Friday Favorites: July Edition

“Every time I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home.” ~ Sylvia Earle

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Are you guys excited for the weekend? It has been awhile since I did one of these and this edition is filled with some (not all because I have to many) of my summer favs. I am not sure if it is cheating, but I have some favorite events in here that I love to do during summer and have made this summer especially special.


I tend to live by the motto of doing rather then having, and summer is the time where everyone is doing something and enjoying themselves including me.



I am kicking off my Friday Favs with summer. This might be cheating, BUT summer is my absolute favorite time of year and it deserves its due. Days at the beach, warmth, glorious sunshine. I am my happiest this time of year. Summer is like a never ending therapy session with spa days and loads of self-care thrown in. And only ending when the days start to get shorter, unfortunately. I really wish it would stay summer all year long!



I know I STILL have not posted about Nantucket, but I have to give a little tease and say it was SO flipping incredible! I had the absolute best time. It was filled with exercising that didn’t feel like exercise, from biking every day, to paddle boarding, to swimming. It was the perfect Relax and rejuvenation I needed.


Lilly Pulitzer For S’Well

Finally a thing! This might actually come as a bit of a surprise, but I have a love hate relationship with Lilly. I LOVE how bright and colorful her patterns are and they make great accessories, but some of them can be a little much as clothing. That said when I found out she was teaming with S’Well again, releasing a line of colorfully patterned water bottles, I KNEW I needed one.


And yes, I really did need one. My old water bottle was beyond sanitary conditions. (and I even washed it in bleach) I ended up splurging and bought two water bottles. The 24 ounce (which in case you were wondering can fit a full bottle of wine…I know you were) and the 18 ounce.


S’well makes sturdy durable water bottles that make any liquid stay cold or hot for hours at a time. The vibrant colors are an added bonus, that make hydrating easy because who wouldn’t want to drink out of such a fun water bottle?


America’s Sweetheart

I have always been a fan of Elle King, yet somehow I seemed to miss this song she released in 2015. Well thanks to my brother, it is fast becoming MY song of the summer. Not only does it have an incredibly catchy tune, but it is relatable to what I am going through right now. I really am trying not give a flying F@#$% and this song is helping!

51498A2A-1F0D-4448-92F3-C0778CC4B6B3Sea Glass

On one of my recent adventures, I found the mother of ALL sea glass hauls. I didn’t just find huge well cooked pieces of sea glass, but also sea pottery. I was like a child in a candy store and I didn’t know where to look nor did I want to stop.


I think if I didn’t have to catch the ferry, I STILL would have been there looking.


Cape Cod Sweet and Spicy Jalapeño Chips

Summer is the season for chips. There is nothing like having that crunch when you are at the beach, and the Cape Cod Sweet and Spicy Jalapeño chips hit the spot. They have a bit of a kick which I love, and the sweetness adds that perfect balance. These are my beach staple, and I have no shame in admitting I can eat a whole bag in one sitting!


Ice Cream 

Another summer must have is ice cream! I admit to being an ice cream-holic. I could eat ice cream every day, all year round. But there is nothing more refreshing then this frozen treat on a hot summer day.


And grabbing it at the beach is especially decadent. It brings back childhood memories, and is a compulsion every time I go to the beach.


Broadway Shows

While this is something you can do year round, a lot of new shows premiere in the spring and summer. In the next two weeks I am going to be seeing three (four?) Broadway shows. The first of which starts tonight and I am so flipping excited. I love Broadway despite not being able to sing to save my life and I appreciate the talent immensely. I can not wait to see these shows, some of which I have had tickets forever and a year!


What are some of your Friday Favorites? What are your favorite things to do during the summer? 

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10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: July Edition

  1. I’m such an ice cream-aholic too! It’s a struggle for my waistline, lol. Especially during the summertime heat, it’s just too hard to resist! I loved your Friday Favorites post, and I also love how you start off every post with a quote! <3 It sets the mood. 🙂

  2. OMG ANASTASIA IS A SHOW???? I NEED TO WATCH OMG. I love all your favourites (because you are basically a blonde me, how could I not love all the things you share?) <3

  3. Yes girl! Loving all your favourites. I too wish it could be Summer all year round, yes please ❤️ I’m so excited to read about Nantucket hun, it sounds like an adventure. Cycling, paddle boarding, yesss.
    Those water bottles are too perfect, so gorgeous. I would definitely be buying those.
    I need to check that song out asap, it sounds amazing! And yes to not giving a f*ck.
    Ice cream! Yesssss! I love ice cream, so much. Ahhh I am so excited to eat all the Italian ice cream on holiday for real 😍 Its gonna be a dream!
    So excited to read about what you’ve been seeing on Broadway x

  4. Love Broadway shows!! I’m going to see Kinky Boots for my bday in a few weeks, can’t wait! Also was OBSESSED with Waitress after I saw it.

  5. The photos of you are amazing!! I love summer as well and I always get a little sad when I see autumn come through. I can’t believe Anastacia is on Broadway! I really need to make more effort to catch great shows!
    And those water bottles are so pretty. I like that they can make any liquid stay hot or cold for hours. How amazing if travelling with coffee or a smoothie!! x

  6. These are all awesome summer activities, were near the beach over here but because were in the PNW, the water is never warm and the climate is usually cold over there even during summer. It’s hard going to the beach on a perfect day, because it tends to be nicer and hotter in the city so we just get wet here haha
    Also, those sweet and spicy jalapeño chips sounds delicious. Ive become more fond of kettle cooked chips and popcorn lol.

  7. Ok, I thought I commented on this, but I don’t think it went through. So sorry if there is a double comment somewhere haha. I LOVE that picture! You seriously are a real life mermaid. Doing>having ALWAYS! We live by that motto. Or eat > having 😉 Hahah.

    BEACH BABE- also love that suit!

    Cannot wait to read about Nantucket. I was living for your instastories when you were there!

    Suuuuch a cute water bottle. It’s so bright & beautiful & YOU!

    I’m gonna be listening to that Elle King song after this post- you always have the best music suggestions.

    That sea glass is gorgeous!!!
    We LOVE cape code kettle chips.

    Girl, I have ice cream every day so I support this decision! Haha. What is your go-to flavor? XO

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