Friday Favorites: June 2023

“In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.” ~ John Steinbeck

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Birthday Month 

June did not go as planned. At all! Vacations were cancelled and I spent most of it in a hospital being a support system for my fam. Nope it definitely did not go to plan. But I could focus on the negative or I could focus on the positive. Life truly is what you make it, and while this month wasn’t as sunshine and roses as it usually is, there were some epic moments first off it was my birthday month! Most people might lament about getting older but for me it truly is a privilege and especially this year I feel blessed to turn another year old, and especially wiser! I also got to escape to the most epic peony garden, which I would not have been able to do otherwise. It also might have taken me until the end of June, but I did get to go to the beach and even dive into the water which was insanely warm!

Nope, it wasn’t how I planned it, BUT it was still fun. I got to see friends I wouldn’t have otherwise seen and I was able to spend time with my nieces and nephews. I made the most out of this month despite the hardships, and for that June hit the sweet spot. I am hoping July will be a bit kinder, filled with way more beach therapy, (I feel like I can say I deserve it!) but regardless I know I will make July the best either way.

June Nails

I stayed with the ombre french again. I am obsessed with the Tik-Tok trend and a strong believer trends are trends BECAUSE they are popular. There is something to it friends and while I am all about marching to the beat of your own drum they do have something to it.  And I love how chic and clean this look is. This time instead of using a white nail polish, they used a white powder and I love the look even more. It blended perfectly and I of course added some translucent glitter on top. I also went crazy on my toes and did a neon pinky orange that I adore and is perfect for summer.

Homemade coldbrew

You know me with the coffee and how I am a coffeeholic. But it isn’t just coffee, I adore coldbrew. And after a month at a hospital with only Dunkin, I definitely appreciate GOOD coffee. I have also become some what of an at home barista with my frothers and espresso makers and friends I have now expanded into the homemade coldbrew business. NOTHiNG beats homemade coldbrew and it is relatively easy to make. You need a glass canister complete with filter like this one from Amazon, and ground coffee beans. You fill the canister with coffee and water and then let it seep over night for at least 12 hours. It is delicious, refreshing, and a much cheaper options then going to Starbucks all the time.

Fuschia bikini

I would just like to say I was on the pink train long before the Barbie movie was talked about. Though. not going to lie, the fact that it is coming out (and actually looks pretty entertaining) has worked to my benefit, because suddenly pink is the it color of the season, and I am pretty okay with that. Especially because I finally purchased the perfect hot pink bikini! I love a good tie halter top, but I feel like they are hard to come by which honestly confuses me, because the adjustable style means that EVERYTHING stays put when you are jumping in the waves. Thankfully Pink Lily has me covered and every year they release a couple halter bikinis, and the year it was in this gorgeous fuchsia color that I just had to get and I am so happy I did, especially as it matches perfectly with my Lilly Pulitzer sarong!

Sewcialite Bag

Happy Birthday to me! While my Birthday month wasn’t optimal, I did get spoiled. When Roula of Sewcialite, came out with this Betty bag I knew I had to have it, and the birthday gods agreed. I am obsessed with the bow in the front and I love that it doubles as a holder. The leather tassel is sturdy and chic and this bag holds so much. I am obsessed!

Lilly Pulitzer Sale

While June was rocky, I feel like I am ending it on an up note with the Lilly Pulitzer Sale, which does end tonight but you still have a few hours to snag some amazing styles at even better deals! I love her clothes and they are perfect for summer. I always feel so chic and beautiful in them!

What I am watching/listening too

I didn’t really watch much television this June being in the hospital and driving to and from, BUT I did see the Duggar documentary which was INSANITY! Seriously it is crazy what those poor kids have gone through. I also watched Jury Duty on Amazon which was hilarious. I also began Secret Invasion which with one two episodes is great so far. I have to say nothing much has caught my attention, especially for binging, so if you have any recommendations I am all ears! For music it has been the usual, though I have been listening to the New York, New York cast recording on repeat. The Tony’s aired the beginning of this month and it was so fun to watch all the performances. Did you see them?

How was your June? What was something fun you did?

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