Friday Favorites July 2022 Edition

“I drifted into a summer-nap under the hot shade of July, serenaded by a cicada lullaby, to drowsy-warm dreams of distant thunder. ” ~ Terri Guillemets

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July favorites

I know. I know. TWO blog posts in one day! But somehow I spaced out that today was not only the last Friday in July, But ALSO National Lipstick Day and I needed to commemorate both. SO friends you get two posts today! I mean it is kind of fitting since Red Lipstick is one of my all time favorite things!

Anywho, I can not believe that we are at the end of July! I know, I know, I sound like a broken record, but for realz summer and this year has FLOWN by. It makes me both sad and excited. This month was incredible on so many different levels. July truly is the heart of summer, with a little bit of Christmas, thanks to Hallmark airing their Christmas in July movies. Thank you Hallmark! July was time spent with ALL the family, as well as all the beach time I wanted slash needed. It truly was the best. I end July with a happy, full heart and am super excited for August which is going to bring lots of travel, all the adventures, and quite a few new beginnings!

Plus more summer! I know a lot of places and stores are starting to gear up for fall, but friends you know me. Forever a summer state of mind, and I am NOT ready to say good-bye to summer, besides technically we still have like two more months, so I am soaking it ALL up! Without further adeiu, here are some of the things I was loving this July.

Family Time

Growing up, my Mom’s family use to visit us every summer. They would stay at my grandparent’s house and we would spend days at the beach, going hiking, kayaking, playing flashlight tag, and getting up to some good bouts of fun trouble. These memories are part of what makes summer so sweet for me, and despite the deaths of my grandparents, and all of us grown up with our own lives, it was incredibly special to be able to reconnect and not only do that, but begin to share it with the next generation. I am so blessed I get to not only call my cousins friends, but also cultivate a special relationship with their kiddos.

Palm Print Dress

I shared this palm print dress earlier in the month, but I have to share it again. It is an absolute favorite, and many of you have agreed with me! It is one of my most sold links on my Shop.LTK page and it doesn’t hurt it has been on sale the last month. I have been rocking this dress non-stop since I got it. The print screams summer, and I love the cut out detail at the bodice. The best part is it has pockets!

White Nails/Gold Foil

Friends, I can’t believe I am saying this, BUT I retired my Khaki Rose this month. But perhaps ONLY for this month? I am not sure, I’ll decide when I go back in a few days, but I did decide to switch it up and go with a white nail and gold foil and I can say I am obsessed! There is something so crisp about a white nail, and the gold foil adds that extra pop of glitz! Definitely one of my favorite nail designs thus far!

Frozen Strawberry Margaritas 

I have never considered myself a bartender, but I might have to start. With family visiting I decided to try my hand at some frozen strawberry margaritas, and I am pretty sure they were a win if I do say so myself (and going by the compliments, family, at least my family who are brutally honest, did say they loved them). It was shockingly simple and the hardest part was blending it up. I used frozen strawberries, tequila, Hella Cocktail Spicy Sweet and Sour Mix, and a splash of simple syrup. I blended it up and soon we were cheersing. The frozen strawberries worked as both a flavoring as well as ice cubes, so as not to dilute it, because who wants that? It really is the perfect summer drink and so easy to make!

New Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly pulitzer is the epitome of summer in my opinion, with her colorful prints, many of them nautical inspired, and all brightly colored. Lilly Pulitzer changes her prints up every few months, but keeps many of the same style dresses from season to season and year to year which I love. Her silhouettes are some of the most timeless designs and yet I love that the new prints constantly keep everything fresh. Her Swim on Over might be my favorite Lilly Print yet. It screams summer with the beautiful coral and I love how colorful yet subtle it is. I am also obsessed with her destination collection and the added addition of Lilly Loves New York! I of course had to snag it up in one of my favorites styles, the Kristen Swing Dress. I’ll be rocking it long into the fall months!

Oatly Ice Cream

I mentioned Oatly in my ode to National Ice Cream Day post, but I realized I never actually put them here in my Friday favorites and that has to be corrected! Because Oatly has been one of my most favorite things I have bene loving all of July. It is delicious and decadent, yet does not hurt my belly! You can’t even tell it is made from oat milk and the coffee fudge swirl just might be my favorite ice cream flavor, which says a lot since I am a caramel girl. If you are looking for dairy alternatives highly recommend Oatly!

What I’m Watching and Listening to

July actually was a pretty decent month for movies and shows. The Summer I Turned Pretty was in my opinion summer’s must watch show, and while it isn’t The Outerbanks (which I did rewatch) it is pretty darn good. I had read the books as a teenager, and liked them enough to give the series a chance which gives all the summer vibes. It also has a great soundtrack! I hope they make a second season. I had a lot of pictures to edit, so was searching for things to watch and stumbled across A Call to Spy which is about the first female spy operatives during World War II. It is based on real women and incredibly inspiring, especially given everything that has occurred in the last couple months. Women truly are bad a$$. I was super excited to watch Persuasion which I thought was quite good, but I know others were less then impressed. Lastly, I rounded out this month watching The Gray Man and to my best friend’s ever lasting excitement, I MIGHT be a Ryan Gosling fan, though Ryan Reynolds will forever be the best Ryan. 

How was July for you? Did you do anything fun? What are you watching or listening to? Which Ryan is THE best Ryan?!?!

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