Friday Favorites: November 2022 Edition

From November through December, ’tis the season for ‘Home Alone!’ Catherine O’Hara

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Happy Friyay!

Hello friends and happy Friyay! I know we still have another Friday left in November, but since next week is Black Friday, I thought I would do Friday Favorites a week early since I will be sharing ALL the deals and Gift Guides, as the holiday season officially  kicks off. Though let’s be real, the holiday season is already in full swing in my book! November was another great month, and I honestly can not believe how quickly this year has flown by, one more Friday Favorites and 2022 will be at an end. 2022 really has flown by!

I am so excited for the holiday season! I know some people say it is early but it is never early, especially since we are ONE week away from Thanksgiving! Christmas music has officially started on all the radio stations and Starbuck’s released their red cups, which I LOVE, the beginning of November, and I am already plotting out all my Blogmas content. Yes friends, the holidays are here and I am here for it! SO without further ado here are things I was loving in November, and I realize I had quite a few things, some might even make great gifts!

White and Silver Nails

First things first, I just got a much needed manicure and I ended up switching it slightly this month. (I know how am I!?) I went with a silver glitter instead of gold for my design. In fact the silver glitter is fittingly called Snow Way. ‘Tis the season friends! I chose an ombre look, with the silver glitter which is actually chunkier with bigger sparkle pieces, to go over my white colored nails. I am obsessed and it is definitely a great transition, before I go full on bling for holiday nails in December!

Sleet Street Lululemon Winter Jacket

Friends y’all know how I have been on the hunt for a good heavy winter jacket and friends I think I have finally found it! I know I say it every year, but I think I truly have. While it is pricier than the Amazon coats or even the numerous down coats I found at Macy’s and Nordstrom, it is no where near as expensive as Canada Goose, but it might be just as warm! (Time will tell!) I have been looking at Lululemon coats the last couple years, but never took the plunge. That changed after I was in their store at Lincoln Center and saw the wide array of coats they had. They aren’t the chicest of jackets, but they might be the warmest and that is what I wanted! I took the splurge on the Sleet Street Jacket and I really do feel like I am wearing a sleeping bag, which is fine with me! It goes down to my ankles, has a huge hood, and keeps me nice and toasty! It does cinch at the waist for a more fitted look.


I have been remiss in sharing this bakery with you, but it is one of my favorites in the city. It is a gluten free bakery that is French based and uses all of the French techniques in their based goods. It is those techniques that makes their gluten free pastries, in my opinion, the best I have had. From Tarts, to quiches to even some vegan goodies, they have a vast assortment of goodies. They Las have a cafe you can order food, coffee, or some rosé and sit and do some work or chat with friends.

Replica Flower Market

Not going to lie I love a good perfume, and I use have quite the perfume collection before I moved from New York pre-pandemic but alas I ended up giving most of it away. My collection has dwindled to a few staple perfumes, but I still appreciate a great scent, and am always on the hunt for one. I think I might have just found my new favorites with Replica which makes perfumes that invoke memories. Beach Walk is a favorite of mine and one I have worn a lot this past year, but surprisingly I also love Flower Market which while subtle, emotes a feminine, sooting scent. It is perfect to wear for nights out or if you just want something that is unique, but still smells amazing.

Dudley Stephen’s

I know I share Dudley a lot but it is because their clothes are amazing, AND they make such great Christmas presents! But this isn’t about gifting a Dudley, though I do recommend doing that! Nope I am here about a recent Dudley purchase that I am OBSESSED with. I have always wanted a camel colored Dudley, but they have such great yet unique color options, that I always went with one of those, despite camel being a great staple. Well friends when they had a pre-black Friday sale, I took the plunge and got the camel. Why I waited so long is behind me. I have literally been rocking this almost daily. (thank goodness they dry quickly!) It goes with everything, and can be dressed up or down and y’all know how I love my versatility.

Ice Skating at Bryant Park

The Winter Village in Bryant Park opened the end of October, and so I sharpened my skates and hit the ice after a hot second and it literally brought me so much joy! I grew up skating, and being back on the ice was both exhilarating, but also humbling. It is amazing, how even just a couple years later (and being totally frank injuries and illness), it can make you much more tentative and have respect for your limitations and aging body. That said, after a few sessions of hitting the ice, I do feel like I am getting my mojo back and there is nothing better then skating amongst the buildings of midtown and all the festiveness of Christmas cheer!

Kate’s Gift Guide

This year, after requests, I decided to make a gift guide of what I was asking Santa for Christmas for. I always tend to be more practical with things I need, but am maybe saving up for, or don’t want to splurge in that moment for, like Hunter Rain Boots. I also always ask for staple items I wear, like Spanx leggings, the Lululemon Love Tanks or joggers, and make-up I wear which I can always use. That being said, it isn’t all staples and necessities. Sometimes I do ask for more frivolous items like earrings from sewcialite, or a building for my village or perfume. It isn’t a completed list either, as I always love a great gift card, but of course I can’t link those. I also love when my friends think outside the box and gift me presents they know I will love, but never thought of for myself, which is no easy feat considering what my job is, but it always makes me smile. And ultimately it is the thought that counts. I am so grateful for anything I receive, because of the time, thought, and effort that went behind it. That is the most meaningful!

Shop the guide here

What I’m Watching/Listening too

I feel like it is a given but Christmas movies! I have been watching ALL the Christmas Movies from Hallmark (Love the Royal Nanny!) to the new movie on Apple TV called Spirited, which is hilarious and might be my new favorite Christmas movie this year. It does help that I have some friends who are in it. (Go Broadway!) I also started watching the new series, The Santa Clauses which is based off the three films (which might be my FAVORITE Christmas movies of all time, besides White Christmas of course!) filled with all the nostalgia! I have also been listening to the Spirited Soundtrack and ALL the Christmas music! I have done a lot of driving this past month and Christmas Music brings me so much joy when I drive, which is actually something I hate doing, but Christmas music, like anything makes everything better!

How was your November? What are some of your favorite things? What are you watching and listening too? I hope you have an amazing holiday season friends! 

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