Friday Favorites: September 2022 Edition

“September was a thirty-days long goodbye to summer, to the season that left everybody both happy and weary of the warm, humid weather and the exhausting but thrilling adventures.” – Lea Malot

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September favorites

Hello friends! Happy October First! I know, I know, this is a day late, but September was literally the craziest month in the best ways possible, thus this post is delayed a day, Friday Favs are maybe sorta Saturday Loves. I know, It doesn’t really work, but heck I am going with it! Also Happy International Coffee Day! A day that I personally celebrate every day!

With the end of September also comes the end of summer, but y’all know me friends, I am in a perpetual state of summer year round, except maybe October, November, and of course December, when I am all about Christmas. But hey, as I always say, even Santa rocks a bathing suit! This is not to say I am jumping into Christmas content, (yet!) but while we are now firmly entrenched in Pumpkin Spice Season, I am by no means ready to say good-bye to summer. In fact, I celebrated the beginning of Fall in the Outerbanks in ninety degree plus weather and my heart was ecstatic! As I said in my last post, if fall was held in summer temps I would be on happy girl. But as they say all good things come to an end, and that end makes us appreciate the journey even more.

September was an incredible month, with lots of travel, family time, friend time, and just all the good feels. I end ended this month with such a happy heart and having had one of the best months of 2022. I also had one of my worst moments of 2022, but yeah know what, I’m not dwelling on that, I am just incredibly grateful to be alive and for all of the amazing things I DID experience this month, so without further adieu, here are my Friday Favs for September albite a day late. 

White and Gold Ombre Nails

Sharing my nails had become a monthly staple with, and once again, I retired the Khaki Rose. I actually loved my design last month that I kept the gold ombre this time, replacing the pink with white. I loved how fresh and clean (cue Outkast) it looked while still having that glitz that I love and always have to rock. I got so many compliments as well! Many people said it looked like glittery sand and I have to agree!  I must say though, I have no idea what I am going to do next month as the holiday season begins! Any ideas? 

Outer Banks

To end the official end of summer, I ended up going to the Outerbanks and could not have asked for a better end! (how many times can I use that in one sentence?) The weather was ninety degrees and sunny! The waves were whipping from Fiona, and the famous lighthouses stood as beacons for the ships. It was absolutely glorious! I stopped at Simply Southern for a few souvenirs. I love their clothes which are always so bright and cheerful. I found a couple sweatshirts, and even ended up getting a free t-shirt in the process. It was such a fun time and I can not wait to go back!


I never in a million years thought I would wear these but here we are friends . I am not sure if this is old age or what, but I now own a pair of Birkenstocks. I have NEVER owned a pair of Birkenstocks and I was a nineties kid when they were huge. In fact I made fun of my Mom and sister for wearing them. And now here I am rocking them. I will say these are not the shoes of the nineties. They are more stylish, and as someone who loves a light pink, I love the color of these. 

Personalized Mugs 

My aunt and uncle graciously let me stay with them back in the spring and early summer, and as a thank you I did a bit of a goodie bag for them, which included these mugs. I had first heard of this company on Etsy when I was looking for a custom baby shower gifts for my best friend. That mug was stunning with a picture of her and her daughter. While my Aunt has more simple clean tastes, they have a mug similar to the Rae Dunn mugs, but you can add some color which is what I decided to do and I loved them and even better so did my Aunt and Uncle. As they are grandparents, I chose the names that their granddaughts’ call them (Mimsy and Bobo) which make the mugs all the more special! 

The Coatigan

I know I shared about this already in a post, but I had to share it again because it really is one of my favorite things this month and honestly season! The coatigan! It is so simple yet so chic and cozy, plus it is very on trend right now. Not, that that matters, but it makes me happy I can stock up for when it isn’t as popular. It litterally feels like you are wearing a cozy blanket and I am obsessed  Are you a fan of the Coatigan?

Simple Mills Crackers

I have always been a fan of these crackers, with their savory, yet slightly. salty taste, and satisfying crunch.  But they now have a sweet option, which is just as good, if not better! The kicker is that they are made out of watermelon seeds! I don’t know how, but they are! My favorite is the graham cracker flavor, but they also have a chocolate option if you are a fan. They are gluten free, and paleo friendly. A true win win for a healthy snack!

MZ Wallace Tote

Friends, as much as I appreciate fashion, and a great bag, I tend to be very practical when it comes to my bag choices. I carry my life around, and as such I need a sturdy, durable bag, usually in the form of a tote. My criteria for a bag aside from looking chic, is being able to hold my laptop and I found it in this bag. MZ Wallace is not only chic, but I can fit my life in it. The Classic medium tote is my favorite and the prefect size, as it also can slouch when not fully full. It is definitely an investment piece but one that will last for years.

What I am Watching and Listening too

My TV watching has sadly been incredibly boring, since I have been on the go so much this month. I did catch the Manti Te’o documentary, about the football player who was catfished and it was quite interesting. I also was ecstatic to find out that the Woman in Gold is currently on Netflix. It is one of my favorite movies and is about the restitution Jewish families fought to be given after they had their homes and possessions, including artwork stolen during World War II. If you have ever been to the Neu Gallerie in New York The Woman in Gold actually hangs there! Having watched the movie (multiple times) and visited the gallery (also multiple times) it truly is an incredible experience and takes on a whole new meaning. I also watched Thor Love and Thunder and enjoyed it tremendously. it was hilarious!

An honorable mention is that Broadway is back! September was a season for Broadway and it makes me so happy! From Hamilton to Curse Child, to seeing Phantom’s last hoorah, to going to the ballet at City Center, the arts are alive and well and it makes me so happy to get to see live art again. And I now I already said that, but it is so true. Live theatre and ballet is truly a gift, one that needs all the support in these stressful times. It makes people happy and allows escapism, and I don’t think (hopefully not) many of us will take the arts for granted again.

What was some of your favorite moments of September? What are things you have been loving? What are you watching and listening too? Have an amazing October friends!

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