Friday Favorites: July 2021 Edition

“My life, I realize suddenly, is July. Childhood is June, and old age is August, but here it is, July, and my life, this year, is July inside of July.” ~ Rick Bass

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Here Comes August…

I can not believe I am doing another Friday Favorites Edition! HOW are we at the end of July? HOW? While this month was certainly rainy, it did fly by at warp speed, which makes me sad because I am NOT ready for the dawg days of summer or it to in fact come to an end. And I am very much in denial about fat being right around the corner and all these stores promoting fall clothing. To soon, I say!

Alas, it really isn’t, as we really are in the midst of summer, and if not nearing its end. I don’t want to think abut that so I am sharing some more of my Friday favorites, which includes swimsuits, skincare, and yes most definitely the Olympics! I hope you all had an amazing July and as we approach August, I do so hope that we can get some sunnier days (and that it lasts longer!) July was so rainy and dreary! Here is to hoping! 

New Fav Swimsuit

First up is this palm print swimsuit from Pink Lily is EVERYTHING! I love a good palm print, but the style of this bikini is so flattering, comfy, AND dunking, that I have been rocking it on repeat when I go to the beach. The halter style is comfortable whilst still being super flattering and offers a TON of coverage. You won’t have to worry about anything falling out in this swimsuit! While I love the print, I adore the style and as it comes in other prints I definitely am going to be snagging another top!

Coconut Beach candle

Oh my gosh this candle is EVERYTHNG! A few years ago my friend had bought me a beach candle that smelled divine and ever since I have been searching high and low for it. Alas, I haven’t been ale to find it. But this candle from Yankee Candle that I bought off Amazon is very similar AND my new fav. It instantly transports me to my happy place with a tropical note and I love it! The scent isn’t to overpowering, and it will burn for hours!

Lilly Pulitzer 

Y’all know how much I love Nantucket and all things Nautical. Lilly Pulitzer is the epitome of summer with her vibrant prints and what seems like hundreds of different styled dresses that are PERFECT to take from the beach to a cabana bar. Well, she has a Lilly Love’s Collection that is PERFECT for the global traveller, of course it wouldn’t be summer OR Lilly if she didn’t include a Nantucket print in this collection! And friends it is SO dreamy! It comes in dresses, shirts AND this adorable pull-over, that is SO cozy for those chillier beach days! I am obsessed!

New Tula Products

Y’al know how much I love my Tula and they just came out with some amazing new products this month. First on the list is their new Mineral Sunscreen. It is so lightweight while offering all the sun protection! It is also slightly tinted to give you a smoothing glows complexion. It is now my go to sunscreen, especially when I am at the beach! They also came out with a Purifying and Toning Mist. It is so refreshing and instantly revitalizes my fav and any make-up I have on. I also love their Refreshing and Brightening Blue Light Mist, which might still be my favorite, by like a hair, but the new one is also a keeper!

A Natural look

Since the pandemic started, I have really been focusing on skincare and going for a more natural look (red lipstick excluded, and YES it was National (Red) Lipstick Day yesterday, the holiday of all social media holidays!). Besides Tula, I have been using a lot of Tarte products and their glowtion has become a staple in my skincare/make-up routine. It is lightweight so I don’t feel like I am wearing make-up, BUT it is tinted so that it blurs and evens out my skin. Yes please! I also can’t believe I am admitting this, but friends I FINALLY hopped onto the Shape Tape train (took me long enough!) And I am obsessed! There are days I will just wear that and call it a day. If you haven’t tried Shape Tape, you NEED too! 

Heated Blanket

Okay so MAYBE this doesn’t fall under the summer category, though really a heated blanket is just a staple irregardless of time of year! I sing the praises of heated blankets so much, that some of my friends have bought them just so they no longer have to hear me talk about them. (but I still do) I was so sick last week (thanks Aunt Flo) that my heated blanket and I were joined at the hip and I was NOT letting go of it! Whether it is helping an aching back, wrapping myself up in it as I deal with Aunt Flo, or just because I am freezing, a heated blanket is SO much better then a heating pad. I highly, highly recommend investing in one!

The Olympics

I am SO obsessed with the Olympics. I use to be a figure skater, so the Olympics are my jam. Not only have I been watching non-stop, I was pregaming with some Olympic music. (Power of the Dream will forever always give me chills!) There is something so incredibly special, inspiring, and momentous about the Olympics that rises past competition and really brings us all together. I feel like that is something, we really needed, given everything that has happened this past year. I have already been SO inspired and I am ecstatic to watch and cheer on team USA and all the Olympians! Have you been watching? 

How have you been? What are some things you are loving currently? Has July flown by for you? <3


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