Friday Favorites: November 2021

“The month of November makes me feel that life is passing more quickly. In an effort to slow it down, I try to fill the hours more meaningfully.” ~ Henry Rollins

Friday favorites

Hello friends! Here is another (early!) edition of Friday Favorites! Posting this a week early since next week is Black Friday (HOW?!?!) and I will be spending the days in a Thanksgiving trimmings (not a fan of turkey) food coma and sharing ALL the Black Friday Sales. Thus I decided to share my Friday Favorites post THIS week. Also many of these products would make great holiday gifts!

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Sounding like a broken record, (for the last year or so, oh well) I can not believe it is November! Not that I am complaining because I have firmly been in the holiday spirit. (tree up and all!) I am SO excited for the holidays! I did a Giveaway on Instagram to bring some joy and holiday spirit to you all. It ends tonight! But you still have some time to head over and enter to win!

I also received my booster shot today. One and done just became two and probably NOT done. Got to make jokes where I can! I am praying I don’t get as sick as I did with the last one. I was out for a week, but it is better than the alternative. I had the big ol’ germ before it was a thing and let me all you it was NOT fun! Fingers crossed I survive this and it is it!

As sad as I am to see November end, I am so excited for December and the holidays! It is here friends. It is here!

Adidas Kicks 

I have never been a sneaker fan. They just have never looked good on me, and I usually only wear them if I am working out, and always with work out clothes. These leopard sneakers from Adidas MAKE me want to wear them all the time! I have always been an Asics girl, and I haven’t tried these while working out, but I did do a lot of walking in them, and they were super comfy! Not only that, but they are so chic and stylish! I eellike I just elevated my sneaker game to a whole new level! They would also make an awesome gift for any leopard lover in your life!

Shop the picture here

Fall Biking

I realized I never shared that I had gotten a bike this past summer. Well I got a bike this past summer and I love it! It is purple with a basket and now I can keep up with my nephews and nieces when biking, which this time of year is truly beautiful with all the foliage! We have trails in the back of our house, I have been going on! It is such a fun activity to do! My bike even has a cup holder for my coffee, that you know I am never without! It would also make a great gift, if anyone you know is in the market for one!

Shop the picture here

Knotty Bow Earrings

A gift for them and a gift for you? These earrings by Sewcialite, are my new obsession. I loved her smaller bow earrings, but I am a huge fan of the statement earring and friends she has turned her original bow earring into a statement! I love how the bows dangle, and they would make the perfect gift! They also elevate any. holiday outfit!

Shop the picture here

Shelly Blanket 

Another Sewcialite design, (fyi she makes MANY of my gift guides this year, her designs are the best and make the best gifts!) is this Shelly Sherpa blanket that is so flipping soft! It is also huge! I love a good throw blanket, but many of them are on the smaller side, NOT this one! I can wrap up and live my best cozy life!

Shop the picture here

Starbucks Red cups

I know it is super basic (or I prefer extra) but friends, I fan-girled when Starbucks came out with their red cups. It felt like it was part two (the first part being when Hallmark began their Christmas movies) of kick off to Christmas, and I am here for it! Like last year, they have come out with several different designs, I think my favorite is the one below. They are so colorful and festive and friends ’tis the season!

Coco rolls

I discovered these from a fellow blogger and one of the sweetest souls, Caroline of The Whimsical Pineapple who shared these a few months ago. The Sun tropics Coco Rolls are such a yummy sweet treat while still being healthy. Made from coconuts, they are a flavored wafer that is also gluten free and dairy free. My favorite flavors are caramel and espresso and they are the perfect snack to travel with!

Shop the picture here


I was away earlier this week and while I was gone, I treated myself to a much needed massage. I had one about a year ago, which wasn’t that good, but this one from Bar Harbor Massage was incredible! The spa was clean, calm, and chic, and my masseuse Whitney knew what she was doing. She even had some recommendations afterwards which I appreciated. I was so blissed out too! I have missed having an amazing massage therapist and I just wish she lived closer!

What I’m Watching and Listening Too

It has been a month for television and movies! Not only have I been watching ALL the Hallmark Christmas movies, but Yellowstone returned. I love myself some Rip, and Kayce isn’t bad either! I also finally got around to watching Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings which was amazing! I also watched Red Notice which if you have not seen then you need to NOW. SO funny. I want the sequel like it was yesterday! On the listening front it has just been Christmas music non-stop. I know it gets old for some people, but for two months, it brings me so much joy!

With just one more month left in 2021, I am excited to see what December brings! I hope it is amazing friends! 

What are things you have been loving in November? Are you in the holiday spirit yet? 

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