Friday Favorite’s: October 2020

“In October, a maple tree before your window lights up your room like a great lamp. Even on cloudy days, its presence helps to dispel the gloom.” ~ John Burroughs


Three days in a row guys! It is an early Christmas miracle! I kid kinda! It is crazy that in a week it will be Halloween and that October will be over. BUT then it will be the jolliest season! (for most) Also only two months until 2020 is over! We are almost there! And I don’t know about you, but the holiday season always goes by so fast! We have got this friends! We are gonna rock the rest of 2020, for it definitely is not gonna rock us! (Now I have Queen stuck in my head!) 

It has been awhile since I have done a Friday Favorites and while October is always a tough month, especially at the beginning, it actually turned out to be an amazing month. (and it isn’t over JUST yet!) There were so many highlights and new favorites as well as a few old. I admit, I am loathing how short the days have gotten, and am not happy about turning the clocks back next Saturday. But I am consciously trying to bring and seek the positivity into my life, because half the battle IS your mind set, and I have definitely been battling with mine. Thankfully, October surpassed my expectations, so without further ado here is what I have been loving. 


New iPhone

Guys I FINALLY have a boyfriend! Seriously. I told my friend that my phone would be my BF and I am okay with that. I mean we are in a pandemic and my dating life is incredibly pitiful. Plus it doesn’t really talk back, unless you count Siri. So really it IS true love. After being the Grandmother of my friends group with my old AF iPhone 7, I am so happy to finally have upgraded. It was a difficult decision to upgrade now or wait for the 12, but mama needed it Kinda badly, so upgrade I did. I went with 11 XS Max Pro with a whopping 512 gig, because unashamedly I was running out of storage. Welcome to the life of a social media manager, sadly it is NOT as glamorous as Emily In Paris makes it out to be. 


Aside from all the extra storage (WHY can’t have a closet with that much storage?!) the camera is insane. I am SO happy to have Portrait mode. Finally! Like I said, old AF! It also runs so much more smoothly then my old phone. So seamless with the apps. My only complaint, is more of a nostalgia one. I miss the home button (who knew you could get attached to that?) but that aside it is true love. I mean no relationship is a hundred percent perfect. I am trying to figure out a name for him. Yes, it is a him. My bestie and I were thinking Brock. Or Bjork. What do yo think? DO any of y’all have a suggestion for a good strong B name? 



Speaking of my bestie, I got to see her a couple weeks ago! I can’t even accurately describe how happy I was and still am, riding high off that trip. It was the first real trip of 2020, and it was SO worth it! Don’t worry it was perfectly safe and I socially distanced, but even with all the precautions it was the best time! She is in my bubble and we stayed away from people, doing more outdoorsy activities, which mostly included the beach, which was SUCH a hardship for us two mermaids! It was just SO nice to see her and catch up and to explore the Mid Coast of Maine. 

On my drive up I stopped at some lighthouses, and of course took a ton of pictures! I had originally planned on taking my Christmas card pictures up there, but that didn’t happen between all the driving and ALL the gawking. I was actually quite content to be behind the lease, nd juts take in the stunning Maine coast. There really is nothing like it.

Christmas Movies

Guess what starts today!?!?! If you guessed Halmmark Christmas movies you would be right!!! I am so frickin excited! If you couldn’t tell by my use of exclamation marks! Seriously like I can not contain it. Not going to lie I have kind of already been watching Christmas movies. But there is something about Hallmark kicking off their line up that makes me so giddy!  Who else is with me? Who else is watching? 

Speaking of…

HUGE Congrats! To my Gemini twin and fellow Hallmark Christmas movie watching partner in crime Britt of the Southern lights Atlanta Night! blog. Britt got married this month! She had her own Hallmark moment! Heck what am I saying it was BETTER then Hallmark! She deserves her fairy tale and I am so ecstatic for her and her hubby as they begin a new chapter of married life! 


Spanx Leggings

A blog post IS coming, but guys I am so obsessed with Spanx leggings! I have been rocking them daily! They are so insanely comfortable and flattering. I admit despite so many bloggers rocking them, I kinda shied away from them. Spanx was what my Mom and aunts use to wear. Though now that I am thirty, I cannot really pooh pah that anymore can I? 


I bought the faux leather ones and they are so incredibly versatile. I use to be strictly in the tunics or bust camp, unless you are working out. But these go with everything from wearing tunics to shorter shirts to even rocking a workout top. They can be dressed up or down, and you know how I love my versatility.  The leather gives them that extra pizazz! I say they are true to size, but I know alot of people who sized up one size. When I order another pair (which I will be) I might do that just to see. 


