Friday Favorites: March 2022 Edition

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold, when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.” ~ Charles Dickens

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The Ides of March 

How is it the end of March? On one hand it feels like this month dragged on forever and on the other in a blink here we are! All things considered March was a pretty great month. I got to do some traveling (posts coming soon!) work on some amazing campaigns with some great clients which might be my favorite yet, I picked my one of my novels back up after going through some struggles with it, I also wrote what is probably my most personal essay to date which is both scary and liberating and I can not wait to share when it is published, and on top of all of that I got to celebrate my best friend, and my nephew.

And while over all I am trying to stay positive and focus on all the good that happened this month, there were some downsides, as I alluded to a couple posts ago, I have been struggling with some health stuff and that has been hard, but aside from that I am incredibly blessed especially when Ukraine is still fighting for survival and the Ukrainian people are being murdered senselessly. The World Figure Skating Championships are going on right now, and watching the Ukrainian athletes skate is both heartbreaking and inspiring. The support they are receiving is well deserved, and I certainly do not have a dry eye when I watch them skate.

Sunflower Photo

Which actually brings me to my first favorites. Creative directing is something I joked about growing up and in some ways is what I have chosen to pursue (most people would just call it content creating now) and I had wanted to create a photo in honor of Ukraine. Sunflowers are their national flowers so on one of my trips I decided to bring sunflowers with me and photograph them. Not going to lie I took hundreds of pictures just for a couple perfect ones, (as these things go)but I am obsessed with the result. To the point that I am thinking of selling it and donating the proceeds. I am still trying to figure it all out, as I have thought about selling my photography before, but also self doubt is a fickle thing and I have never thought it was good enough. That said, this is for a great cause, and a very small gesture I can do to not only help but share some beauty in a world that is so incredibly dark at times.

Palm Tree Sweater

Switching to something a little more lighthearted and fashionable, y’all know I love a good palm print whether it is tree or leaf. Last year I got a palm leaf bikini, which is still one of my favorites. (and just got restocked!) Well this year Pink Lily released a palm tree sweater that I am OBSESSED with. It is so comfy and perfect for the beach as a cover-up, or a night out. I have been rocking it since I got it. And yes friends I HAVE been wearing it with white jeans!

You can shop this look here

Megalodon Shark Tooth Necklace

As I mentioned it was my nephew’s birthday last week and he loves sharks. Megalodons to be precise,  so attempting to win Auntie of the Year, I got him a Megalodon Shakespeare Tooth necklace from SHRKCO on Etsy. They have a wide assortment of shark teeth jewelry and shark teeth. I almost wanted to get my nephew a Sand Tiger Tooth because it looked so cool! The prices vary as well as the quality and types of teeth. I got a lesser quality tooth (it was chipped and didn’t have the enamel) and honestly the quality was still excellent. If it was a lesser tooth, I can’t imagine what a higher quality tooth is like. The owner who scuba dives for the teeth and makes the jewelry himself was also super personable. If you have a shark lover in your live, I recommend this small business!

Shop the necklace here

Coral Dress

In my last post I shared some of my favorite Spring Summer 2022 dresses, and this cut-out coral one from Pink Lily is one of my favorites! I adore the boho beach vibes and flowiness to it. It is going to be perfect for a beach vacay, an evening out, or even a birthday or shower.

You can shop this look here

Bow Heels

I almost got these heels in red (maybe for the holidays?) a few months ago, but I saw they also came in a blush color and for the spring and summer I HAD to get them. I am obsessed! They are so chic and stylish and add that extra touch to a shoe. They are also fairly comfortable, despite the height and thin heel and the bow is not at all over-powering. I do recommend sizing up, as they do run small, but they are a great investment, without really being an investment since they don’t break the bank. But they do add that touch of glamour!

You can shop these shoes here

Leopard Sneaks

And MORE SHOES, but honestly I can’t remember whether I have actually dedicated a post to these sneakers or not, lord knows you have probably seen them on Instagram and my Shop.LTK page. I am obsessed with these Leopard Adidas sneakers, that are so comfortable and super fashionable! After months rocking boots, I love rocking a pair of sneakers and these are just as perfect for running errands as they are working out. They are also the PERFECT transitional shoe, while I wait to rock my flip-flops! When I was away this past month I did a TON of walking, and these were my go to, because I was stylish, while still supporting my feet. They also come in other colors including pink which I just got. I do recommend sticking with your regular size or if between going a size down as I find they run big.

Shop the sneaks and the rest of the look here

Getting My Tan On

I feel like I am starting early, but you really have to, so you can build up a great base. I am so ready for shorts and t-shirts, but I certainly feel much better if I have that golden glow. That being said, tanning is so bad for you, and I do not want to age my skin anymore then I have to. Thus fake sunless tanners are the way to go. I have rounded up my favorite tanners both for face and body. But by far my favorite self tanner is the St. Tropez lotion. I know many people like foams, and the St. Tropez foam isn’t bad, but I much prefer the way my skin soaks up the lotion as opposed to the foam. It goes on so seamlessly, while still leaving my skin super soft. It literally feels like butter. I have used other sunless tanners, and while some come close, they just do not compare. Another thing that I love about it, is that last year so many people were (considerately so) concerned about me being in the sun, because my tan looked so real. There is no streakiness or orange that can come with other sunless tanners.

You can shop this look here

What I am Watching/Listening too

Friends, Bridgerton comes out TODAY!!! I am so excited! And while I wanted to binge it, alas I have restrained myself and will watch it later today. I did read the books so I know what happens, and book two just might be my favorite! I am SO ready for all the drama, sassiness, and yes romance. And did I mention I also love a good Pall Mall match? #IYKYK. I also am loving the show Is it Cake? As a former baker I love my cake shows, and this leaves you guessing trying to figure out whether it is edible or the real deal. The bakers are so insanely talented, and it is so difficult to figure out what is cake and what isn’t! I also just finished watching Inventing Anna which was really good. It was a longer binge as the episodes are over an hour, so I couldn’t finish them in one sitting, but it sure was riveting! Last but not least I have been listening to Carrie Underwood’s song Ghost Story on REPEAT! I am so excited for new Carrie music, I have been waiting YEARS! and she has certainly delivered! 

What are you watching and/or listening to friends? How has your March gone? What is something exciting that has happened? I hope April is amazing for you friends! <3 

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  1. Yes congratulations on the essay and you definitely should very seriously consider selling your photography. A number of people have asked me if that is your primary profession!

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