Friday Favorite’s: June 2022

“What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.” ~ Gertrude Jekyll

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My Birthday Month!

It is crazy to think it is the last Friday in June! It flew by! It was such an incredible month, in part because it is my birthday month and lord did I not only celebrate in style, but I certainly felt ALL the love! It was a month full of celebrating, connecting with friends, beach time, and all the travel. My heart literally could not feel any happier or fuller! And I will definitely be taking all of those happy feelings and good vibes into July with me!

While any month is fabulous when your birthday is in it, June has another crown jewel with it being the Summer Solstice and the official start of summer! And lord am I ready and excited! I am always in a summer state of mind, but even more so when it is official! I legit feel like I have been spoiled with an abundance of good things, and that includes so many favorites! So without further adieu!

Beach chair 

First up, I decided to spoil myself for my birthday and I bought the most bougiest beach chair I could find, but lord was it worth it! If you spend any amount of time at the beach, having a comfortable and supportive beach chair is a must, especially in my ahem older age. But seriously a towel just is not cutting it! This chair from Amazon has so many bels and whistles. It can lay flat, has multiple pillows for support and the kicker, it has arm holes so when you lay on your stomach you aren’t struggling to find a place to put your arms AND you can read! It literally is a beach game changer!

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Pink and Gold foil nails

I feel like this is where I have been sharing my nails every month and why not? These might be my favorite yet! I am still obsessed with the Khaki Rose. (they really should rename it) A couple months ago I did gold foil on a couple nails. But this month I went all out, and my nails have a foiled marble gold atop the pink and I am obsessed! It is so classic, while being absolutely glamorous! It just might be in my opinion the new French Mani!


I also treated myself to some new sunglasses, which was also kid of a necessity since my old Ray-Bans finally bit the dust in May. I was certainly due! I am obsessed with my new ones. I had been wanting rose gold, for awhile now. While technically they are labelled as purple, they definitely have a more pinkish hue in my opinion. I decided to try the new hexagon shape and I am so happy I did, as they add that extra oomph to an already classic style.

At Home Coffee

If nothing else the pandemic has definitely given me a new found love and respect for making coffee at home. And while I have yet to fully replace Starbucks. I just might now be on my way. A few weeks ago I got a brand new super duper high tech Keurig machine and friends it is truly a game changer! Not only can you connect it to your phone, but it has numerous settings from how strong you want your coffee to temperature and you can save your settings!

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I also got a milk frother, and friends dare I say it, but who needs Starbucks? Yes I did say it! Somehow frothed milk and cream tastes so much better in coffee and this definitely does! I might just become my very own at home barista friends!

Shop the mug here

Beach Cover Up

I admit friends, I have way, WAY to many dusters, beach cover-ups and yes swimsuits, (who woulda thunk it?) and yet with it officially being summer how can I not splurge and get more? I did restrain myself to one new bathing suit. And this button up duster which I am obsessed with. It is very trendy for the beach this summer, but honestly I don’t care because I love it. And you could throw it over a dress if you wanted too, (I already have) not just a swimsuit. The gauzy material keeps it light weight and flowy while the buttons and sash can give it a more fitted look if you so choose. It is the perfect beach cover-up and I admit it is my go to this summer.

Shop the Look

Nest Products

I have always been a huge fan of Nest products and even owned a couple of their perfumes a few years ago. But friends, after staying at a luxurious hotel for my birthday, I am beyond obsessed! They have a scent called Ocean Mist and Sea Salt and it is the most heavenly scent! I literally could bathe in it and did! I also got several ocean scented candles which smell similar that I am obsessed with for my birthday!

What I’m Watching and Listening Too

June was a great month for TV after what felt like a drought in April and May. First up was Obi Wan Kenobi. Now friends, I had my doubts about this show, in part because I was bitter they postponed the third season of the Mandolorian to film Obi Wan Kenobi. But I was proven wrong, It was SO good. Ten ten recommend! I also watched the new documentary about Warren Jeff’s and his polygamist sect called Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey. It was insane and so creepy. I also watched Surviving Summer which is like a more PG version of The Outerbanks, minus the mystery. It was a good show to edit pictures too and I would definitely watch a second season. Speaking of The Outerbanks, I am in a summer state of mind and started rewatching both seasons. I’ve been listening to Carrie Underwood’s Denim and Rhinestone’s on repeat. And Beyonce’s new song Break My Soul is super catchy!

How has June treated you? What have you been watching, listening, and doing friends? 

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