Friday Favorites: September 2021

“Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soil.” ~ Peggy Toney Horton

Hello Fall

I totally sound like a broken record, but HOW is it that I am rounding up my September Friday Favs already? Seriously! I feel like it was just August and now a week from today it is going to be October! My mind is blown friends. This year has been so weird, feeling like it has dragged on, but also feeling like it is going at warp speed! I thought I was crazy for creating Christmas Content in July, but now the pressure is on! Only three months until Christmas! And no the irony of me lamenting about fall, but now talking about Christmas is NOT lost on me. But don’t worry, I still have to round up September.

September has always been a transitional month, with the weather still warm and copious amounts of beach days still to be had, but the beginning of fall activities such as apple and pumpkin picking, and hay mazes and sunflower fields. Being a mermaid at heart, as well as with “Old” age, the more I try to hold onto summer. While I have done some autumnal activities, I try to save much of my fall fun for the OFFICIAL start of fall. Which is also when I start posting my fall content. Summer is so fleeting, especially in New England, I want to soak up every last ray of sun. That said I do love fall, fall activities, and I love when the leaves change, which they are beginning to! Now without further adieu, here are my September favs!

Fall Beach Days

It might be chillier and the wind have definitely, picked up, but I adore beach days this time of year. Things are still open, but the crowds aren’t there. It is that time of in between where things feel like they are in limbo, and I love it. There is a peacefulness and a solitude. I love being cuddled up on the beach with my Chappy wrap and being able to unwind with just the waves and all my thoughts. It is pure heaven.

Dune Jewelry 

Earlier this summer I lost a ring that was special to me at the beach. Feeling naked, I worked with Dune Jewelry on not one, but TWO rings. Dune Jewelry has always been a favorite brand of mine. They have high end jewelry with nautical detailing. And my favorite part, is that they are the original sand bank jeweler, where you can pick from sand and earth elements that are special to you and incorporate it into your jewelry. I have several pieces from them, but by far my favorite are these rings I have been rocking since the end of August.

The Holy Donut 

I have mentioned the Holy Donut before, but with fall finally here I think they need to get another shout out. Especially because donuts ARE one of the foods I think of when it comes to fall. I know you are probably like what? Donuts? But bear with me, but you have pumpkin pie, apple crisp, candied apples, AND apple cider DONUTS. The Holy Donut is not only a Maine staple but they offer seasonal donuts, and it feels like fall is their season with all the flavors. In true Autumnal fashion, they are offering four different types of apple donuts, as well as a pumpkin glazed and a chai. All so decadent, seasonal and yummy! We know what I will be eating the next month!

Fall Candles

With fall, comes cozy season, and not only do I love being wrapped up in blankets with, a cute seasonal mug, but I HAVE to have a candle burning. And with Fall candles comes my favorite scents! They are creamy, decadent, and oh so cozy, with scents like pumpkin marshmallow, caramel cream, and spiced apple. Not only does it give me all the autumnal vibes, but it makes the house smell delicious!

Sephora Beauty Advent Calendar

Y’all are going to laugh at me, especially after I just said I wish time would slow down and now here I am sharing Christmas, BUT in my defense, Sephora did just release their advent calendars and friends they ALWAYS sell out super quickly. In fact I already bought mine yesterday! They also are doing a calendar for in between Christmas and New Years which I think is such a cute idea. I love advent calendars because they really are a fun way to celebrate and get excited for the season.

Listening and Watching

I was in a funk when it came to my television viewing. Netflix had a few new shows that premiered, and while the premises sounded promising, like Clickbait, as I got into them they just got weird. I was excited because they released the second half of Lucifer and friends it was SO good! TV is also returning and sounds much more promising then last year. I did watch the red carpets for the Met Gala and Emmy’s and I am super excited for the Tony’s this weekend! Broadway is back friends and that is what I am most excited for! Not only that, but so proud of my friends who made their Broadway re-debut lats night in Hamilton! 

While shows have been lackluster, music has been incredible! Bridgerton the Unofficial Musical was just released and is phenomenal! I also mentioned the song “No Rain” by Jeremy Camp the other day, but it seriously is an amazing one, and has been my anthem all of September.

Honorable mentions

I have shared this jacket from Lulus many times, but that is because it is such an amazing one, it was also one of my most purchased items last winter. And friends, it is back in stock! Sadly not in the pink color, but it does come in white, black AND an autumn red perfect for, you guessed it, autumn! It is the perfect jacket for exercising, hiking, warmer winter days and of course the brisker fall days!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend friends! <3 

What was your favorite moment from September? What are some products you were loving in September? 

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