Friday Favorites: May 2022

May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive. FHFennel Hudson

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Memorial Day Weekend

Sounding like a broken record HOW are we finishing up May already? In fact how is it Memorial Day weekend? I feel like May flew by and it makes me sad because it was pretty darn amazing. I began it in the Concrete Jungle which was incredible, I have so many thoughts on that, and I will be sharing (eventually!), but I just ended another equally incredible trip which I will also be sharing (eventually!). With so much travel, making memories, and connecting with old and new friends, May really really was so wonderfully special. I’d say I don’t know how to follow up on that, but since June is my birthday month and it is unofficially officially summer, I think I just might be able too!

I know I haven’t been as active as I should be on here, (and all my social channels) but with work which is including a ton of travel, (yay!) it has been a balancing act of trying to find the time to juggle all the things. To be blunt, I am failing finding the balance, but honestly, that is okay. Everything is a season, and I know I will eventually figure it out, and I am just grateful to all who are bearing with me! In fact, I even took a day off last week before my trip because I needed it. Though as my friend joked, I was still doing some work. But hey a mermaid can’t change ALL their scales. As I mentioned May was an amazing month and here are some things I have been loving!

It’s Summer

I know this is kinda cheating and very broad, but summer really is a mood and my most favorite time of year (yes even more so then Christmas!) so yes friends, it is a Friday Favorites especially as we kick off summer. Eeeek! Not only have I been to the beach, (like a REAL beach day, because I am always at the beach) but being in the sunshine, being able to wear dresses and shorts makes me SO happy! It does feel like it is unseasonably cold in New England still (compared to last year) but heck I’ll take any and all sunshine!

Lobster Sweater 

As any mermaid would be, I am obsessed with this Lobster Sweater from Anthropologie. Every year they do a similar style in either red or blue, and of course I had to snag the blue one when I saw it. It is so cozy and a little bit oversized, but perfect for the summer. I have styled it with jeans, dresses, and even threw it over pajamas for extra warmth as I was watching the sunrise. It is a must for any nautical loving lady!

Peony Season

I admit, I have done a one eighty on flowers, especially the older I get. I use to think they were frivolous, but what is life if we don’t have some frivolity? Flowers really are life’s little pleasures. I actually got to go to numerous flower farms in may and it Mae me so happy! I am also ecstatic because it is officially peony season! Peonies along with hydrangeas (soon!) and orchids are my favorite flowers. Not only are they gorgeous, but they smell amazing!

Bougie Coffee 

Y’all know I LOVE my coffee! So when I was in New York I had to try the coffee at the new coffee bar by Ralph Lauren. Yes, my worlds of fashion and coffee have collided and I couldn’t be happier. It was a Twilight zone moment! I have friends who are coffee connoisseurs and have been frequenting their quite a bit so I had to see what the fuss was all about. Truth be told I thought it was going to be hyped up and overpriced. Nope it was actually really good and reasonably priced! I might just have a new spot!


I have been on a pink and gold kick. And my nail tech has been doing an amazing job switching up designs for a different look each time! I am addicted to this color light pink color called Khaki Rose and have been using it every time I get my nails done. This time, instead of gold glitter, she did gold foil, which I have never had done, but am obsessed with it. By far one of my favorite nail designs thus far!

In America: An Anthology of Fashion 

I got to see the Fashion Exhibit at the Met when I was in New York. I have gotten to see all the exhibits the last fifteen years and I was so happy that I didn’t break my streak! In America: An Anthology of Fashion is a continuation of the exhibit they put together in September which is still on display in the costume wing and both are incredible to see. The newer exhibit takes a look at American fashion the last two hundred years with inspiration from political and cultural influences. If you are in the city I recommend going!

Rhubarb Pie

‘Tis the season for rhubarb and visiting my aunt I got to eat ALL of the rhubarb pie. (and take some home with me!) Not only is it super yummy, it is also incredibly nostalgic as it is my grandmother’s recipe, the rhubarb she began growing and my aunt continues, as well as my aunts incredible pie making skills. It truly is a family recipe and so yummy to boot! And I even got to join in the fun helping my aunt do ALL the cutting!

What I am Watching and Listening too

I think because I was so busy, I didn’t really have time to check out new shows (Let’s just say I will be editing pictures from now until Christmas!) this month. When I was at my aunt and uncle’s we did watch a ton of documentaries including rewatching Tinder Swindler and Crypto King (they were blown away) and we all watched a docu-series called Heaven’s Gate: Cult of Cults on HBO Max which was just insane. Truly insane. No new songs really stuck out to me, but I did get to see the new Doctor Strange and it was phenomenal! As a certified Cumberbitch he really can do no wrong!

What are you watching friends? I hope you all have an amazing long weekend! How was your May? Do you have any fun exciting plans for the long weekend if you have it off? 

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