Friday Favorites: March 2023 Edition

“I love March as it gives me hope that new beginnings are always beautiful.” ― Anamika Mishra.

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Another Edition

Hello, hello friends! Happy Friyay and welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites! I can not believe it is the end of March. It not only flew by, but sunnier days are FINALLY here! Not only that but tomorrow is April! And April Fools at that! Do you do any pranks? I don’t, but I do appreciate a great joke and can not wait to see all the videos! I know social media won’t disappoint!

While the weather has bene more wintery, then it has all winter, I am so excited for warmer days! Not only that, but the days have been longer and it makes my heart so frickin happy! This really is my season and I am completely here for it in all of its basic and extra glory!

Ombre French Nails

Friends I might have done my FAVORITE nails yet! For real! Y’all know how much I love a great French Nail, and for the longest time, it was my nail of choice. Well friends, TikTok has a new nail trend that I had seen floating around that I decided to give a try and I am legit obsessed. The ombré French nail blends the white tips with the pink of your nail, and while it isn’t natural per-se, it does give longevity to your nails and you can go longer between manicures. It is also much more time consuming then a regular French manicure, and I am not sure how my nails will fair when I go to change the polish, because she filed them down, BUT she also added more polish so they are much thicker. All in all I love it, and I would definitely do it again. It is a great neutral, while still being classy and chic.

This Pink Lily Floral Duster

Y’all know how much I love a great duster, and this one from Pink Lily is a favorite of mine. They had actually released this print a couple years ago and friends they brought it back this year and I could not be happier! It is the not just the prettiest floral print, but perfect for bringing some spring into your wardrobe. While it is still a bit cooler out I have been pairing it with sweater dresses, and my Spanx leggings, but when it gets warmer out I will be rocking it with shorts.

Provençal Earrings

Friends, Sewcialite_NH has a new earring design and I am obsessed!!! I love a great chinoiserie design, and I LOVE hoops, and the Provençal earring combines those two loves! Roula’s newest design is a statement, while still being lightweight. I love the beads, which are so pretty and just elevate a simple hoop. The earrings come in two colors and of course I had to get both. While I LOVE blue and white, the green and white are a nice departure from the traditional pattern. I will be rocking these earrings all spring and summer.

Easter Candy

It is that time of year friends. Yeah, Halloween candy is good, and Christmas candy is alright, but the real MVP is the Easter Bunny with his Easter candy. I absolutely adore Cadbury Chocolate, and Easter is their time to shine, from the hard shelled eggs, to the creme filled ones, I am in my element. And I can’t forget the Reese’s eggs! There is something about the Easter Reese that just taste better! Do you agree? What is your favorite Easter Candy?

Bar Harbor

Two of my favorite hotels are re-opening this week, The Bar Harbor Inn which opens today for the season, and the Harborside Inn which opens up next week. Which means friends that beach season is upon us. Yes, I know Beach Season can be anywhere depending on where you live, but there is something special about it on the North East and especially in Maine. Perhaps it is because of the long winters and the summer season is so short, but even if it is still cold out (and ahem snowing!) it is a cause for celebration. And honestly April is the best time to visit MDI. No one is there, but things are beginning to open up, and it is absolute heaven!

Sand and Fog Ocean Mist and Salt Candle and USB Candle Lighter

With Spring comes the joyful smells of the beach and the Ocean Mist ad Salt candle from Sand and Fog gives me all the feels. I love candles year round, and this one does not disappoint. It not only smells incredible, but I love the beach aroma it gives off. Another great find is this USB lighter. I am always petrified I will burn myself on a small lighter, and I feel like the bigger ones don’t last me that long. This USB charged lighter is a game changer. To be honest, I don’t know HOW it works, but it works! Not only does the charge last a long time, but I don’t have to worry about burning myself. I also love that it comes in this cute pink color.

What I am Watching:

March began with my first movie in a movie theatre since covid. Actually long before covid. The last movie I saw was Avenger’s End Game the day it premiered (hashtag memories) and it is only fitting that ending my movie theatre drought would be another Marvel movie, Antman and the Wasp Quantumania. I have never been a huge fan of the Antman movies, but this did not disappoint. It was also exciting to see the movies beginning to make sense in how they related to each other in the latest phases. I am so excited because Shadow and Bones second season was just released and it was just as amazing as the first season. Not going to lie, I love me some Ben Barnes! I also started re-watching and now catching up with the Blacklist. I use to love that show, but stopped watching it in the fourth season. Why I don’t know, because it is a greta show, and James Spader really is an evil genius! I am still obsessed with the & Juliet cast recording, and while it will forever hold my heart, the Parade Cast recording which was just released has been on repeat.

How was your March? Can you believer it is April tomorrow? 

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