Fall Fun

Would it really be an October Favorites without mentioning all the fall things?!?! With the cancellation of my trip to New York, where it was tradition to do ALL the fall things. Even last year, despite having moved, I went back to New York and did many of the fall tradition I love. Well this year might have been different, but I was still able to channel my inner basic girl minus the PSL. (though PCC is a must!)


We actually went apple picking super early on in the season and of course afterwards we made the most scrumptious apple crisp and applesauce. We also went to a local farm which I hadn’t been to in years. It had a corn maze and the kiddos got to go pumpkin picking. It was slightly different as everything was socially distanced and we wore masks. But I also felt insanely safe and it was fun to do some fall activities. It was also nice to give the kiddos some normalcy.


The Checkered Tote

I am obsessed with this tote from Pinklily. It is the perfect dupe for some of the more expensive designer bags on the market, but literally at a minuscule percentage of the cost. It is expertly made, I can fit my laptop and basically my entire life, in it and is that perfect neutral staple bag. While the white checkered is typically a more spring/summer pattern, I am a girl who loves her winter white, and this bag is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. If you are more traditional, it does come in a checkered brown which screams autumn. It also comes with an adorable pouch perfect to use as a wristlet or use to organize when using the bag. Not only is it a must in the wardrobe, It would also make a great gift!


Two Lights 

I have been going to Maine quite a bit. Kind of like the Tristates, Maine and NH are in each other’s bubbles. (especially living on the state border) It is also insanely easy to social distance. The beaches have been empty, and the ocean has been a welcomed reprieve. I hadn’t been to Two Lights State Park (the lighthouses are actually located in a different area farther down the road) all summer and I finally went on my sister’s anniversary and I have been back three times since, including today. I had forgotten how insanely beautiful and peaceful it is. 


It is the perfect spot to sit and listen to the waves as I write or edit. It is spacious so even when it gets more crowded, I still have solitude. I love running or walking the trails, and climbing on the rocks. The waves today were angry, but it also always amazes me how much power they have when the sea shows her strength.


Plus, I have decided this is where I will be getting engaged, if it doesn’t happen in front of the Eiffel Tower. I also feel like it is less cliche. Just sayin’….

 What are some of your October favorites? Are you doing anything for halloween Are you excited for Christmas? 


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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite’s: October 2020

    1. Thanks beauty! They are the best! Oh my gosh it was needed! I actually had an upgrade since January, but due to COVID I couldn’t get it until now. I am so happy I finally did! I hope you are having an amazing day! <3

  1. Omg I’m obsessed with your Friday favorites!!! Okay I’m totally digging Brock, Kate and Brock sounds great! He might be the best especially with 512GB?!?! ummm, I need that!! I’ve been thinking about upgrading my phone too and now I’m feeling like I want to cave!! Speaking of caving… those spanx, I totally forgot about them and need them in my life!! I’m lovingggg all of your outfits in all of your photos, you’re killing it girlfriend!! PS- where is that gold ring from in your featured photo? Okay and Two Lights WOW I need to visit that beach!! We’ll have to save this post to show your prince charming that exact photo so that he knows that’s where it has to happen! Seriously though, that spot is soo perfect <3 My October favorites are my trip to Aspen and my sister coming out to visit! For Halloween, Andrew and I are going away on a little weekend trip! And YESSS, I'm sooo ready for allll things Christmas, I'm legit about ready to bust out decorations LOL

    1. I LOVE you! Brock it is! Just a gal who just needs her phone in this life! :p LOL. Oh my gosh it is amazing! My phone works so much better now and I no longer have to scramble to delete things mid project! Do it! It is so worth it! And also the camera is phenomenal! Brock and I are a match made in fake relationship high tech heaven :p LOL.
      They are amazing! So comfortable! I can’t believe I held off that long! Awe thanks boo! It is from Anthropologie! I don’t know if they still have it, but I can check! It is my fav!
      Yes you do! It is my favorite I love Portland Headlight, but Two Lights is a hidden treasure trove and oh my gosh I love you so much! Your comment legit is making my day! <3
      I LOVE that! so much! I am so excited for you and happy yo finally get to see your sister! Ooo oI can not wait to read about it/stalk you on the gram! I hope you two have the best time! Haha yes girl! Do it!!!! Gimmee that Christmas cheer! 🙂 I hope you are having an amazing week beauty thank you for brighting my day on this rainy Thursday! So much love to you!

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