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Friday Favorites: May 2023 Edition


“May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.” ~ Fennel Hudson

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Good-Bye May

Hello friends! I can not believe it is the end of May and we are going into my favorite month! June! Time does fly! May was just as crazy, if not a crazier month then April, if you can believe that!? And I could definitely use some good vibes, if you have a chance to send them my and my family’s way, it would be greatly appreciated, please and many thank yous!

With the long weekend ahead of us, it is the unofficial, official kickoff to summer and I am one hundred percent here for it! I adore these summer months and it truly is the best time of year! Longer days filled with sunshine and beach weather. What could be better friends? I adore it! As much as this month was tumultuous (and flew by!) I feel like I have had a ton of things that I have favorited as is usually the case in  the summer months! So without further adieu here are my May favorites.

Ombré French Nails

With being sick and traveling, I actually JUST got my nails done for May, and I have to say I am obsessed with them! I went back to the original French Ombré style tried back in March, that also happened to be a tik-tok trend, but this time I ended up going to a different salon. One that was in New York, and while my other nail tech will always have my heart back home, they did do an incredible job. Instead of feathering out the color, they did an almost blotting technique, which actually gave it a more blended look that I love. I am truly obsessed with this style!

Coola stick sunscreen

With summer about to kick off, it is important to lather up with that SPF, and Coola just released a stick version of their face sunscreen, that I adore. While I still blend it in, it is much less messy then the cream version, and makes re-applying so much easier. It is lightweight, and offers a ton of coverage. All of their sunscreens are amazing and I use them constantly especially during summer!

Van Leewen ice cream

Is it summer, if you haven’t had ice cream yet? I don’t think so! Thankfully Van Leewen’s which is a New York based ice cream company, came to the rescue. Honesty they have the best, most scrumptious ice cream in my book. Their honeycomb ice cream is to die for. Seriously! I could live off of it all year long! And thankfully they have stores that are open all year long! Made with the French ice cream technique of eggs and butter (which some people might consider a custard, but it isn’t) the honeycomb has golden swirls through out and you can even get the honey comb candy in it. It is so yummy, I want some now!

This Anthro Duster

Friends you KNOW I adore a great duster or cover-up and this one from Anthropologie just might be my new favorite! Not going to lie, it was definitely a splurge sash impulse buy, but one that is so worth it. I love how it is long, and the sleeves are bellowy. I also adore the green color scheme. It is sooo pretty! And as someone obsessed with green, is perfect for me! Fit is true to size and it is a piece I have been rocking all May, and will be rocking all summer, but also through out fall and even the winter as it is so versatile.

All the Nurseries

With us solidly in spring and on our way to summer, I have been going to all the nurseries as I have a lot of gardners in my family and I have been tagging along. Alas, I did not get the green thumb, that my Grandmother had and passed down to various relatives, but I do appreciate the hard work that goes into a beautiful garden. I love going to the nurseries near where my Aunt lives as they are so incredibly peaceful, and dare I say it, instagramable? But seriously, it is like an oasis. It makes me so happy to smell the very real flowers as the saying goes.

Starbucks White Chocolate Macadamia Coldfoam Coldbrew

Friends I never EVER thought I would cheat on my salted caramel cold foam cold brew, extra coldfoam please. But. BUT. Starbucks White Chocolate Macadamia Coldfoam Coldbrew is ballin’. (do kids still say balling? I don’t know but it is) It is the perfect amount of sweet white chocolate goodness, and coffee, and the nutty flavor from the Macadamia just adds that perfect note. I might have a new favorite friends, I just might.

What I am watching/listening too

There was a lot of excellent television this month. And while I don’t feel like I watched a ton, I did finally watch the Mandolorian which was amazing. I love my Mando and honestly Pedro Pascal can do no wrong! I also watched Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story and friends I am obsessed with it. SO frickin good! SO good! I also watched Schmigadoon, and I have to say I think the second season is better then the first, but I also adore the musicals they were spoofing. Speaking of musicals, I have seen quite a few because it is Tony season, and Shucked is a hidden gem that everyone needs to run to see. I have been listening to the cast recording on repeat. Another gem which also hits really hard right now with everything going on is If I Die Young Part 2 by Kimberly Perry who is doing a solo endeavor from her band, and I seriously love it. It is just what I need right now.

I hope you all have a phenomenal June friends! I know I will because after all it is my birthday month!

How was your May? What are some things you are loving right now? 

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