles are definitely an investment being more expensive then your average water bottle, but it is certainly a worthwhile one. I don’t think I will ever use another brand.


The Beach Trees

‘Tis the season for, no not Christmas, (we are only in July peeps) BUT beach reads. There is nothing better then laying on the sand, listening to the waves with a fun easy beach read in hand. Karen White is the queen of a great beach read. Her books while easy to read aren’t just fluff, but actually make you reflect in a none brain hurting way. Her stories mostly based in the coastal South, are both poignant and fun.


The number one recommendation I always give and probably my favorite book by her, is The Beach Trees. Based in Biloxi, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, it shares the important message of WHY despite threats of hurricanes, oil spills, and other disasters, the coast is so incredibly special and why we continuously rebuild. It is a novel of resiliency in the face of grief and even after ten years is a story I love to reread especially during the summer.


Hershey’s Treasure Nuggets

A huge warning in advance, this might cause some of you to go into cardiac arrest, but I actually do not like chocolate.

Yes, you did indeed read that right. I. Do. Not. Like. Chocolate. There are a few exceptions to that rule. I don’t mind it if it is mixed with something, like peanut butter. I can stomach chocolate when it is with peanut butter. I mean Reese’s might just be the best candy out there. But that isn’t strictly chocolate now is it?


Another exception to my chocolate is gross except when Aunt Flo visits (but then she is cray-cray, sorry TMI?) is Hershey’s toffee nuggets. Honestly can these even be considered chocolate because they legit are SO addicting. It is a huge problem. Or is it? I mean I have one and then I have another and before I know it the bag is empty. Is it really a problem if my taste buds are happy? The chocolate is so creamy it just melts in your mouth and the toffee adds just the right amount of crunch and sweetness, these really are the perfect indulgence, or meal if you eat them in one sitting.

The Wicker Swivel Chair 

After a water leak this past winter, my Mom ended up re-doing my sister’s old bedroom which had been turned into the playroom for my nieces and nephews. She asked me to help finish decorating which included finding a chair that wouldn’t get demolished, but was cozy enough that the kiddos would use it. Thank you Christmas Tree Shop and the wicker tear drop chair trend.


I came across a ton of these last year on Instagram as well as in my travels and I fell in love with them. They are cozy, beachy, and have so much character. This one doesn’t hang in the traditional sense, but it does swivel making it fun for kids and yes admittedly adults too. While my Mom may have gotten it for the kiddos, I love sitting in it, sipping coffee, writing and of course taking some pictures.


Amazon finds

Amazon has been killing it in the fashion game lately, and while I try to shy away from fast fashion and be conscious of what I am buying, especially because I am living out of a suitcase currently, I do love a good fashion find staple. One that I can buy in ALL the colors. Which I may or may not have already done.


This off the shoulder dress is the perfect summer staple that everyone needs in their closet. It works as a cover-up on the beach which can then quickly transfer to a night out with some accessories. The material is soft and comfortable, and I love how flowy the fit is. This is going to be my go to all summer long!


The beach 

When is the beach NOT a fave of mine?  It is my home away from home only second to  coffee shops. Summer makes it A-okay to basically live there from sunrise to sun down and beyond. I have been lucky enough to go pretty frequently this summer, despite a hectic move and watching small children. And we are only half way through!


Whether it is some island time off the Hamptons, or living that Maine life, being at the beach, any beach, makes me so incredibly joyful. And with the heat wave we have been having, their is no better place to cool down then in the salt water. My love affair (and maybe my longest relationship?) is still going strong with the sandy coast and I wrote all about it in my previous blog post. 

Catching up on Blogs

Speaking of blogging and posts, I am so ecstatic that my WordPress is FINALLY fixed! I am finally able to comment again, and while I have had to re-follow some blogs, (though I still get e-mail notifications) I can not wait to read everyone’s posts. In fact I think they will make the perfect beach reads!


I am still not sure what was wrong, but WordPress was amazing at helping to fix the problem. Their customer service is second to none and I am so grateful for all their help! I can not wait to catch-up with everyone! I am so lucky to have the best readers and blogging friends! Happy Friday! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


How was your Fourth of July? How is your summer going? What are some of your favorite things right now? 

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: July 2019 Edition

  1. Happy 4th of July! I’m also loving my Swell water bottle, it still looks brand new 3 years later. And they really do keep drinks cold for hours and hours.
    I LOVE your wicker chair! It looks so cozy and perfect for curling up in with a good book. I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

  2. I have to say, WordPress’ service is indeed fantastic! Specifically the Ask An Expert feature they have going. With help from you and Darcie (a member of the WordPress Experts team), I was able to successfully figure out the issue with the photo media on my posts! I can’t thank their hard work enough!
    The chair is indeed comfortable. I tried it out myself and it was very easy to adapt to. Its a little more difficult for myself, being an almost 6 ft guy, but it still worked.
    My water bottles constantly end up having the temperature issues, so a bottle like that must be great! I also LOVE the designs yours has on it.

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous as always! LOVE the site design btw 🙂 S’Well is my fave water bottle brand, they’re brilliant – and they contribute loads to charity too! xx

  4. Yay! This has been one of my favourite posts of yours, it was such a joy to read (ok, except for maybe that part where you said you don’t like chocolate. I’m sorry what? Although to be fair, I’m not a coffee drinker so… I guess I’ll forgive you ;)).

    Totally YES to the gratitude journal and I love your five five five technique, that’s really cool and something I may experiment with, although I do do something pretty similar already. But I love the part where you include five things you’re proud of about yourself. I don’t have that as part of my morning routine, but it’s about to be incorperated some way so thank you for sharing ❤️❤️❤️

    I love a beach read, although I haven’t heard of this author before. At your recommendation I will check her out because I know if you love her books then she must be good! Can’t wait to check some of her work out.

    Also, that water bottle is too cute! So pretty and perfect that it keeps your water cool all day ❤️

    Enjoy the rest of your Summer, Kate ❤️

  5. I NEED to invest in one of those water bottles. The one you’ve got is so cute! The Hershey’s chocolate sounds delish & the way you’ve described it has left me droooooling. That chair is awesome & I LOVE your Amazon dress. <3 So glad your WordPress is working again, I didn't know it had been broken– how frustrating! In my experience, WordPress' support/help team weren't the best but I am happy you were treated better! 😀 Always love reading a favorites post, thanks for sharing, Kate!!

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