Friday Favorites: October 2022 A couple Days Late Edition

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” ~ Unknown

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Happy October friends!

Happy Hallows eve friends! Phew! I am getting this post in a few days late, and just hours before October ends! I had great intentions, but alas life has been truly crazy this week! In the best way mint you! I know Summer is over, Spooky Season is coming to an end, and the Christmas Season is about to go cray-cray and I am here for it. Not sure where 2022 has gone, but here we are approaching the end of the year, and what a year it has been! October was an insanely busy and eventful month, but one that left my heart so happy! To add to it, I am finishing up October strong in one of my favorite places, Martha’s Vineyard, Thus why this post is late, when you are sunrise chasing in between working, you don’t always have time for much else! I feel like the last couple months have been truly incredible and left my heart insanely full. It is moments like these, that I am a strong believer that you need to fill your cup with, so you can get through the difficult moments that life throws at you.

I have had so many favorites the last few months, and now with the holidays and Christmas upon us, it really is full steam ahead! So without further adieu, here is what I have been loving this month. And yes I might be trying to slip some Christmas things in here!

White Nails with Gold design

Friends, I do love my Khaki Rose and I am in no way ready to stop wearing it. BUT sometimes it is fun to switch it up, and I can’t help but be obsessed with a crisp clean white nail that I have been rocking and am continuing to rock. There is something about white that is so vibrant while still being a great neutral. Add glitter to that, and your nails are sure to shine! For October I went with white and gold again, but this time I did a gold feathered design that I am obsessed with. It is different, glitzy, yet simple and very chic. And it is perfect for the holiday pics I have started taking! I know! I know!

Autumn Things

‘Tis the season for all things apple and pumpkin and I am here for it! I have gone apple picking (twice!) and pumpkin picking and just enjoying the stunning New England autumn we have been having! I have also drank myself silly with pumpkin cream cold brew (the far superior option to the PSL) and the other night I had an espresso pumpkin martini that was unreal! I might hate the cold, but I really do love all things autumn, just let’s have eighty degree weather while we enjoy the fall fun please!

Sports Bra

I know despite wearing them, no one really talks about bras, and I am going to change that. With them being taboo, I am a strong believer we should just be talking about them MORE! Bras are that thing that is a necessary evil. But lord can they can be uncomfortable. Which is why I am obsessed with the Energy Bra from Lululemon. They are supportive without being to bulky, have. cute criss-cross back, and come in a bunch of colors! I realized over the summer I had worn mine to the point where they were incredibly stretched out and I needed to invest in some new ones. I was nervous, that the style had changed. Mine have literally lasted me years. Well they are still the tried and true! I bought several in black, but also splurged and got a gorgeous red one, as well as a baby pink. They are great to wear under tanks or even under my Dudley Stephen’s sweaters.

Tan Knee High Boots

Knee High Boots are having a moment and I am here for it. I have always loved knee high boots. There is something incredibly chic and classy about them, though I know some people feel otherwise, In my opinion, they elongate your legs and dress up any outfit involving leggings. Alas I was on the hunt for some new boots, and stumbled across these from Journee which are sold at Macy’s. The thing I love about Journee is that they are for women who have a wide calf like myself. I love the color of these tan boots and the pointed toe and blocked heel add a certain amount of pizzazz. I am obsessed!

Martha’s Vineyard

As I mentioned, I am finishing the month in Martha’s Vineyard and it couldn’t be more magical. (but also exhausting!) In between work I have gone sunrise and sunset chasing, light house chasing, drank ALL the copious amounts if coffee. can and made new friends with locals and tourists alike! The house we are staying at is absolutely stunning! And not going to lie, to sure I want to go home. I think Martha has won me over!

Beauty Advent Calendar

It is that time of year again friends! Sephora has not only released all of their special holiday beauty products and gift sets, but also their Beauty Advent Calendar, which for the fourth year (fifth year?) I bought and I can not wait to use. I actually feel like this one might be my favorite! It is so bright and cheerful and exudes joy which I love! I also bought the After Christmas Advent Calendar which will take me through the New Year! December is going to be one glitzy month and I can not wait!

What I am watching

The beginning of October, I actually ended up in quarantine (to much travel and fun!) because I didn’t want to get anyone sick, (it was NOT the germ thank god!) it was just me and the tv for company! I caught up on some television, as well as began watching House of Dragons which was amazing! I also had to watch the sequel of Hocus Pocus 2 which was filled with ALL the nostalgia! I still think the OG is the best one, but then it is the OG friends! I am just impressed that the Sanderson sisters, who are legends, still have it! Lastly Christmas Movies are back! And it makes me so happy! I haven’t been able to watch like I normally do (we don’t have a tv where I am staying) but I can not wait to catch up on all the new movies!

How was your October? What is something good that happened to you? Are you dressing up for Halloween? 

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